MEAN Fullstack Trello clone WebSocket Socket IO

Learn MEAN Stack, WebSocket, Socket IO, Angular, Typescript, NodeJS, Express, Mongodb and Deployment
MEAN Fullstack Trello clone WebSocket Socket IO
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MEAN Fullstack Trello clone WebSocket Socket IO

What you’ll learn

MEAN fullstack project with Angular, Express, Node, Typescript, Socket io, MongoDB
Write high quality code
Create reusable modules and services
Write perfect architecture and dry code

MEAN Fullstack Trello clone WebSocket Socket IO


A computer on which you can install software (Windows, MacOS, or Linux)
Javascript knowledge is required


In this course we will build a Trello clone API using MEAN Stack: Angular, Typescript, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB and Socket IO . This course is fully focused on fast and deep dive into creation of fullstack application with this tools. We will start from scratch and step by step you will get close to finished real application. You will deeply understand how to structure your application, build reusable and understandable modules and services and split code into smaller chunks of code. We will write code together in efficient way to make it pure and avoid data complexity. We will do real time communication by implementing WebSocket with Socket IO.Our code will be written with Typescript on the backend and on the client. We will deploy our application to the real production server at the end of the course.For each lesson you’ll get source code of the lesson, so it’s easy to see the progress and get a working app on any lesson you want. What you will learn in this course:Structure and configure projectWrite high quality code with Typescript on real projectCreate reusable modules, controllers and servicesImplementing authentication both in http and in websocketsDeeply understand Angular & Express design patternsNo prior knowledge except of Javascript is needed (because I will teach you everything from basics) but if you have experience with any of Mean stack  (Angular/Express/Typescript/MongoDB/Socket io) it will be easier for you to go through this course.If you are feeling like you learned web but you still still missing knowledge of how to build your own real application this course is what you need.


Section 1: Preparing tools

Lecture 1 What is this section about?

Lecture 2 MEAN Stack. What technologies do we use?

Lecture 3 Downloadable resources

Lecture 4 Installing Node & Angular

Lecture 5 Configuring NodeJS server

Lecture 6 Installing Mongodb Database

Lecture 7 Do you use a good editor? VsCode is what I recommend

Section 2: Authentication

Lecture 8 Setting up Web Sockets in NodeJS

Lecture 9 Creating Mongoose user model

Lecture 10 Adding registration in NodeJS

Lecture 11 Implementing login in NodeJS

Lecture 12 Creating auth middleware in NodeJS

Lecture 13 Creating auth module in Angular

Lecture 14 Register page in Angular – Markup + Form

Lecture 15 Register page in Angular – service + validation

Lecture 16 Login page in Angular

Lecture 17 Home page in Angular

Lecture 18 Auth interceptor in Angular

Lecture 19 Auth guard in Angular

Section 3: Boards page

Lecture 20 Gettings boards

Lecture 21 Frontend for gettings boards

Lecture 22 Inline form

Lecture 23 Implementing creating a board

Lecture 24 Adding Top bar and logout

Section 4: Board page

Lecture 25 Creating board module

Lecture 26 Getting a single board

Lecture 27 Adding board stream

Lecture 28 Creating socket service

Lecture 29 Joining and leaving board

Lecture 30 Authentication in

Lecture 31 Getting columns

Lecture 32 Create column with websockets

Lecture 33 Getting columns

Lecture 34 Create column form

Lecture 35 Creating a basic task

Lecture 36 Getting tasks

Lecture 37 Create task form

Section 5: Board Improvements

Lecture 38 Update board name

Lecture 39 Delete board

Lecture 40 Delete column

Lecture 41 Update column

Lecture 42 Unsubscribe in Angular

Section 6: Task Modal

Lecture 43 Task module and basic component

Lecture 44 Get task and columns

Lecture 45 Update task

Lecture 46 Delete task

Section 7: Deployment

Lecture 47 Mean stack deployment

Section 8: What’s next?

Lecture 48 Homework

Lecture 49 My Bonus Lecture

This course is for you if you want to develop a real fullstack project from beginning to the end,This course is for everyone who is interested in learning development with Angular, Typescript, Socket IO,This course is for you if you want to improve you knowledge of web development

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 48m | 8.44 GB
Created by: Oleksandr Kocherhin

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