Meeting Productivity For InPerson Virtual Zoom Meetings

Get more from every meeting whether it’s in-person, teleconference, video conference, online meeting, Zoom, or Skype
Meeting Productivity For InPerson Virtual Zoom Meetings
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Meeting Productivity For InPerson Virtual Zoom Meetings

What you’ll learn

Make every meeting more productive and organized
Learn how to organize and set up meetings better
Know how to follow up with everyone after the meeting
Take effective meeting notes
Have your meetings stay on point and avoid tangential conversations
Be a better manager
Boost meeting productivity while having fewer and shorter meetings

Meeting Productivity For InPerson Virtual Zoom Meetings


This course has no prerequisites


Meetings are a great way to build your team, and get on the same page with your team. Unfortunately, not everyone know how to make their meeting optimized and more productive. This is where this meeting productivity course comes in.In this course, you will learn how to organize your meetings, make sure they go smoothy and remain focused on their goals, and ultimately benefit your project or organization.PRIORITIZE YOUR TASKS AND PLAN MEETINGS ACCORDINGLYIf you identify which projects or tasks get you closest to your goals, you’ll only set up or join the meetings that accomplish that. Otherwise, you’ll know to avoid those meetings, and won’t waste your time.STOP HAVING SOUL-SUCKING, INEFFECTIVE MEETINGSMost meetings accomplish very little because they are not well-planned, and are treated as a free-fora-all. If a meeting have organizers who manage the meeting flow, it will prevent wasting time, going on tangents, or other unproductive things that can derail meetings or suck all the effectiveness out of them.In this course, you will learn how to plan meetings, organize meetings, manage the meetings as they occur, and how to follow up with meeting notes and next steps after the meeting.INCREASE OVERALL BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY WITH MEETING PRODUCTIVITYBy the end of this course, you’ll have the meeting productivity skills to get more out of your meetings while having fewer meetings and shorter meetings. That means that this isn’t just meeting productivity. That means that you’ll add to your business productivity as well!Invest in your career! Enroll today.


Section 1: Introduction and welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction and warm welcome to this meeting productivity course

Section 2: Meeting prodcutivity

Lecture 2 Introduction to effective meetings and meeting communication skills

Lecture 3 Managing the time/flow of the meeting during the meeting

Lecture 4 Interrupting the interruptors

Lecture 5 Reasons now to take meetings and getting out of bad meetings

Lecture 6 Different seating arrangements

Lecture 7 Note-taking techniques for meetings and other situations

Lecture 8 Taking meeting minutes

Lecture 9 Meeting communication exercise

Lecture 10 Meetings communication exercise – answer

Section 3: Phone and video call communication

Lecture 11 Doing calls vs. written communication

Lecture 12 Phone communication basics

Lecture 13 Skype or video call communication

Lecture 14 Video call preparation

Lecture 15 Video call bloopers

Lecture 16 Video call setup exercise

Lecture 17 Video call setup exercise answer

Section 4: Using meeting-scheduling software for increased time management & organization

Lecture 18 Introduction to a scheduling software for booking meetings and appointments

Lecture 19 How to set up Hubspot appointment scheduling software

Lecture 20 Sending out the appointment-scheduling invitation with your schedule link

Lecture 21 Combining your lead vetting with support chat

Section 5: Creating professional presentations for meetings

Lecture 22 Presenting at meetings – section introduction

Lecture 23 Enunciation to appear more confident and speak and present more clearly

Lecture 24 Creating an account in Google Docs so we can use Google Slides

Lecture 25 Looking at templates in Google Slides

Lecture 26 Creating a nice presentation template and opening slide

Lecture 27 Creating beautiful and clean information slides with images and animations

Lecture 28 Latest step in the evolution of slide designs for professionalism

Section 6: Speaking up confidently in meetings and being assertive

Lecture 29 Assertive communication for meetings – section introduction

Lecture 30 Passive communication, passive aggressive communication, assertive communication

Lecture 31 Situations when it’s difficult to know when and how much to be assertive

Lecture 32 Examples of how to assert yourself in different professional situations

Lecture 33 Assertive body language

Lecture 34 Assertiveness examples in a meeting or in person

Lecture 35 Create limiting beliefs in others

Lecture 36 Example of saying no with courtesy and reinforcing it with a limiting belief

Lecture 37 Assertive communication exercise

Lecture 38 Assertive communication exercise – answer

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 39 Thank you for taking this meeting productivity and organization course

All professionals must understand meeting productivity fundamentals.

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Created by: Alex Genadinik

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