Mastering the IB Diploma Computer Science Exam

An Online Preparation Course for Success in the IB Diploma Computer Science Exam, including effective study skills.
Mastering the IB Diploma Computer Science Exam
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Mastering the IB Diploma Computer Science Exam

What you’ll learn

What’s included on every paper
How to answer real exam questions
Effective study techniques
Be fully prepared for the IB Diploma Computer Science exam

Mastering the IB Diploma Computer Science Exam


Learners are expected to have studied the IB Diploma curriculum for Computer Science


Are you taking your IB Diploma exams in 2023? Are you studying Computer Science? Don’t leave your grades to chance!This is THE course to help you be completely prepared for the International Baccalaureate Diploma exams in Computer Science. With a focus on exam preparation, this course includes practice questions and test-taking strategies to help you feel confident and prepared on exam day.This course is completely up-to-date and covers the curriculum being examined in 2023!Don’t go into your exams with questions or uncertainties. Be fully prepared for these crucial examinations. This comprehensive online course is designed to help you master the IB Diploma Computer Science exam and achieve success. With this course, you’ll be able to:Anticipate what each exam paper will be like.Review real exam questions and answers.Study effectively for the exams.This course includes:Video lessons covering each exam paper.Downloadable resources to help you review for the exams.Practical tips and techniques on how to study effectively for all your exams.Guided walk-throughs of actual exam questions and correct answers.Access to our expert instructor for support and guidance.A supportive community of like-minded students to help you prepare for your exams.This course is taught by an experienced IB Diploma Computer Science teacher who has worked in some of the best international schools around the world and is part of the global professional network of Computer Science educators. By taking this course, you will benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced educator and professional teacher who has a deep understanding of the IB Diploma Computer Science curriculum and exam format.In addition, in this course you will learn effective and proven techniques to help you study and prepare for your exams. You will learn how to practice recall of information, spaced repetition, and more. These techniques have been built using scientific knowledge about how our brains work, and have been tested and validated by educators around the world. By incorporating these study skills into your exam preparation, you will increase your chances of success and feel confident and prepared on exam day, not only for Computer Science but for all your courses.Enrolling in this course is an investment in your future. By the end of the course, you will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the IB Diploma Computer Science exam and beyond.


Section 1: IBDP Computer Science Exam Papers

Lecture 1 Paper 1 Core Overview

Lecture 2 Paper 1 HL Overview

Lecture 3 IBDP Computer Science Options

Lecture 4 Paper 2 Option A Databases

Lecture 5 Paper 2 Option B Modelling & Simulations

Lecture 6 Paper 2 Option C Web Science

Lecture 7 Paper 2 Option D OOP

Lecture 8 Paper 3 HL Overview

Section 2: Study Skills & Exam Prep

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 Plan your time

Lecture 11 Organize your space

Lecture 12 Practice recall

Lecture 13 Repeat over time

Lecture 14 Avoid distractions

Lecture 15 Take breaks

Lecture 16 Get sleep

Lecture 17 Be prepared on Exam Day

Lecture 18 Strategize your exam

Lecture 19 Conclusion

Section 3: Practice Exam: Paper 1 SL

Lecture 20 Introduction

Lecture 21 Paper 1 SL Question 1

Lecture 22 Paper 1 SL Question 2

Lecture 23 Paper 1 SL Question 3

Lecture 24 Paper 1 SL Question 4

Lecture 25 Paper 1 SL Question 5

Lecture 26 Paper 1 SL Question 6

Lecture 27 Paper 1 SL Question 7

Lecture 28 Paper 1 SL Question 8

Lecture 29 Paper 1 SL Question 9

Lecture 30 Conclusion

Section 4: Practice Exam: Paper 1 HL

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 Paper 1 HL Question 1

Lecture 33 Paper 1 HL Question 2

Lecture 34 Paper 1 HL Question 3

Lecture 35 Paper 1 HL Question 4

Lecture 36 Papaer 1 HL Question 5

Lecture 37 Paper 1 HL Question 6

Lecture 38 Paper 1 HL Question 7

Lecture 39 Paper 1 HL Question 8

Lecture 40 Paper 1 HL Question 9

Lecture 41 Paper 1 HL Question 10

Lecture 42 Paper 1 HL Question 11

Lecture 43 Paper 1 HL Question 12

Lecture 44 Paper 1 HL Question 13

Lecture 45 Conclusion

Section 5: Practice Exam: Paper 2 Options

Lecture 46 Paper 2 Introduction

Lecture 47 Paper 2 D:OOP Question 13

Lecture 48 Paper 2 D:OOP Question 14

Lecture 49 Paper 2 D:OOP Question 15

Lecture 50 Paper 2 D:OOP Question 16 HL

Lecture 51 Paper 2 D:OOP Question 17 HL

Section 6: Practice Exam: Paper 3 HL

Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Paper 3 HL Question 1

Lecture 54 Paper 3 HL Question 2

Lecture 55 Paper 3 HL Question 3

Lecture 56 Paper 3 HL Question 4

Lecture 57 Conclusion

High School students studying Computer Science who are ready to take the IB Diploma exams

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