Meditation Working with Mind

Knowing how to work with mind is the core practice of meditation.
Meditation Working with Mind
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Meditation Working with Mind

What you’ll learn

Looking at mind in stillness.
Looking at mind in movement.
Looking at mind within appearances.
Mind falling into itself.

Meditation Working with Mind


No experience needed. It helps to be in a distraction free environment if possible. You can easily watch the videos using any device.
Schedule around 35 minutes of time in a quiet location for best results.


Working with the mind is meditation.  This course introduces you to four techniques of working directly with your mind.  They are progressive meaning the first three should be done before the fourth, yet, they are interdependent.  James guides you through a series of practices that introduces you to your mind’s nature.  Once you recognize mind’s nature you can begin to rest in that nature.  That is where it all happens, or, nothing happens.  Recognition of mind’s nature is a direct path to liberation.  Pretty much everything else is distraction.  These techniques are for anyone.  Traditional methods would have you read and study so that you cultivate the correct view before you use these techniques.  Yet, in today’s fast pace busy world, the teachings are becoming more accessible and available.  That being said, I encourage anyone who is on a path of meditation to study the philosophical teachings on the mind and phenomena.  There are many texts that address these topics.      The final talk dives in to how to bring meditation into everyday life.  Ultimately, life must become the meditation and sitting on the cushion simply becomes another thing we think we need to do.  Scheduling daily time to meditate is very important.  Beginners should do this.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Looking at mind in stillness.

Section 2: Looking at the mind within movement.

Lecture 2 Looking within movement.

Section 3: Looking at mind within appearances.

Lecture 3 Looking within appearances.

Section 4: Mind falling into itself.

Lecture 4 Letting go of mind.

Section 5: Bringing meditation into daily life.

Lecture 5 Life as meditation.

Anyone can take this course. You do not need to be a Buddhist or of any other faith. It is open to all.,This is great for beginners and intermediate meditators.

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