Mastering TypeScript with Marathon Interview Questions 2024

Watch, learn & practice TypeScript basics to advanced concepts & crack any interview!
Mastering TypeScript with Marathon Interview Questions 2024
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Mastering TypeScript with Marathon Interview Questions 2024

What you’ll learn

Learn and understand what is TypeScript and how it works
Basic to advanced level practical concepts in TypeScript development
Real-world TypeScript interview questions asked in IT companies world-wide

Mastering TypeScript with Marathon Interview Questions 2024


Basic JavaScript knowledge
Basic understanding of HTML and CSS helps but is NOT required


TypeScript has gained massive popularity in recent years. According to Stackoverflow’s 2020 survey, TypeScript is the 2nd most loved programming language in the world (it was 3rd most loved in 2019) – clearly showing that the increase in popularity is quite astounding.TypeScript (developed by Microsoft) is an open-source programming language that compiles into JavaScript. Since its release in 2012, the language has remained in active development and is gaining popularity and recognition every year.The development community strongly associated TypeScript with Angular in the early days but now you can use it with practically anything like ReactJS, Node.js, Deno etc.Is it too late to start learning TypeScript now?Well, it is never too late if you start TODAY! Gain an advantage by being the one among those who really understand TypeScript and not just treats this as a college project.TypeScript & JavaScript are the same right? NO!While TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript; it means TypeScript eventually gets compiled into JavaScript, so they are not the same.The main benefit of TypeScript is its static typing feature that provides additional information about your code which serves as better documentation for other developers and enables them to catch more mistakes during compilation right away.The language is modern with features like interfaces, unions, intersection types, enums, classes, and visibility scopes. Additionally, because it is a superset, it has all the modern JavaScript features like destructuring, arrow functions and optional chaining operators too.This course is just not about the basics, I will take you to advanced levels with practical real-world interview questions which will help you to understand the concept and also answer properly at the same time.What’s in the course?Like all my courses, we have sections packed with beginner to advanced level content, so it is advised to check the full course curriculum first to get a clear idea of all the topics and then start step by step. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find in the course:IntroductionTypeScript fundamentalsArray & TupleFunctionsENUMObject Oriented TypeScriptTypeScript compilerInterfaceDecoratorsTypeScript Modules & NamespacesI recommend that you have a good understanding of OOPs concepts and basic JavaScript before continuing on with this tutorial, so as to make the most of it. If you have any JavaScript-related questions, feel free to check out my JavaScript course.Take action today and enroll in this comprehensive course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction & Setup

Lecture 2 Installing TypeScript Compiler

Section 2: TypeScript Fundamentals

Lecture 3 Variables & Datatypes

Lecture 4 Primitive Datatype – Numbers

Lecture 5 Primitive Datatype – Boolean

Lecture 6 Primitive Datatype – Null, Undefined, Void

Lecture 7 Primitive Datatype – “any”

Lecture 8 Type Annotation & Inference

Lecture 9 Hoisting, Function Vs. Block Scope

Lecture 10 String

Lecture 11 Unicode Values

Lecture 12 Template Literal

Lecture 13 Type Aliases

Lecture 14 “never” Type

Section 3: TypeScript Compiler & Project Configuration

Lecture 15 Watch mode

Lecture 16 Watch mode TSC Config

Lecture 17 Setting the Compilation Target

Lecture 18 The “lib” option

Lecture 19 Setting Modules

Lecture 20 outDir – Output Directory

Lecture 21 The “outFile” option

Lecture 22 rootDir – Root Directory

Lecture 23 removeComments & noEmit

Lecture 24 Generating sourceMaps

Lecture 25 “inlineSources”

Section 4: Array & Tuple

Lecture 26 Array Basics

Lecture 27 Tuple Basics

Lecture 28 Union Type

Lecture 29 Narrowing and Type guards

Lecture 30 Array Manipulation

Lecture 31 map() Method

Lecture 32 reduce() & reduceRight()

Lecture 33 Multidimensional Array

Lecture 34 & for..of traversal

Lecture 35 forEach() Traversal

Lecture 36 Array Searching Methods

Lecture 37 sort() Method

Lecture 38 Array Destructuring

Section 5: Functions

Lecture 39 Function Basics

Lecture 40 Anonymous Functions

Lecture 41 Arrow Function

Lecture 42 Default & Optional Parameters

Lecture 43 Rest Operator

Lecture 44 Function Types

Lecture 45 Function Overloading

Section 6: ENUM

Lecture 46 Enum Type

Lecture 47 Computed Enum

Lecture 48 Reverse Mapping

Lecture 49 const & ambient Enum

Section 7: Object Oriented TypeScript

Lecture 50 Object Literal – Introduction

Lecture 51 Dynamic key & Method names

Lecture 52 Read-only property in object

Lecture 53 Object reference & clone creation

Lecture 54 thisObject

Lecture 55 Classes

Lecture 56 Inheritance

Lecture 57 Access Modifier – public, private and protected

Lecture 58 Parameter Properties

Lecture 59 readonly Modifier

Lecture 60 Static Members

Lecture 61 Object Literal Destructuring

Lecture 62 Abstract Classes

Lecture 63 Class Accessors – getter & setter Methods

Section 8: Interface (Object Types)

Lecture 64 Interface Introduction

Lecture 65 Class & Interface

Lecture 66 Readonly properties

Lecture 67 Interface Inheritance

Section 9: Generics

Lecture 68 Generics Basics

Lecture 69 Multiple Type Variables

Lecture 70 Generic Constraints

Lecture 71 Generic Classes

Lecture 72 Generic Interfaces

Section 10: Modules & Typescript Namespaces

Lecture 73 What is module?

Lecture 74 Named Export/Import

Lecture 75 Default Export/Import

Lecture 76 Typescript Modules

Lecture 77 Typescript Namespaces

Section 11: Decorators

Lecture 78 Introduction

Lecture 79 Class Decorators

Lecture 80 Method Decorators

Lecture 81 Accessor Decorators

Lecture 82 Class Factory

Lecture 83 Property Decorators

Lecture 84 Parameter Decorators

New/junior/expert developers who want to learn TypeScript from scratch.,Developers who want to crack TypeScript interviews.,Expert developers who want to upgrade their existing TypeScript skills.

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Udemy | English | 7h 36m | 2.79 GB
Created by: Nirmal Joshi

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