Meeting Facilitation Skills for Leaders of Diverse Teams

Inclusive Facilitation Techniques to Make Efficient Decisions that the Harness Collective Wisdom of Your Team (DEI)
Meeting Facilitation Skills for Leaders of Diverse Teams
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Layli Miller-Muro


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Meeting Facilitation Skills for Leaders of Diverse Teams

What you’ll learn

How to be an inclusive meeting facilitator of a diverse team
The roles, responsibilities, and mindset of an inclusive facilitator
How to create trust in your team and ensure a collaborative, safe, and supportive environment, which allows everyone to bring their full self and engage
How to develop a common understanding of norms of behavior during your meetings (with community agreements or ground rules)
How to handle difficult situations like high emotions, people who dominate discussions, people who don’t participate, and microaggressions.
How to ensure that people come to the discussion prepared with the right information and mindset.
How to facilitate consultative dialogue where ego is not in the room
Skills to help you facilitate problem solving exercises using tools like brainstorming, SWOT analysis, pareto diagrams, and mindmapping
How to facilitate a virtual meetings as well as in person
How to avoid common facilitation mistakes
How to effectively facilitate before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting

Meeting Facilitation Skills for Leaders of Diverse Teams


An interest in being an inclusive facilitator or participating in a well-facilitated meeting


Numerous studies have proven that the most successful companies harness the collective wisdom of diverse teams. Your company’s value is the sum total of the decisions it makes and executes. Developing the skills needed to be an inclusive and efficient facilitator is critical for leaders and managers who want to ensure that all voices are heard, diverse perspectives are valued, efficient meetings are run, and high-quality decisions are made.This course will give you practical skills, tactics, and tools to be an inclusive and efficient facilitator. You will learn how to handle tough situations and you will receive a clear roadmap for what to do before a meeting, during a meeting, and after a meeting. You will receive templates, checklists, and reference materials, along with exercises and quizzes to support your learning journey.The sections of the course include:Understanding key facilitation conceptsThe importance of your role as a facilitatorNormal group formation dynamicsPsychological safetyA facilitator’s mindsetA facilitator’s responsibilitiesHow to facilitate before the meetingGetting the right people thereManaging timeDefining the purpose and desired outcomeDefining roles and responsibilitiesSetting and sending a clear agendaSending advance information needed for consultationPrepping others to be successful in their rolesHow to facilitate during the meeting  DefineHow the group will work togetherStructure of the meetingIssues for discussion and decision  DeliberateMindset for participatory consultationDialogue skillsBody languageProblem-solving tools  DecideWays to get to consensusWays to achieve consent  DocumentMinutes Reporting outHow to facilitate after the meetingFollow-up techniquesTechniques for giving and receiving feedback How to facilitate tough situations Power imbalancesMicroaggressionsDominatingWithholdingHigh emotionLayli Miller-Muro has was CEO of a highly diverse organization for 20 years. Recognized for its sound management practices and inclusive consultative decision-making processes, under her leadership, the organization won the Washington Post Award for Management Excellence. She was named as one of Goldman Sachs’s Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs and Newsweek Magazine’s 150 Most Fearless Women in the World. Layli is an author and frequent lecturer. Currently, she is a consultant helping purpose-driven corporations and leaders operationalize their values.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome: The Course Overview

Section 2: Key Inclusive Facilitation Concepts

Lecture 2 Introduction to Key Inclusive Facilitation Concepts

Lecture 3 The Importance of Your Role

Lecture 4 Normal Group Formation Dynamics

Lecture 5 Psychological Safety

Lecture 6 The Inclusive Facilitator’s Mindset

Lecture 7 The Inclusive Facilitator’s Responsibilities

Section 3: Before the Meeting

Lecture 8 Intro: What to do Before the Meeting

Lecture 9 The Three I’s Rule: Getting the Right People There

Lecture 10 Including the Right Number of People

Lecture 11 Make Sure You Have Enough Time

Lecture 12 Define the Purpose

Lecture 13 Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

Lecture 14 Send Agenda

Lecture 15 Send Relevant Information

Lecture 16 Prepare Others to Be Successful

Section 4: During the Meeting

Lecture 17 An Introduction to the Four D’s During the Meeting

Lecture 18 Define

Lecture 19 Deliberate: Group Mindset Needed for Deliberation

Lecture 20 Deliberate: Dialogue Skills

Lecture 21 Deliberate: Body Language

Lecture 22 Deliberate: Problem Solving Tools

Lecture 23 Decide

Lecture 24 Document

Section 5: After the Meeting

Lecture 25 After the Meeting – A Summary of What to Do

Lecture 26 After the Meeting – Giving Feedback in an Inclusive Way

Lecture 27 After the Meeting – Receiving Feedback in an Inclusive Way

Section 6: Difficult Situations

Lecture 28 Introduction to Difficult Situations

Lecture 29 Power Imbalances

Lecture 30 Microaggressions

Lecture 31 High Emotion

Lecture 32 Dominating

Lecture 33 Withholding

This course is for anyone who works with others who have a diversity of opinions or backgrounds and is interested in growing their skills to facilitate efficient and inclusive discussions and decisions.

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Created by: Layli Miller-Muro

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