Mathematics of Finance

Compound Interest, Annuities, and Amortization of Loans
Mathematics of Finance
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Mathematics of Finance

What you’ll learn

Mathematics of Finance



Learn the basics of the mathematics behind finance. In this course you will learn about compound interest, annuities, and amortization of loans. For more details check out all the lecture titles and descriptions!


Section 1: Compound Interest

Lecture 1 Compound Interest Formula and Terminology

Lecture 2 Compound Interest Formula: Calculating the Future Value

Lecture 3 Effective Rate

Lecture 4 Compound Interest Formula: Calculating the Present Value

Lecture 5 Compound Interest Formula: Calculating the Interest Rate

Lecture 6 Compound Interest Formula: Calculating the Time

Section 2: Interest Compounded Continuously

Lecture 7 Interest Compounded Continuously and Euler’s Number

Lecture 8 Interest Compounded Continuously: Derivation of the Formula

Lecture 9 Effective Rate for Interest Compounded Continuously

Lecture 10 Interest Compounded Continuously: Calculating the Interest Rate and the Time

Section 3: Review

Lecture 11 Review of Main Concepts Covered

Section 4: Annuities

Lecture 12 Ordinary Annuities and Annuities Due

Lecture 13 Geometric Series

Lecture 14 Ordinary Annuity: Derivation of Future Value Formula

Lecture 15 Ordinary Annuity: Derivation of Present Value Formula

Lecture 16 Ordinary Annuity Formulas Using a Common Financial Notation

Lecture 17 Calculating the Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity

Lecture 18 Calculating the Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity

Lecture 19 Annuities Due: Derivation of the Present Value and Future Value Formulas

Lecture 20 Annuities Due: Calculating the Present Value and Future Value

Section 5: Amortization of Loans

Lecture 21 Amortization of Loans: A Specific Example

Lecture 22 Amortization of Loans: The Formulas

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Udemy | English | 2h 25m | 1012.26 MB
Created by: Chris Levy

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