Microsoft Cyber Security Learning Azure Security Center

Learning security posture management and threat protection for your hybrid cloud workloads.
Microsoft Cyber Security Learning Azure Security Center
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Microsoft Cyber Security Learning Azure Security Center

What you’ll learn

Learning the Current Threat Landscape
Learn About Microsoft Azure Security Center
Learn How to Deploy Azure Security Center
Learn How to Implement Security Policy in Microsoft Azure Security Center
Learn How to Implement Security Recommendations
Learn How to Manage the Security of IoT Devices
Learn How to Reduce the Attack Surface of Azure Workloads
Learn How to Use Azure Security Center Threat Detection
Learn How to Build Automated Response
Understanding Threat Hunting

Microsoft Cyber Security Learning Azure Security Center


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Introducing the Ultimate Microsoft Azure Security Center Certification Course: Microsoft Cyber Security: Learning Azure Security Center!Are you ready to elevate your cloud security game? Dive into the world of Microsoft Azure Security Center with our comprehensive and engaging course. This cutting-edge program is designed to equip you with the skills and expertise needed to secure your data centers, fortify your hybrid workloads, and defend your cloud resources like a true professional.With Microsoft Azure Security Center, you’ll gain access to a unified infrastructure security management system that delivers unparalleled threat protection for your workloads, whether they’re in Azure, other cloud platforms, or on-premises. While Microsoft deploys a robust array of physical, infrastructure, and operational controls to fortify Azure, there’s more you can do to safeguard your workloads.This course will empower you to:Understand the ever-evolving threat landscape and stay ahead of potential risks.Master Microsoft Azure Security Center and its wide range of features.Seamlessly deploy Azure Security Center to bolster your cloud security posture.Implement security policies and recommendations tailored to your organization.Manage the security of IoT devices with confidence and precision.Minimize the attack surface of your Azure workloads through proactive measures.Leverage Azure Security Center’s threat detection capabilities to identify risks.Develop automated response strategies to act swiftly and decisively.Enhance your skills in threat hunting and stay vigilant against emerging threats.In this era of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, securing your workloads is a shared responsibility between you and your cloud provider. Our course provides you with the essential tools and knowledge to harden your network, secure your services, and maintain a strong security posture.Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to boost your cloud security expertise and pave the way for a thriving career in the cybersecurity domain. Enroll now and become a Microsoft Azure Security Center pro!


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 2 Why Learning Azure Security Center?

Lecture 3 Introduction

Lecture 4 Learn to Build a Stronger Defense

Lecture 5 Learn About Common Threats

Lecture 6 Learn About Cloud Threats

Lecture 7 Understanding Cloud Security Considerations

Lecture 8 Azure Security & Virtual Machine Protection

Lecture 9 Network Protection & Storage Protection

Lecture 10 Learn and Understand Deployment Scenarios

Lecture 11 Learn About Pricing Model

Lecture 12 Learn About Core Architecture

Lecture 13 Roles and Permissions

Lecture 14 Learn About Workspace

Lecture 15 Azure Subscription & Data Collection

Lecture 16 Onboard servers to Security Center

Lecture 17 Learn to Use PowerShell

Lecture 18 Learn and Understand Azure Policy

Lecture 19 Fine-Tuning Security Policies

Lecture 20 Regulatory Compliance Dashboard

Lecture 21 Learn to Use Secure Score

Lecture 22 Learn to Use Security by Design Approach

Lecture 23 Security Recommendations – 1

Lecture 24 Security Recommendations – 2

Lecture 25 Security Recommendations – 3

Lecture 26 Security Recommendations – 4

Lecture 27 Security Recommendations – 5

Lecture 28 Security Recommendations – 6

Lecture 29 Security Recommendations – 7

Lecture 30 IoT Threat Landscape

Lecture 31 Learn About Azure IoT

Lecture 32 Azure Security Center for Azure IoT

Lecture 33 Reduce the Attack Vector on VMs – 1

Lecture 34 Reduce the Attack Vector on VMs – 2

Lecture 35 Understanding FIM Solution – 1

Lecture 36 Understanding FIM Solution – 2

Lecture 37 Understanding Adaptive Application Control – 1

Lecture 38 Understanding Adaptive Application Control – 2

Lecture 39 Learning Security Analytics – 1

Lecture 40 Learning Security Analytics – 2

Lecture 41 Security Alerts Dashboard

Lecture 42 Threat Detection for Containers – 1

Lecture 43 Threat Detection for Containers – 2

Lecture 44 Native Integration with Other Solutions

Lecture 45 Understanding REST API

Lecture 46 A Collection of Procedures – Playbook

Lecture 47 Learn How to Create Playbooks

Lecture 48 Understanding Validation Steps

Lecture 49 General Considerations – 1

Lecture 50 General Considerations – 2

Lecture 51 Azure Security Center Connector

Lecture 52 Reactive vs. Proactive Hunt – 1

Lecture 53 Reactive vs. Proactive Hunt – 2

Section 3: Course Summary

Lecture 54 Summary

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Created by: Brian Carter

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