Mastering Windows PowerShell

Start from absolute zero, and learn to use the PowerShell 5&7 as it was meant to be used, Full Practical Training Course
Mastering Windows PowerShell
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Mastering Windows PowerShell

What you’ll learn

Control and administrate your Windows machines and servers
Perform Administrative tasks on both Local and Remote Windows Systems as well as Web Services-Management
Work with Powershell as a Servant Person that Will Execute Your Commands.
Interpret and understand how to read the Help of any Commands
Formalization of the Right Syntax and Running the commands

Mastering Windows PowerShell


You need to have a Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac OS


Are you tired of spending precious time on repetitive administrative tasks? Imagine a world where manual, time-consuming operations are a thing of the past, and automation becomes your new reality. Welcome to our comprehensive Windows PowerShell course – your gateway to enhanced efficiency, speed, and seamless automation!Discover the Magic of Windows PowerShellEmbark on an exciting journey into the realm of Windows PowerShell, where scripting proficiency, lightning-fast command line execution, and user-friendly GUI tools converge. Whether you’re an experienced operator or a tech enthusiast, this course is tailor-made to empower you with the skills to revolutionize your workflow.Your Learning JourneyJoin us on an engaging learning journey:Foundational Concepts: Grasp the fundamental principles of Windows PowerShell, laying the groundwork for automation mastery.Navigate the Help System: Master the PowerShell Help system, your secret weapon for uncovering commands and syntax to tackle any task.Command Decoding: Demystify command interpretation and learn the art of reading and comprehending command Help.Simplified Syntax: Conquer the syntax puzzle and gain the confidence to flawlessly execute commands.Providers and Drives: Harness the capabilities of Providers and Drives to effortlessly manage various data sources, from certificates to files and beyond.Unleash Variables and Operators: Gain proficiency in Variables, Strings, Hash tables, Core Operators, and the versatility of Regular Expressions.Elevate Your ProductivityBy the end of this course, you’ll emerge as a scripting virtuoso, equipped to:Streamline Tasks: Cut down on time spent on repetitive chores.Boost Efficiency: Amplify your productivity by automating essential processes.Craft Powerful Scripts: Develop scripts that function as your 24/7 digital assistant.Enhance Expertise: Elevate your skills and marketability in the IT realm.Sneak a Peek!Curious about what awaits? Dive into our Free Preview videos to explore the course content and experience our engaging teaching approach.Enroll Now!Are you ready to reshape your workflow and become a master of automation? Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with a transformative tool. Enroll now and embrace a future where manual labor takes a back seat, and your efficiency reaches new heights.Embrace the Future, One Command at a Time.


Section 1: Welcome To This Course

Lecture 1 What To Expect From This Course

Lecture 2 Who Am I

Lecture 3 Introduction to Windows Powershell

Lecture 4 Your Feedback is Important

Section 2: Orientation and Requirements: Getting Ready For Powershell

Lecture 5 Discovering Windows Powershell: Console Orientation

Lecture 6 Differences Between Windows PowerShell Versions

Lecture 7 Windows Powershell vs Powershell 7

Lecture 8 Download PowerShell 7 Package For Your Platforms

Lecture 9 Installing PowerShell 7 On Windows

Lecture 10 Installing PowerShell 7 On Linux & MacOS

Lecture 11 Customizing PowerShell for Your comfort

Lecture 12 Discovering Windows Powershell Integrated Script Environment

Section 3: Finding and Discovering Commands

Lecture 13 Windows Powershell Commands Formulation

Lecture 14 Pssnapin And Modules Commands

Lecture 15 Discovering The Different Pssnapin Commands

Lecture 16 Discovering The Different Modules Commands

Lecture 17 Adds Modules To The Current Session: Import-Module

Lecture 18 Find The Right Command To Accomplish A Task

Lecture 19 Powershell Module Path Environment Variable

Lecture 20 Aliases: Linux Commands Into Powershell

Lecture 21 Outline Of Finding and Discovering Commands

Section 4: Interpreting the Help From Windows Powershell

Lecture 22 Introduction to Powershell Help

Lecture 23 Updating Your Most Important Resource: Help

Lecture 24 Exploring The Help Of Any Command

Lecture 25 Understanding Cmdlet Syntax And Symbols

Lecture 26 Getting Some Real Syntax Examples Of The Commands

Lecture 27 Positions, Required And No-Required Parameters

Lecture 28 Running The First Command With Different Parameters By Using The Help

Lecture 29 Getting The Right Syntax By Using Integrated Script Environment

Section 5: Running Powershell Commands

Lecture 30 Introduction to Powershell Commands: Applied Section

Lecture 31 Finding And Running The Command Of Getting Process

Lecture 32 Understanding the String, the Int32 and Using A Shortcut

Lecture 33 Customizing The Error Message

Lecture 34 Working With The Multi Values

Lecture 35 Finding And Running Commands About Aliases

Lecture 36 Running Some External Commands

Section 6: Working With Providers And Drives

Lecture 37 Introduction To Providers And Drives

Lecture 38 Understanding Providers And Drives

Lecture 39 Working With Providers: Get-Itemproperty

Lecture 40 Working With Providers: Set-Itemproperty

Lecture 41 Working With The File System Provider: Registry Provider

Section 7: Variables Strings Hashtables and Core Operators

Lecture 42 Before Starting This Section

Lecture 43 Introduction To Variables Strings

Lecture 44 Different Kinds Of Variables

Lecture 45 Discovering Windows PowerShell Arrays

Lecture 46 Discovering PowerShell Hash Tables (Associative Arrays)

Section 8: Regular Expression Basics

Lecture 47 Introduction To Regular Expression Basics

Lecture 48 Understanding The Regular Expression Basics

Lecture 49 Identify String Patterns: The Matches

Lecture 50 Analysing And Creating A Full Pattern

Lecture 51 Example of Using This Regular Expression (Pattern Expression)

Lecture 52 Making Your Pattern Expression Confidential

Section 9: Transaction: Manage transacted operations

Lecture 53 Introduction To Powershell Transaction

Lecture 54 Discover The Cmdlets Of The Transaction

Lecture 55 Start A New Transaction

Lecture 56 Get Information About The Active Transaction

Lecture 57 Rollback Preference Of The Transaction

Lecture 58 Commit The Transaction

Lecture 59 Independent Transaction

Lecture 60 Conclusion Of The Transaction

Section 10: Advanced Level: Dig Deeper into the PowerShell Variables

Lecture 61 Introduction To The Environmental Variable Provider – Env:

Lecture 62 How To Read And Set Environmental Variables

Lecture 63 Setting Variables Of Other PSDrives

Lecture 64 Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable Method

Lecture 65 Introduction To The Powershell Variable Provider – Variable:

Lecture 66 Using Cmdlets Of The Powershell Variable

Lecture 67 Using The Dollar Sign With Powershell Variable

Lecture 68 Casting Values In Powershell

Lecture 69 Introduction To Parameter Validation

Lecture 70 Easy Validating Parameter Input: Validateset and Validatescript

Lecture 71 Parsing, Variable Expansion, and Quoting

Lecture 72 (compulsory arguments) order to process components

Lecture 73 The PowerShell Variable Scope

Lecture 74 The Powershell Scope Hierarchy

Section 11: Comparison And Logical Operators

Lecture 75 Introduction To Logical Operators

Lecture 76 PowerShell Comparison Operators

Lecture 77 String Literal Comparison

Lecture 78 PowerShell -Like Comparator

Lecture 79 Like vs. Match: Battle of the Powershell operators

Lecture 80 PowerShell Join Operator

Lecture 81 PowerShell Split Operator

Lecture 82 Split Syntax: Delimiter And Max-Substrings

Lecture 83 Split Operator Options

Lecture 84 Split By ScriptBlock

Lecture 85 The Boolean Type Operators

Lecture 86 Converts The Input To The Format

Lecture 87 Range And Dot Sourcing Operators

Lecture 88 Real Example Using All Operators 1

Lecture 89 Real Example Using All Operators 2

Lecture 90 Formats Strings by Using The Format Operator

Lecture 91 All About Operators supported by PowerShell

Section 12: Conclusion and Resources

Lecture 92 Conclusion And Your First Mission

Lecture 93 Bonus Lecture

The Course is Designed for Beginners and Seasoned Professional Looking to use Windows Powershell,Anyone who Works – or wants to Work with Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OS.,Any System Administrators interested to start working with Powershell,Anyone who wants to very quickly improve his knowledge about Powershell

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 37m | 4.42 GB
Created by: Fettah Ben

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