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Mega Yacht Design and Engineering
Maxsurf EducationEnglish
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Halil Necati Karaca


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Maxsurf EducationEnglish

What you’ll learn

You are now a professional design engineer and hull designer. You have full knowledge of the design process and calculations in all its details.
You can create your own design, make the calculations and provide the production.
With the knowledge and experience you have gained here, you can have the chance to work in the best companies of the world in this field.
You can design and calculate Sailing-Freighter-Catamaran-Triman and all types of boats.
In addition, when you register for the course, we will be happy to welcome you to our World Society of Engineers group, if you wish.

Maxsurf EducationEnglish


No skills or experience are required. The course aims to bring all people, whether in this field or not, to a professional designer and engineering skills. All files used in the lessons have been added to the resources section. In this way, students will be able to work simultaneously and achieve excellent efficiency. In addition, nothing was done randomly, all the technical parts were taken into account. As a result, you will be able to dominate the design process of a boat from start to finish.


Halil Necati KARACA Presents With Respect..     During my course, I tried to mention different ship forms and designs as well as the engineering part of the job as much as possible. I told on modeler, stability, resistance, structure, VPP(sailing) and motions modules.      At the end of all lessons, the files studied are uploaded to the resources section. In this way, it is aimed that you can progress simultaneously with education and reach 100% efficiency.     The new version of Maxsurf is used in all lessons.     In addition, when you register for the course, we will be happy to welcome you to our World Society of Engineers group, if you wish. If you want to join the group, you will be able to exchange information and establish friendships with engineers from all over the world.     I tried to explain everything as simply as possible. Even if you have no knowledge in the areas I mentioned, I believe you can understand the subject. When you complete the course, you will have everything you need to build a boat yourself.     Maxsurf is an analysis program and the important thing in analysis programs is to interpret the analysis rather than doing the analysis. This requires sufficient knowledge and experience. The important thing is not to learn the program. Learning a program alone will not add any savings to you. A high school student can also analyze using the program. So I wish you not to make yourself a programmer. The important thing is to leave the logic of the programmer and focus on the results with an engineering approach. Only then do you realize that you can actually use Maxsurf.     Maxsurf is not a program that can be used for all design phases. Therefore, the same boat I prepared during my course at Maxsurf was also used in my Rhino course. In this way, you will have the chance to reach the level of professionalism in both engineering and design. Therefore, you will be able to take your place among the best engineers in the world.     When you have completed the course, you can share your own designs and calculations with us in a presentation (.pdf). We are proud to say that we will publish your design for potential customers all over the world to see. We will contact you when your design is requested to be purchased by a customer.     We wish you to be one of the best in the world in this field…     Halil Necati KARACA


Section 1: Mega Yacht Design with New Maxsurf Modeler Software

Lecture 1 Introducing Tabs

Lecture 2 Surface Trimming Process 1

Lecture 3 Surface Trimming Process 2

Lecture 4 Edit Tab 1

Lecture 5 Edit Tab 2

Lecture 6 View Tab

Lecture 7 Window Tab

Lecture 8 Display Tab 1

Lecture 9 Display Tab 2

Lecture 10 Data Tab 1

Lecture 11 Data Tab 2

Lecture 12 Data Tab 3

Lecture 13 Calculate Offset 1

Lecture 14 Calculate Offset 2

Lecture 15 Information 1

Lecture 16 Markers Tab

Lecture 17 Curves Tab

Lecture 18 Surfaces Tab 1

Lecture 19 Surfaces Tab 2

Lecture 20 Information 2

Lecture 21 Render Command

Lecture 22 Preparation of the Spect Table

Lecture 23 Creating the Final Offset Table

Section 2: Mega Yacht Design with New Maxsurf Resistance Software

Lecture 24 1-Ship Resistance and Introducing Tabs

Section 3: Mega Yacht Design with Maxsurf Stability Software

Lecture 25 Modeling of the Boat Hull with Rhino

Lecture 26 Modeling of the Upper Decks and Boat Exterior with Rhino

Lecture 27 Hull Model Revisions

Lecture 28 Rhino Gross Tonnage Calculations

Lecture 29 Floodable Length Analysis

Lecture 30 Modeling of the Compartments and Final Boat Exterior with Rhino

You can be an engineer, designer or even a middle school student for this course. If you are interested in design or engineering, I believe it will be a unique course experience for you.,It is suitable for those who are interested in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, especially in the fields of Shipbuilding, Marine and Engineering, as well as Architects, Interior Architects and Design.,It is also suitable for people who have completed their studentship and have reached a certain professional level.,It is suitable for anyone who wants to develop themselves in the fields of naval engineering, captaincy and yachting.

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Udemy | English | 5h 58m | 2.82 GB
Created by: Halil Necati Karaca

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