Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

This Microsoft Excel class will make you a master of Microsoft Excel. The training uses Excel 2013 for Windows.
Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours
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Todd McLeod


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Last updated 4/2022



Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

What you’ll learn

Learn Microsoft Excel 2013
Learn from a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels
From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, this training covers everything you need to know about Excel
Presented with high-quality video lectures, this Excel course will visually show you how to easily do everything in Excel
Lifetime access to this Excel class allows you to easily review material and continue learning new material
Excel Project Files and Excel Templates are included allowing for enhanced learning through hands-on activities
After taking this training, you will be an expert at Microsoft Excel
Money Back Guarantee – Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours


In order to participate in the hands-on portions of this course, you will need to have Microsoft Excel.


This training provides you everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel.From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, after taking this online class you will be able to use Microsoft Excel at an expert level. You can learn Microsoft Excel easily and quickly if it is taught correctly. Developed by a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, this course provides comprehensive coverage on Microsoft Excel. A university professor with over twenty years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels “how to use” Microsoft Excel, Todd McLeod has designed, refined, and perfected this course to make it easy for you to master Microsoft Excel.In only five hours of videos, provided to you in 75 separate video lectures so that no one online video is too long, you will learn all of the following about Microsoft Excel:Learn how to navigate around ExcelLearn how to enter and edit data in ExcelLearn how to adjust the way data and information are displayed in ExcelLearn how to write formulas quickly and easily with the point-and-click methodLearn how to use relative, absolute, and mixed references in ExcelLearn how to create powerful calculations with Excel functionsLearn how to visually represent your data with charts and graphs in ExcelLearn how to use Excel data tools like sorting, subtotaling, and filteringLearn how to “freeze columns and rows” with freeze panes in ExcelLearn how to remove duplicates from data in ExcelLearn how to “transpose data” – switching the columns and rows in ExcelLearn how to use Excel to leverage data with Pivot Tables & Pivot ChartsLearn how to format worksheets in Excel for impact and appealLearn how to automate Excel tasks with time-saving macrosLearn how to integrate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft WordLearn how to use passwords in Excel to protect your work in multiple scenariosLearn tips and tricks about Excel, as well as Excel secrets and shortcutsLearn how to use printing and sharing in Excelhow to harvest data from the webhow to create online forms which allow you to gather data from individualsDownload all of the Excel project files that are used in the videos This class is guaranteed to teach you Microsoft Excel. Described as “fun” and “amazing” and “life changing,” Todd McLeod’s Excel training will forever transform the way you work with numbers. Try this course for yourself and see how quickly and easily you too can learn Microsoft Excel.


Section 1: Course Information

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Course Files

Lecture 3 Additional files

Section 2: Quick Start

Lecture 4 Excel Quick Start

Lecture 5 Relative References

Lecture 6 Absolute References

Lecture 7 Functions

Lecture 8 Creating Charts

Lecture 9 Calculating A Grade Example

Lecture 10 Gathering Data With Google Forms

Section 3: Getting Started

Lecture 11 Introduction To Excel

Lecture 12 Writing Formulas

Lecture 13 Formula Essentials

Lecture 14 Relative, Absolute, & Mixed References

Section 4: Working With Functions

Lecture 15 Introduction to Functions

Lecture 16 Payment Function & Loans

Lecture 17 Future Value Function & Pensions

Lecture 18 VLOOKUP Function & Gradebooks

Lecture 19 IF, Concatenate, & Evaluation

Lecture 20 Conditional Formatting

Lecture 21 IFERROR Function & Dynamic Amortization Tables

Section 5: Creating Charts & Graphs

Lecture 22 Visually Representing Data

Lecture 23 Creating Charts

Lecture 24 Formatting Charts

Lecture 25 Scatter Charts

Lecture 26 Combo Charts

Lecture 27 Pivot Charts

Section 6: Harvesting Data From The Web

Lecture 28 Finding Data

Lecture 29 Copying Data From The Web

Lecture 30 Transposing Data

Lecture 31 Copying Data From The Web II

Lecture 32 Parsing Data

Lecture 33 Web Scraping Software

Section 7: Manipulating Data

Lecture 34 Freeze Panes

Lecture 35 Filtering Data

Lecture 36 Removing Duplicates

Lecture 37 Sorting Data

Lecture 38 Subtotaling Data

Lecture 39 Data Tables

Section 8: Advanced Filtering

Lecture 40 Exploring The Find Function

Lecture 41 Exploring Filters Further

Lecture 42 The Advanced Filter

Lecture 43 The Find Function II

Section 9: Going Pro With Pivot Tables

Lecture 44 Introduction to Pivot Tables

Lecture 45 Creating a Pivot Table

Lecture 46 Exploring Pivot Tables

Lecture 47 Recommended Pivot Tables

Lecture 48 Grouping in Pivot Tables

Lecture 49 Using “Slicers” in Pivot Tables

Lecture 50 Creating Pivot Charts

Section 10: Formatting For Impact

Lecture 51 Formatting Your Worksheet

Lecture 52 Formatting Essentials

Lecture 53 Formatting Fundamentals

Lecture 54 Design Considerations

Lecture 55 Inserting & Deleting Cells, Columns, & Rows

Lecture 56 Formatting Options

Lecture 57 Formatting Examples

Lecture 58 Formatting Secrets

Section 11: Saving Time With Macros

Lecture 59 Understanding Macros

Lecture 60 Macro Automation

Section 12: Integrating Word & Excel

Lecture 61 Object Linking & Embedding

Section 13: Securing Your Work

Lecture 62 Securing Your Worksheets

Lecture 63 Securing Your Workbooks

Section 14: Printing & Sharing Your Work

Lecture 64 Preparing To Print

Lecture 65 Printing & Sharing

Section 15: Enhancing Your Value with Bonus Skills

Lecture 66 Awesome Stuff With Google

Lecture 67 Google Form Examples

Section 16: Hands-On: Creating A Gradebook

Lecture 68 Creating A Gradebook

Lecture 69 Initial Considerations

Lecture 70 Tracking Attendance

Lecture 71 Gradebook Adjustments

Lecture 72 Entering and Adjusting Data

Lecture 73 Entering Formulas and Functions

Lecture 74 Automated Error Checking

Lecture 75 Calculating All Grades

Lecture 76 Looking Up The Letter Grade

Lecture 77 Freeze Panes and Sorting

Section 17: Hands-On: Bringing Grades From Blackboard Into Excel

Lecture 78 Importing Data From Blackboard

Section 18: Hands-On: Creating A Loan Amortization

Lecture 79 Creating A Loan Amortization Schedule

Section 19: Templates

Lecture 80 Templates Shown Throughout Course

Section 20: Final Exam

Section 21: Farewell

Lecture 81 Until We Meet Again!

Lecture 82 Bonus lecture

From beginners, to advanced users, this course is perfect for all ability levels,Lifetime access to this Excel training allows you to come back to review material or learn more about MS Excel

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 30m | 10.87 GB
Created by: Todd McLeod

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