Mastering the Art of Banner Design A Comprehensive Guide

Designing Eye-Catching Banners, Billboards & Ads from a Client Brief with Photoshop and Illustrator
Mastering the Art of Banner Design A Comprehensive Guide
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Mastering the Art of Banner Design A Comprehensive Guide

What you’ll learn

learn how to analyze the client brief
learn how to ask question and push client to increase budget of project
Learn how to design outdoor banner, billboard ads
Learn how to create Print Ready Files
Learn Design Principles and Workflow
Learn how to Represent your work to client

Mastering the Art of Banner Design A Comprehensive Guide


you need to have adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator installed


This project-based course aims to teach students how to design a banner from a client brief. Students will learn how to analyse a client’s needs, design elements, and goals, and create a visually appealing and effective banner using graphic design software. The course will cover the principles of design, typography, colour theory, and image selection.Programs needed: Adobe PhotoshopThe skill required: Beginner & intermediate photoshop & Illustrator skillsWhat You’ll LearnIn this class I am revealing my secret different methods and techniques using graphic design to create Creative Banner Designs , its use in different projects and a streamline workflow of Banner and Billboard designIntroduction to Client Brief: Before we start designing, it’s important to fully understand the client’s brief. We’ll go over the key elements of the brief and ask any necessary questions to ensure we have a clear understanding of the client’s expectations. Understand the purpose of a client brief, Learn how to analyse a client brief.Determining Client Needs: Learn how to ask the right questions to determine client needs, Identify how to address client needs in a banner design, Why is it important to determine client needs? What types of questions should you ask to determine client needs?Design Principles: Understand the principles of design, Identify how to use design principles in a banner design, Why is balance and symmetry important in a design?Typography and Colour Theory: Understand the role of typography in a banner design, Learn how to select appropriate typography for a banner, Identify how color theory affects the effectiveness of a bannerImage Selection: Learn how to select appropriate images for a banner, Identify how images affect the effectiveness of a banner, How do images affect the effectiveness of a banner ad?Designing the Banner: Understand how to apply design principles, typography, color theory, and image selection in a banner design, Learn how to create an effective and visually appealing banner, Identify the key elements of a successful banner designPresenting the Design: Understand how to present the banner design to the client, Learn how to effectively communicate design choices to the client, Identify how to incorporate client feedback in the design processPreparing the Design for Production: Understand how to prepare the banner design for production, Learn how to properly export and save the banner design file, Identify how to work with printers or online banner production servicesFinal Project Final Banner Design: Students will use graphic design software to create the final banner design, Students will present the final banner design to the class for feedback. Students will prepare the banner design for production, including exporting and saving the file and working with printers or online bannerBy the end, you’ll have enough basic skills you can use for any number of projects, such as art exhibits, posters, album arts and for commercial use, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to create professional-quality images and graphics in Adobe Photoshop. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, this course will give you the tools you need to take your work to the next level.Enroll nowfeel free to ask any can also follow me and visit my profile for resourcesAgency Portfolio • instagram • Linkedin • Behance


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 introduction to design brief

Lecture 3 create initial draft

Lecture 4 Banner Design Theory

Lecture 5 Banner Design Basic

Lecture 6 Banner Design & Typography

Lecture 7 Represent your Design to Client

Lecture 8 Print Ready Files

Lecture 9 Final Project & Results

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