MDX Training Part 1

Beginning MDX Queries Training Course using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) OLAP cubes
MDX Training Part 1
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Vikas Munjal


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MDX Training Part 1

What you’ll learn

Participant will be able to write basic MDX scripts by himself or herself and will feel more confident on MDX queries. Participant will understand the rules to write MDX queries . If the participant is working in a company where MDX scripts are prewritten then participants will be able to understand those scripts after learning this course.

MDX Training Part 1


Participant should have basic knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), Primary Key (P.K) and Foreign Key (F.K) for the better understanding of the course .


The full form of MDX is Multi Dimensional eXpression. This is used to query OLAP cube. It means you can select or retrieve the data from OLAP cube using MDX . In this course i have used SQL Server Analysis Services technology to fetch the data using MDX queries.
To make it more clear i can say , we write SQL commands to select the data from the database . In the same way we write MDX queries to select the data from OLAP cube.
In this online MDX Training video Course, following are the course contents which are covered
•Structure of the cube
•How MDX Queries Fetch the data from the cube
•How to create a basic cube
•What is the purpose of Hierarchy
•How to create hierarchies
•How to modify the existing cube
•Terminologies – Children,Member and Level
•Set – { }
•Tuple – ( )
•Default measure
•Filter condition
•Having condition
•Where condition
•Difference between where and having condition in MDX
•Calculated Member
•Named set
•Query scoped and Session scoped Calculated Member
•Query scoped and Session scoped Namedset

In this MDX video tutorial ,quiz, lab exercises  and  demonstration exercises are also included. With all these practice activities participant will feel more confident and will be able to write basic MDX scripts by himself or herself. If participant is working in a company where MDX scripts are prewritten then participants will be able to understand those scripts after learning this course.

But i will not stop only to this course , very soon i will release MDX Part 2 which will have advanced MDX queries and functions . After that course participant will be able to write complex MDX commands and feel more confident in writing MDX commands.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction – Facts Dimension DWH SSIS SSAS SSRS

Section 2: Module 1

Lecture 2 MultiDimension Cube Structure and How MDX Queries fetch the data from a cube

Lecture 3 Information

Lecture 4 Installation – SQL Server , SSAS , SSMS and SSDT

Lecture 5 Installation – Quick Notes

Lecture 6 Theoretical Explanation – How to create a cube

Lecture 7 Practical Demonstration – How to create a cube

Lecture 8 How to create hierarchy and the purpose of creating hierarchies

Section 3: Module 2

Lecture 9 Terminologies

Lecture 10 Terminologies-Dimension, Attribute ,Members ,Children,Level,MeasureGroup,Measure

Section 4: Module 3

Lecture 11 How to modify an existing Cube

Lecture 12 How to modify an existing cube

Lecture 13 How to perform Lab Exercises

Lecture 14 Links to download to perform lab exercises

Lecture 15 Alternative way to restore Adventureworks SSAS Cube using the backup file

Lecture 16 A Quick Note

Section 5: Module 4

Lecture 17 Set and Tuple

Lecture 18 More on Set and Tuple

Section 6: Module 5

Lecture 19 Default Measure

Lecture 20 Key and Name Member

Lecture 21 Operators in MDX ( , : -)

Lecture 22 Difference between Having and Where in MDX

Lecture 23 Having Condition

Lecture 24 Where Condition

Lecture 25 Filter Condition

Lecture 26 Please download Labs and Demonstrations

Section 7: Module 6

Lecture 27 Calculated Member and Named Set

Lecture 28 Calculated Member

Lecture 29 Query Scoped and Session Scoped Calculated Member

Lecture 30 Multiple Calculated Members

Lecture 31 Named Set

Lecture 32 Orderset – One example of named set

Lecture 33 The result of a Tuple will return a Set

Lecture 34 Please download Labs and Demonstrations

Section 8: Module 7

Lecture 35 Decide when to create named set and calculated member

Lecture 36 Calculated Member – Starts with the Dimension name

Lecture 37 Sum Function

Lecture 38 Calculated Member Deployment starts with Dimension Name

Lecture 39 Allmembers

Lecture 40 Static and Dynamic Named Set

Lecture 41 More clarification on Dynamic and Static Named Set

Lecture 42 Please download Demonstration Exercises

Lecture 43 Bonus Lecture

Who are working on OLAP cubes or planning to work on OLAP cubes and want to learn MDX queries using SSAS Technology

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 48m | 2.13 GB
Created by: Vikas Munjal

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