Mastery Agile and Scrum

Agile and Scrum – Planning and Process, User Strories and Visualisation of Work
Mastery Agile and Scrum
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Ishani Sharma


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Mastery Agile and Scrum

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Agile and Scrum
Visualisation of work and Organisational planning for Agile
User Stories and Agile Reports
Planning and Processes in Agile

Mastery Agile and Scrum


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Learn Agile Principles – Agile Philosophy and Agile Manifesto.Learn Scrum Roles, Scrum Events and Artifacts.Learn how Agile and Scrum are not the same thing!Learn different development approaches.Learn what are boards and how visualizing work help us to stay focused and motivated!Learn how we can use tool’s dashboard/reporting system to generate insights from various charts available that can be used by anyone in the organization be it a developer or a CEO of the company.Learn what different processes and planning meeting we have in agile, what we do there and how we conduct them, who drives those meetings and who all can be the part of those meetings.Learn how to deliver MVP (Minimal Valuable Product) or MVS (Minimal Viable Solution) to the customer withing sprint.Learn how to convert your team into an agile team, different roles in agile teams and their responsibilities.Learn why it is important to have sprint goal and what is sprint milestone.Learn why it is important for the organization to get the training to implement agile and whjat is the impact of implementation.Learn how to create good user stories, what are the essential parts of a good user story, how to estimate a user story.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Self and Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to Agile

Lecture 3 Introduction to Scrum

Section 2: Visualising work and Organisational planning

Lecture 4 Review of Section 1

Lecture 5 Visualising work and Organisational planning

Section 3: User Stories and Reporting

Lecture 6 Review of Section 2

Lecture 7 User Stories and Agile Reporting

Section 4: Agile Planning and Processes

Lecture 8 Review of Section 3

Lecture 9 Agile Planning and Processes

Section 5: Happy Ending

Lecture 10 Happy Ending

Anyone who wants to learn about Agile and Scrum

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Udemy | English | 1h 34m | 529.41 MB
Created by: Ishani Sharma

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