MBTI Masterclass to boost selfawareness and people skills

Find your identify, boost self-awareness and people mastery with MBTI personality theories
MBTI Masterclass to boost selfawareness and people skills
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Tuan Le


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MBTI Masterclass to boost selfawareness and people skills

What you’ll learn

Discover the history of the MBTI personality system and the less well-known Jungian psychology
Identify your MBTI type for better self-discovery
Develop the ability to quick identify other people’s MBTI types
The ability to adapt your communication based on other’s preferences
Learn Temperament Theory for even faster reading of others

MBTI Masterclass to boost selfawareness and people skills


An open mind and willingness to learn
A desire for self-improvement
Genuine curiosity about other people


Whether it’s a new employee or an important stakeholder, do you wish you can quickly make sense of who they are, what they truly want and their communication styles?Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based on Jungian psychology, is comprehensive but often less understood personality typing framework. A good grasp of this system will unlock a new level of self-awareness and speed in reading people. This Masterclass will walk you through the process of developing a foundational understanding of MBTI & Jungian cognitive processes, while at the same time gain mastery of important social skills to use for the rest of your life:Solid understanding of Essence of MBTI and functionsNext-level self-awarenessBoost self-confidence & assertivenessBetter Communication Skills through identifying and adapting your approach based on people’s type:Students’ ReviewsTuan – a good facilitator and managed the workshop professionally and answered all my questions. He was great at helping me to translate the theory into application… What really got me going was your assessment of my type and how I perceived myself. That comparison helped me a lot and was a great way to get me thinking about who I am.The most helpful aspect is I could again a level of self-awareness and how this impacts how I engage with others and what works for me , but also a good list of tips that I can share with others who engage with me often so that they can understand how I work/think.- Denise (South Africa)I can sense Tuan Le’s great passion in MBTI and how to effectively and practically apply MBTI to make our lives. Tuan is definitely very knowledgeable and he goes the extra mile to not only deliver the content, but also to ensure the lessons are tailored to his students.- Victor (Singapore)I liked how during the session we could apply some of the concepts immediately to ourselves and other people we know using the 1-10 scale. Also metaphors to understand cognitive functions better.- Jiashun (Singapore)


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why self-awareness is the key for effective communication

Lecture 3 A brief history of the MBTI and Jungian psychology

Section 2: Cognitive preferences & Initial Exercises

Lecture 4 What is cognitive preference? The signing exercise

Lecture 5 Quick test to find your MBTI type

Lecture 6 Exercise: Identify two people in your life

Section 3: Energy Orientation

Lecture 7 Introversion versus Extroversion

Lecture 8 E-I: Identify & Influence

Lecture 9 Exercise: Identify the I-E of other people

Section 4: Perceptions

Lecture 10 Intuition versus Sensing

Lecture 11 N-S: Identify & Influence

Lecture 12 Identify N-S preference of other people

Section 5: Decision Making

Lecture 13 Feeling vs Thinking

Lecture 14 T-F: Identify & Influence

Lecture 15 Identify T-F preference of other people.

Section 6: Preference for External Structure

Lecture 16 Judging vs Perceiving

Lecture 17 J-P: Identify & Influence

Lecture 18 Exercise: Identify the J-P preference of others

Section 7: The 4 Temperaments

Lecture 19 Temperament Overviews

Lecture 20 The Idealist

Lecture 21 The Rational

Lecture 22 The Guardian

Lecture 23 The Artisan

Anyone interested in develop better self-awareness & people skills,Individual contributors and managers in the workplace

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Created by: Tuan Le

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