Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips

Work faster, not harder in Microsoft Windows, Excel, Word and PowerPoint with these shortcuts tips
Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips
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Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips

What you’ll learn

Navigate, select and edit your files without using the mouse.
Increase your productivity by many factors
Have hours of free time thanks to the new speed you can work.

Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips


This course will make you faster and better at using Microsoft Office.
A basic familiarity with the programs is helpful


Everyday, for most of the hours of your day, you work on your computer, trying to convert your thoughts and intentions into digital files. And if you are like most people, that means hand on your mouse, clicking on menus, moving a slow digital finger and pointing and clicking. You’re building spreadsheets, formatting documents, building presentations. What if you could do you work in half the time, or do twice as much in the same amount of time it takes you today? This course will make you FASTER.
You’ll go through the major programs of Excel, Word and PowerPoint and learn the shortcut keystrokes that help you do your everyday, every minute activities at the speed you think them, not the speed you can point and click. You’ll also learn some super powerful, but rarely discovered speed tips, like selecting visible cells only in a single click, or inserting a custom header format in a single action.
Because this is not a course on specific features only useful in specific situations, but rather general tools to use across all situations, you can instantly apply what you learn in this course to the files and programs you are using today.
So join the course and let’s start getting faster at Microsoft Office today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Fundamental Office Shortcuts

Lecture 2 Working With the Windows Task Bar

Lecture 3 Navigating Between Programs

Lecture 4 More Universal Commands and the Task Manager

Section 2: Excel

Lecture 5 Navigation in Excel Part 1

Lecture 6 Navigation in Excel Part 2

Lecture 7 Selecting in Excel

Lecture 8 Formatting in Excel Part 1

Lecture 9 Formatting in Excel Part 2

Lecture 10 Excel Autofill Magic

Section 3: Word

Lecture 11 Navigation in Word

Lecture 12 Selecting in Word

Lecture 13 Formatting in Word

Lecture 14 Working with Styles

Section 4: PowerPoint

Lecture 15 Navigation in PowerPoint

Lecture 16 Speedy Stuff in PowerPoint

If you use Microsoft Windows and programs like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on a regular basis, this course will revolutionize your ability to do your work,If you work in an office and use your computer everyday, you will benefit from this course

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Created by: Christopher Boykin

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