Mastering Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve From Beginner

rom Basic Techniques to Professional-level Editing: A Step-by-Step Guide to DaVinci Resolve’s Powerful Features
Mastering Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve From Beginner
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Mastering Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve From Beginner

What you’ll learn

What you can do in Davinci Resolve
Edit videos in the cut page in DaVinci Resolve
Build transitions in DaVinci Resolve
Use Clip Tools In DaVinci Resolve

Mastering Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve From Beginner


No Prior knowledge in DaVinci Resolve required.


Are you looking to become a professional video editor or improve your editing skills? Look no further than our comprehensive course on DaVinci Resolve. This course is designed to take you from beginner to advanced in no time.In this course, you will learn how to import, organize, and edit your footage using DaVinci Resolve’s powerful features. You’ll start with the basics, including basic cuts and transitions, before moving on to more advanced techniques like color grading and audio editing. Our step-by-step guide will help you master the tools and features you need to create professional-looking videos.Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of editing videos using DaVinci Resolve’s advanced features, such as Fusion, Fairlight, and Color Grading. You’ll learn how to use these tools to create stunning visual effects, adjust audio levels, and enhance your videos with color correction and grading.One of the unique aspects of this course is the hands-on experience you’ll gain. Throughout the course, you’ll work on real-world projects, applying the skills you learn to create engaging and visually stunning videos. This practical experience will prepare you for any editing challenge you may face in the future.By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and confidence to tackle any video editing project using DaVinci Resolve. Whether you’re creating content for social media, YouTube, or professional productions, this course will give you the tools you need to succeed.Enroll today in our DaVinci Resolve course, and unleash your creativity and editing skills to create videos that will capture your audience’s attention.


Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1 Introduction Source Files

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 01.02 Introduction Of The Instructor

Lecture 4 01.03 What Is Davinci Resolve

Lecture 5 01.04 Quick Win Example Of What You Can Do In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 6 01.05 Project Preview – Video Editing In Davinci Resolve

Section 2: Download DaVinci Resolve For Free

Lecture 7 02.01 Download Davinci Resolve For Free

Lecture 8 02.02 Where To Find Media For Projects

Lecture 9 02.03 Launch A New Davinci Resolve Project

Lecture 10 02.04 Workflow Of A Davinci Resolve Project

Section 3: Edit Videos In The Cut Page In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 11 03.01 What Is The Cut Page In Davinci Resolve-

Lecture 12 03.02 Import Media From Within Cut Page In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 13 03.03 Preview Media In Cut Page In Davinci Resolve

Section 4: Create Your First Rough Cut In The Cut Page

Lecture 14 04.01 Project Preview – Create Your First Rough Cut In The Cut Page

Lecture 15 04.02 Create Your First Rough Cut In The Cut Page In Davinci Resolve-

Lecture 16 04.03 Use Smart Insert In Cut Page In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 17 04.04 Ripple Overwrite Edit In Cut Page In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 18 04.05 Swap And Rearrange Clips In Davinci Resolve

Section 5: Build Transitions In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 19 Transition Source Files

Lecture 20 01.01 Project Preview – Build Transitions In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 21 01.02 Default And Standard Transitions In Cut Page In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 22 01.03 Add Transitions In Cut Page In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 23 01.04 Customize Transitions In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 24 01.05 Add Titles In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 25 01.06 Add Audio In Davinci Resolve

Section 6: Use Clip Tools In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 26 02.01 Project Preview – Use Clip Tools In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 27 02.02 Create A Pip With The Transform Tool In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 28 02.03 Crop A Clip In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 29 02.04 Use Dynamic Zoom In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 30 02.05 Change Clip Speed In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 31 02.06 Stabilize Clips In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 32 02.07 Adjust Audio In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 33 02.08 Color Correct In Davinci Resolve

Section 7: Import And Organize Media

Lecture 34 Import and Organize Source Files

Lecture 35 01.01 Import Media From Media Page In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 36 01.02 Import Through Mapping Drives And Folders In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 37 01.03 Create Smart Bins In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 38 01.04 Preview Faster With Smart Render In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 39 01.05 Import And Export Projects In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 40 01.06 Restore Backups In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 41 01.07 Relink Media In DaVinci Resolve

Section 8: Insert And Move Clips To Timeline

Lecture 42 02.01 Project Preview

Lecture 43 02.02 Build A New Timeline In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 44 02.03 Add Clips To Timeline With The Edit Page In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 45 02.04 Perform Lift And Extract In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 46 02.05 Insert Edits With Track Selection In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 47 02.06 Overwrite Edits With Track Selection In Davinci Resolve

Lecture 48 02.07 Mark On Timeline In Davinci Resolve

Section 9: Edit Timeline In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 49 Edit Timeline Source Files

Lecture 50 01.01 Project Preview

Lecture 51 01.02 Edit Timeline Clips In Source Monitor

Lecture 52 01.03 Trim Video In Selection Mode

Lecture 53 01.04 Perform Extend Edit

Lecture 54 01.05 Build A Roll Edit

Lecture 55 01.06 Build A Slip Edit

Lecture 56 01.07 Build A Slide Edit

Section 10: Change Video Speed And Timing In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 57 02.01 Project Preview

Lecture 58 02.02 Retime Clip With Fps

Lecture 59 02.03 Build A Freeze Frame Segment

Lecture 60 02.04 Build Variable Speed Clip

Lecture 61 02.05 Retime Controls

Lecture 62 02.06 Rewind A Segment

Section 11: Use The Curve Editor In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 63 03.01 Project Preview

Lecture 64 03.02 What Is The Curve Editor

Lecture 65 03.03 Retime Frame With Retime Curves

Lecture 66 03.04 Retime Speed With Retime Curves

Section 12: Apply And Customize Transitions In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 67 04.01 Project Preview

Lecture 68 04.02 Use Video Faders

Lecture 69 04.03 Use Audio Faders

Lecture 70 04.04 Customize Transitions With Inspector

Lecture 71 04.05 Edit Transition Curve With Keyframe Editor

Lecture 72 04.06 Edit Transition Curve With Curve Editor

Lecture 73 04.07 Save A Transition Preset For Reuse

Section 13: Color Correction In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 74 Color Correction Source Files

Lecture 75 01.01 Project Preview

Lecture 76 01.02 What Is Color Correction

Lecture 77 01.03 Color Correct With Primary Wheels

Lecture 78 01.04 Color Correct With White And Black Point Pickers

Section 14: Color Grading In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 79 02.01 Project Preview

Lecture 80 02.02 What Is Color Grading

Lecture 81 02.03 Color Grading

Section 15: Build A Video Intro In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 82 03.01 Project Preview

Lecture 83 03.02 Build A Video Intro

Section 16: Build A Logo Animation In DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 84 04.01 Project Preview

Lecture 85 04.02 Build A Logo Animation

Beginners in Video Editing and Color Grading.

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