Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch Automate App Lifecycle

Microsoft Azure DevOps – Create, manage & deploy an application just form the VS code (IDE) with fully automated CI/CD
Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch Automate App Lifecycle
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Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch Automate App Lifecycle

What you’ll learn

Microsoft Azure DevOps – Create, manage & deploy application with automated CI/CD – Real world demo
What is DevOps
What is Microsoft Azure DevOps
Create Azure DevOps Organization & Project
Working with work-items using Agine, scrum or basic work process
Github Integration with Azure DevOps to deploy website
Learn about Azure Repos and importing existing Github repositories in Azure Repos
Working with Azure Repos and Github to understand Version Control System – Pull, Push, Commit, Pull Request, Merge
Creating Azure Resources like – Static web app * Web app
Create Build & Release Pipelines using Azure DevOps
Deploy the website on Azure resources using Pipelines
Fully automate application deployment from VS code with few clicks without visiting Azure DevOps dashboard
Create & Deploy Python-Flask application using “DevOps Starter” templates
Learn about Test Plans

Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch Automate App Lifecycle


Basic Programming knowledge
Basic understanding of application development & deployment


Best Course at this Price – Master Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch – Automate App LifecycleCreate, manage & deploy an application just form the VS code (IDE) with fully automated CI/CD using Azure DevOPsThis course is for anyone willing to learn about DevOps and Azure DevOps. DevOps is a culture to facilitate the software development lifecycle whereas Azure DevOps is a SaaS based product from Microsoft to facilitate the same.Using Microsoft Azure DevOps, the lifecycle of product can be made very easy without much prior knowledge of specific tools like kubernetes, docker, servers etc. A developer can begin to learn Azure DevOps and get his application up and running in couple of hours. This course is from scratch, anyone having basic programming experience can start learning it and deploy their web application using Azure DevOps with just few clicks just from the IDE like VS code. You will learn end to end creation and deployment of application.Following are things one can learn by this course:What is DevOpsWhat is Microsoft Azure DevOpsCreate Azure DevOps organization and projectLearn & create work-items in boards using basic work flowLearn about QueriesLearn about Azure repositoryIntegrate Github repository in Azure repositoryLearn about Pipelines & ReleasesCreate Azure resources like web app and deploy the application using PipelinesManage codebase using commit, merge, pull-request, branches etc.Create a Python-Flask project using DevOps-Starter ResourceCode & deploy application from IDE (VS code) with few clicks in fully automated CI/CDLearn about Test Plans


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is DevOps

Lecture 3 What is Azure DevOps

Section 2: Organization & Projects

Lecture 4 How to Create & Delete Organization

Lecture 5 Create Project

Lecture 6 Create boards, work-items & invite users to project/orgnization

Lecture 7 Understanding sprint, feature, epic

Lecture 8 Connect Azure Boards with Github

Lecture 9 Azure Queries

Section 3: Azure Repos & Github

Lecture 10 Azure Repos & Github Introduction

Lecture 11 Setup Development Environment

Lecture 12 Create Repository, Commit & Raise Pull-Request (with & without VS code)

Lecture 13 Working with VS Code – Create Branch,Commit, Raise Pull-Request & Merge Branches

Section 4: Azure Pipelines

Lecture 14 Azure Pipelines : Introduction

Lecture 15 Create Pipeline for Azure Repos

Lecture 16 Buy Subscription for Parallel Jobs

Lecture 17 Create Pipelines for Github Repository

Section 5: Deployment on Azure Resrouces using Pipelines

Lecture 18 Create Static Web App Resources

Lecture 19 Deploy Azure Repo Project using Pipelines

Lecture 20 Create Web App Resrouces on Azure

Lecture 21 Create Build & Release Pipeline to Deploy Website

Section 6: Complete Automation Using CI/CD

Lecture 22 Create & Deploy Website from VS Code IDE (In few clicks)

Lecture 23 Create & Deploy Python Flask app using “DevOps Starter” Template on Azure

Section 7: Azure Test Plans

Lecture 24 Test Plans : Introduction

Lecture 25 Create Test Plans

Section 8: Quiz

DevOps beginners,Azure beginners,Anyone willing to automate deployment of their application with minimal effort,Anyone wants to learn DevOps or Azure DevOps

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Created by: Ajeet Khan

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