Microsoft OneDrive Essential Training Course For Beginners

Quickly learn Microsoft One Drive from scratch. Keep your files safe and secure.
Microsoft OneDrive Essential Training Course For Beginners
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George Smarts


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Microsoft OneDrive Essential Training Course For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Setup One Drive account
Get familiar with the One Drive interface
Creating and managing files and folders in One Drive
Collaboration/Sharing using One Drive
Creating a Personal vault in Microsoft One Drive
Using One Drive online, on the computer or mobile phone
Troubleshooting One Drive errors

Microsoft OneDrive Essential Training Course For Beginners


Basic computer skills


Whether you want to safely store your data or want to become Microsoft One Drive power user, you’ve come to the right place.This course will give you a deep understanding of Microsoft One Drive functionality by using hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase why Microsoft One Drive is awesome and how they can be applied in a number of ways.This course is for individual users and not SharePoint administrators.__________By the end of the course you’ll be able to:· Easily navigate the One Drive interface· Import folders and files to One Drive· Manage folders and files in One Drive· Sync your computer data · Create Personal Vault· Use One Drive to collaborate and share files· Filtering, changing viewing options and more· Use all options of managing One Drive – web, computer, mobile· Use some useful collaboration tips and tricks


Section 1: Into to Microsoft One Drive

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Basics

Lecture 2 Create Microsoft One Drive account

Section 3: One Drive – Using the WEB interface

Lecture 3 Getting familiar with the interface

Lecture 4 Upload files and folders to One Drive

Lecture 5 Renaming, Deleting files and folders

Lecture 6 Adding new files, Downloading files

Lecture 7 Creating an Album, Viewing file details

Lecture 8 Restoring files in Microsoft OneDrive

Lecture 9 View and Sort options

Lecture 10 Searching and Filtering files

Section 4: One Drive – the Desktop Application

Lecture 11 Set up One Drive on your Windows PC

Lecture 12 Working with Files using Desktop App

Lecture 13 One Drive App Settings

Section 5: Intermediate

Lecture 14 Create a Personal Vault

Lecture 15 Collaboration using One Drive

Lecture 16 Setup One Drive on your phone

Section 6: Advanced topics

Lecture 17 Troubleshooting – sync issues & tips

Lecture 18 “Your syncing a different account” error

Lecture 19 Troubleshooting – error codes

Section 7: Next Steps

Lecture 20 Thank you and Closing Remarks

Lecture 21 Bonus Lecture

Anyone that have not used Microsoft One Drive and want to quickly learn all features

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 18m | 491.55 MB
Created by: George Smarts

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