Mental Health Diploma

Empowering Minds: A Guide to Understanding and Improving Mental Health for a Better Life.
Mental Health Diploma
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Mental Health Diploma

What you’ll learn

Understand the key principles of the Mental Capacity Act
Learn the proper definition of the deprivation of liberty safeguards (DOLS)
Learn how to support someone lacking capacity and protect their best interests
Broaden your knowledge of the role of the Court of Protection and court-appointed deputies
Understand the implications of DOLS for both the service user and service provider
Deepen your understanding of the supporting framework for mental health care provision

Mental Health Diploma


Learners do not require any prior qualifications to enrol on this course.


The Mental Health Diploma is a comprehensive course that covers the fundamental principles and practices of mental health. This diploma program provides a strong foundation in the understanding of mental health, including the causes, symptoms, and treatment of various mental health disorders.The course is designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in mental health or those who are already working in the field and seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. Students will learn about various mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, as well as common treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication.The Mental Health Diploma also covers important topics such as the role of genetics and environment in mental health, the impact of stigma and discrimination on individuals with mental health disorders, and the importance of self-care and stress management.Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to develop practical skills in communication, empathy, and counseling. They will also learn about ethical considerations in mental health practice and gain an understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding mental health care.Upon completion of the Mental Health Diploma, students will have a strong foundation in mental health principles and practices and will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in this field.


Section 1: Introduction to Mental Health

Lecture 1 Introduction to Mental Health

Section 2: Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatric and Genetic Disorders

Lecture 2 Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatric and Genetic Disorders

Section 3: Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Lecture 3 Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Section 4: Schizophrenia

Lecture 4 Schizophrenia

Section 5: Personality Disorders

Lecture 5 Personality Disorders

Section 6: Mood Disorders

Lecture 6 Mood Disorders

Section 7: Eating and Sleeping Disorders

Lecture 7 Eating and Sleeping Disorders

Section 8: Self-Harm and Suicide

Lecture 8 Self-Harm and Suicide

Section 9: Medication and Therapy in the Treatment of Mental Illness

Lecture 9 Medication and Therapy in the Treatment of Mental Illness

Section 10: Social Attitudes To Mental Illness

Lecture 10 Social Attitudes To Mental Illness

Section 11: Mental Health Legislation and Services

Lecture 11 Mental Health Legislation and Services

Section 12: Mental Health In The Workplace

Lecture 12 Mental Health In The Workplace

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in this field, such as social work, psychology, or counselling.,Mental health professionals who want to refresh their knowledge and skills or learn about new developments in the field.,Anyone who is interested in improving their own mental health and well-being.

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