Microsoft Excel Google Sheets For High Office Productivity

Complete Microsoft Excel & Google Spreadsheets for Business Data Analysis. Manage Daily Work & Create Management Reports
Microsoft Excel Google Sheets For High Office Productivity
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Ivan Lourenço Gomes


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Microsoft Excel Google Sheets For High Office Productivity

What you’ll learn

Learn all the most important Excel & Google Spreadsheets built-in functions with practical examples: SUM, COUNT, SUMIF, COUNTIF, VLOOKUP, IF, AND, OR, etc.
Apply formulas and use dynamic values for high productivity with your day-to-day work
Master both Micosoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets for office use and collaborative work
Create dynamic management reports and have a better understanding of your business data
Have a deep understanding of pivot tables & charts and create corporate knowledge from your data
Control the sales, purchases, stock, payroll and other management areas of your organization
Create invoices and documents with formulas & calculations
Work with several real-life projects: stock system, consumer price calculator, students grades & attendance control, sales projections, meal planner, etc.
Learn how to work with CSV files that are interoperable with most software programs in the market to analyze external sources of data on Microsoft Excel
Work with Macros and automate actions
Protect your workbooks with password and block specific cells to make your worksheets safe and error-free
Format your sheets for better usability and add menu with buttons to create your own system for all your office tasks

Microsoft Excel Google Sheets For High Office Productivity


Students are required to have a computer with access to the Internet


Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are powerful applications that allow you to create sophisticated spreadsheets. They can help you organize, analyze, and understand your business’s most important data.In this 2-in-1 course, we’ll cover everything you need to know to master both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Using these two applications, you’ll learn how to create supercharged spreadsheets with sophisticated functions and visualizations that will allow you to speed up data analysis and communicate actionable findings with your team. Follow along as we go through the exercises, and use multiple spreadsheets to practice your new and exciting skills.At the end of this course, you’ll be able to master:Sorting and filtering data, filtering views, publishing files, and other data preparation tasks.Increasing productivity by using different data types, formatting cells, formulas, and other advanced techniques.Creating sales sheets, printable invoice templates, pivot tables, and charts for sales statistics.Creating Google spreadsheet scripts to perform programmable actions.Working faster with keyboard shortcuts and techniques.Now the real office productivity begins! Learn Excel and Google Sheets from the ground up!This course offers 67 lessons with more than 10 hours of video content, multiple assignments and real-life projects.About the InstructorThis course is ministered by Ivan Loureço Gomes, a top-rated Udemy instructor, famous for his easy-to-follow and hands-on teaching style. Ivan has more than 16 years of experience working for multinational companies and has ever since used Microsoft Excel and more recently Google Spreadsheets to boost the productivity and data analysis of his team.Enroll now and master these wonderful tools for businesses and individuals.


Section 1: First Steps with Microsoft Excel

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Formatting Basics

Lecture 3 Data Types (Part 1)

Lecture 4 Data Types (Part 2)

Lecture 5 Formulas & Dynamic Values

Lecture 6 Intro to Built-in Formulas

Lecture 7 Built-in Formulas: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, SUMIF, COUNTIF

Lecture 8 Adding Images, Shapes, Buttons and Links

Lecture 9 Assignment – Design the Customers Sheet

Lecture 10 Assignment Solution – Design the Customers Sheet

Lecture 11 Hide Cells and Freeze Panels

Lecture 12 Auto Filters

Lecture 13 Data Validation

Lecture 14 Assignment – Payroll

Lecture 15 Assignment Solution – Payroll

Section 2: Pivot Tables & Advanced Functions

Lecture 16 Intro to Pivot Tables

Lecture 17 Pivot Tables on Google Spreadsheets

Lecture 18 Multilevel Fields on Pivot Tables

Lecture 19 Preparing Your Database for More Insights

Lecture 20 Blocking Cell References with the Dollar Sign ($)

Lecture 21 The VLOOKUP formula

Lecture 22 Pivot Charts

Lecture 23 Assignment – VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables

Lecture 24 Assignment Solution – VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables

Section 3: More Advanced Functions

Lecture 25 Intro to Project #2 – Students Grades

Lecture 26 COUNT and COUNTA Formulas – Calculate Student Attendance

Lecture 27 Using the VLOOKUP Formula to Transfer the Attendance Rates

Lecture 28 The AVERAGE Formula to Calculate the Final Grade

Lecture 29 Conditionals IF, OR, AND to Calculate the Final Result

Lecture 30 Recap About Conditionals

Lecture 31 Nested Conditionals

Lecture 32 Recap on Nested Conditionals

Lecture 33 Conditional Formatting

Section 4: Printing Layouts

Lecture 34 Project #3 – Invoice Template

Lecture 35 Setting Layout for Printing

Lecture 36 Setting Up a Header

Lecture 37 Printing Layouts on Google Spreadsheets

Section 5: Date Functions

Lecture 38 Basic Date Functions – DAY, MONTH, YEAR

Lecture 39 Calculating Dates

Lecture 40 Dates & Conditional Formatting for Follow-up Automation

Section 6: Reporting and Data Analysis Tools


Lecture 42 Basic Charts

Lecture 43 Creating Management Reports

Lecture 44 Sales Analysis on Google Spreadsheets

Lecture 45 Assignment – Sales Projections

Lecture 46 Assignment Solution – Sales Projections

Lecture 47 Calculating the Percentage of The Projections Sold

Lecture 48 Charts for Growth and Sales Projections

Lecture 49 Working with CSVs

Section 7: Project – Diet & Meal Planning on Microsoft Excel

Lecture 50 Introduction to the Meal Planner Project

Lecture 51 Selecting Meals

Lecture 52 Getting the Nutritional Facts for the Foods

Lecture 53 Using IF Functions to Show or Hide Values in the Table

Lecture 54 Setting the Conditional Formatting to the Nutrients

Lecture 55 Protecting Cells and Locking the Worksheet

Lecture 56 Ordering Tables of Data

Lecture 57 Recording Macros – Part 1

Lecture 58 Recording Macros – Part 2

Section 8: Useful Projects

Lecture 59 Production Cost and Price Calculator – Part 1

Lecture 60 Production Cost and Price Calculator – Part 2

Lecture 61 Shipping Costs – Part 1

Lecture 62 Shipping Costs – Part 2

Lecture 63 Shipping Costs – Part 3 – Adding Checkers for Accuracy

Lecture 64 Stock System – Part 1

Lecture 65 Stock System – Part 2

Lecture 66 Team Performance – Part 1

Lecture 67 Team Performance – Part 2

Professionals of any business career seeking to master Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets,Sales managers and employees willing to improve the control over sales data and reports,Any person willing to improve their Microsoft Excel skills for usage in many different applications

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 26m | 4.57 GB
Created by: Ivan Lourenço Gomes

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