Microsoft Excel Advanced Excel Dashboard Design

Learn expert-level data visualization & dashboard design skills, and build 3 full-scale Excel dashboards from scratch!
Microsoft Excel Advanced Excel Dashboard Design
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Microsoft Excel Advanced Excel Dashboard Design

What you’ll learn

Build stunning, professional-quality dashboards in Excel (from scratch!)
Review key data visualization best practices and dashboard design principles
Apply powerful techniques for transforming raw data into beautiful, interactive visuals
Learn the same tools used by professional business intelligence analysts and data scientists
Work through 4 unique, hands-on course projects

Microsoft Excel Advanced Excel Dashboard Design


Microsoft Excel, ideally Office 365 for PC
Mac users are welcome to join, but may have difficulty following along


This is a hands-on, project-based course designed to teach you key visualization and design principles, along with powerful techniques for creating dynamic, interactive Excel reports and dashboards.We’ll start by reviewing data visualization best practices, including tips for selecting the right visuals, eliminating clutter, focusing attention, and telling data-driven stories. From there we’ll introduce dashboard design principles, and share frameworks for defining clear objectives, identifying effective metrics and visual elements, and leveraging concepts like reading patterns and Gestalt principles to optimize layout and flow.Throughout the course you’ll practice applying these techniques to unique, real-world projects and scenarios:Maven MusicCreate a visual showing the evolution of the music industry and the impact of digital formatsMaven CareersBuild a dashboard to explore salary and employment data across key industries in the USMaven ToysDesign a monthly KPI dashboard for sales managers to track regional performance Maven Hotel GroupVisualize hotel booking data to show key cancellation patterns and business insightsBy the end of the course, not only will you have unique, professional-quality Excel dashboards to add to your portfolio, but you’ll have gained the knowledge and confidence to apply these same concepts to your own work.If you’re ready to build the exact skills you need to create stunning, professional-quality dashboards in Excel, this is the course for you!Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:6+ hours of high-quality videoDashboard Design PDF ebookDownloadable Excel project files & solutionsExpert support and Q&A forum30-day money-back guaranteeHappy learning!-Enrique (Certified Excel Expert & Instructor, Maven Analytics)__________See why our Excel courses are some of the TOP-RATED on Udemy:”At the first part I just said to myself, ‘Wow, Excel is capable of that? It’s amazing!’ Then at the second part I told myself ‘This guy is doing magic!’, and now I feel like I’m capable of doing the same. I can’t wait to dive into the other courses!”- Judit B.”Excellent from start to finish. I picked up a bunch of techniques that will be useful in the workplace, from new chart templates to some very cool advanced visualizations. I loved all of it!”- Robert C.”Excellent material that I apply to my daily use of Excel. I consider myself an Excel professional, yet I picked up dozens of new tips and techniques. Wonderful course, well-presented and well-explained.”- Jeffrey P.__________


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Course Structure & Outline

Lecture 2 READ ME: Important Notes for New Students

Lecture 3 DOWNLOAD: Course Resources

Lecture 4 Setting Expectations

Lecture 5 The Course Projects

Section 2: Data Viz Best Practices

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 Data Viz 101

Lecture 8 The 10-Second Rule

Lecture 9 The 3 Key Questions

Lecture 10 Essential Visuals

Lecture 11 Chart Formatting Tips

Lecture 12 Storytelling with Data

Lecture 13 Common Visualization Mistakes

Lecture 14 BEST PRACTICES: Data Visualization

Section 3: PROJECT 1: Maven Music

Lecture 15 Project Brief

Lecture 16 Creating the Chart in Excel

Lecture 17 Applying Chart Formatting

Lecture 18 Telling the Story

Section 4: Dashboard Design Principles

Lecture 19 Introduction

Lecture 20 Dashboards 101

Lecture 21 Types of Dashboards

Lecture 22 Defining a Purpose

Lecture 23 Visual Elements

Lecture 24 Adding Context

Lecture 25 Dashboard Layouts

Lecture 26 BEST PRACTICES: Dashboard Design

Section 5: PROJECT 2: Maven Careers

Lecture 27 Project Brief

Lecture 28 Preparing the Filters & Interactivity

Lecture 29 Using AVERAGEIFS for Conditional Calculations

Lecture 30 Creating a Bar Chart

Lecture 31 PRO TIP: Sorting Based on Formulas

Lecture 32 Creating a Donut Chart

Lecture 33 PRO TIP: Grouping Donut Slices

Lecture 34 Creating a Combo Chart

Lecture 35 PRO TIP: Splitting Combo Chart Elements

Lecture 36 Creating a Filled Map

Lecture 37 PRO TIP: Adding New Data with Data Types

Lecture 38 PRO TIP: Switching Between Series in a Map

Lecture 39 Setting Up the Dashboard Layout

Lecture 40 Using Color Strategically

Lecture 41 PRO TIP: Dynamically Highlighting Series

Lecture 42 PRO TIP: Inserting Form Controls

Lecture 43 Creating Custom Color Themes

Lecture 44 Protecting the Dashboard

Section 6: PROJECT 3: Maven Toys

Lecture 45 Project Brief

Lecture 46 Preparing for Scale

Lecture 47 PRO TIP: Using Name Manager for Filter Values

Lecture 48 Calculating KPIs

Lecture 49 Applying Conditional Formatting Rules

Lecture 50 PRO TIP: Inserting Linked Pictures

Lecture 51 PRO TIP: Using Absolute Structured References

Lecture 52 Creating a Line Chart

Lecture 53 PRO TIP: Hiding Zero Values in a Line Chart

Lecture 54 Creating Complementary Bar Charts

Lecture 55 PRO TIP: Dynamically Sorting Data

Lecture 56 Creating Top/Bottom Tables

Lecture 57 Setting Up the Dashboard Layout

Lecture 58 Using Color Strategically

Lecture 59 Using the Titles to Tell a Story

Lecture 60 Sharing the Dashboard Online

Lecture 61 PRO TIP: Formula Based Formatting

Section 7: PROJECT 4: Maven Hotel Group

Lecture 62 Project Brief

Lecture 63 Understanding the Story

Lecture 64 Visualizing Seasonality with a Combo Chart

Lecture 65 Contrasting Gains & Losses with a Column Chart

Lecture 66 PRO TIP: Conditional Custom Number Formats

Lecture 67 PRO TIP: Using Stacked Bars Instead of Pies

Lecture 68 PRO TIP: Visualizing Part of a PivotTable

Lecture 69 Setting Up the Dashboard Layout

Lecture 70 Using Text to Tell a Story

Lecture 71 PRO TIP: Saving the Dashboard as an Image

Section 8: Tips for Success

Lecture 72 Tips for Success

Lecture 73 Helpful Resources


Excel users looking to bring their data to life with dynamic, interactive reports and dashboards,Analysts, Data Scientists, or BI professionals who want to develop expert-level data visualization and design skills,Anyone who wants to learn how to tell clear and compelling stories with data,Students looking to learn powerful, practical skills with hands-on projects and demos

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 25m | 3.38 GB
Created by: Maven Analytics

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