Microsoft Power BI for Advanced Data Transformations

Learn how to clean, optimize, and model data tables to develop insightful, actionable insights in Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI for Advanced Data Transformations
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Microsoft Power BI for Advanced Data Transformations

What you’ll learn

Master advanced techniques in the Power BI query editor for optimized data handling.
Gain expertise in ‘M’ code and the advanced editor for efficient data transformation.
Learn to implement advanced data cleaning and data modeling strategies in Power BI.
Understand and execute effective data management for comprehensive data analytics.
Develop an analytical mindset to create correct relationships within your data model.
Implement organized and intuitive data model layouts for diverse data scenarios.

Microsoft Power BI for Advanced Data Transformations


Participants need a basic understanding of Power BI and DAX, including familiarity with creating simple reports and basic data manipulation.
An active Power BI account is a prerequisite, as it will serve as the platform for all practical exercises and hands-on training throughout the course.
A fundamental understanding of data concepts and some experience in data analysis is required to effectively grasp the advanced concepts taught in the course.
Lastly, an enthusiasm for learning advanced data transformation and modeling techniques will greatly enhance the learning experience and outcomes.


Deepen your understanding of data transformation and optimization techniques with our advanced Microsoft Power BI course. Over 4 hours of high-quality video content, we break down the complexities of the Power BI query editor, illustrating its importance and impact on effective reporting solutions. From beginners to advanced users, this course broadens your comprehension of intermediate to advanced techniques, empowering you to adeptly clean, optimize, and connect your raw data tables into an efficient analytical model. We demystify the use of DAX formulas to extract accurate results that align with your analytical queries, thereby ensuring a rich, data-driven decision-making process.We kickstart the course with best practice techniques for the query editor and proceed to detailed instructions on manipulating ‘M’ code and the advanced editor. Comprehensive lessons on row and column query transformation options lay a solid foundation for understanding complex data structures. The course then navigates through advanced data cleaning and transformation techniques, with hands-on examples demonstrating how to query multiple tables.As we progress, you’ll learn strategic ways to think about and manage your data model, mastering techniques applicable to any data scenario. By course end, you will not only be proficient in advanced data modeling techniques, but also understand how to navigate complex modeling scenarios and situations, and effectively organize your models.The course comes bundled with a demo dataset and model, offering a practical playground for you to experiment with advanced querying and data modeling techniques. As you embark on this course, expect an enriching journey into the advanced realms of Microsoft Power BI, transforming the way you perceive and use your data.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Resource – Data Transformations and Modeling in Power BI

Lecture 2 Mastering Best Practices: Query Editor & Data Model

Lecture 3 The Essentiality of Query Editor in Every Project

Lecture 4 A Practical Guide: Importing Data into the Query Editor

Lecture 5 Unleashing Query Editor: Tips & Techniques

Lecture 6 Demystifying M Code: A Comprehensive Understanding

Lecture 7 Troubleshooting in Power BI: A How-to Guide

Lecture 8 Crafting Order: Effective Organization within the Query Editor

Lecture 9 Introduction – Review

Section 2: Data transformation examples

Lecture 10 Column Transformations: Practical Examples

Lecture 11 Row Transformations: Hands-On Techniques

Lecture 12 Data Cleansing: How to Filter Unrequired Data from Tables

Lecture 13 Date Table Creation & Modification: An Interactive Approach

Lecture 14 Data transformation examples – Review

Section 3: Advanced transformation and querying techniques

Lecture 15 Staging Queries: A Walkthrough

Lecture 16 Amplify Your Data: Appending Queries Explained

Lecture 17 Comprehensive Guide to Merging or Joining Queries

Lecture 18 Turning Data Around: Unpivoting Tables for Efficiency

Lecture 19 Extracting Insights: Creating Columns from Examples

Lecture 20 Custom & Conditional Columns: Building for Specific Needs

Lecture 21 Parameterizing Your Data: Creation & Utilization

Lecture 22 Boosting Functionality: Custom Functions in Power BI

Lecture 23 Synthesis: Merging Advanced Transformation Techniques

Lecture 24 Advanced transformation and querying techniques – Review

Section 4: Designing advanced data models

Lecture 25 Data Modeling Goals: What We Aim to Achieve

Lecture 26 Crafting Efficient Data Models: Best Practices

Lecture 27 Tackling Complexity: Setting Up Intricate Models

Lecture 28 Handling Absent Lookup Tables: Alternate Approaches

Lecture 29 Constructing Measure Tables/Groups for Better Insights

Lecture 30 Leveraging Intermediary Tables in Your Model

Lecture 31 Supporting Tables: A Vital Component of Data Modeling

Lecture 32 Scenario Analysis with ‘What If’ Parameters

Lecture 33 Enhancing Lookup Tables: Adding Dimensions

Lecture 34 Architecting Multi-Layered Models: An Advanced Approach

Lecture 35 Designing advanced data models – Review

Section 5: Optimising your models

Lecture 36 Active vs Inactive Relationships: Deciphering the Differences

Lecture 37 Elevate Your Power BI Experience: Model Optimization Techniques

Lecture 38 Shrink Your File, Not Your Data: Reducing Model File Size

Lecture 39 Optimising your models – Review

Lecture 40 Congratulations and Next Steps

Power BI users looking to enhance their skills in advanced data transformations.,Data Analysts aiming to improve their data modeling and transformation techniques.,Reporting Managers seeking to create more effective and data-driven reports.,Business Intelligence enthusiasts who want to deepen their understanding of Power BI.,Anyone interested in mastering advanced concepts in Power BI for career advancement.

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Udemy | English | 3h 59m | 2.57 GB
Created by: Enterprise DNA

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