Microsoft Powerpoint Crash Course Master Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 & 2013 course teaches you all essential used tools to create a powerpoint presentation
Microsoft Powerpoint Crash Course Master Powerpoint
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Andrew Pach


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Last updated 7/2022



Microsoft Powerpoint Crash Course Master Powerpoint

What you’ll learn

Working, rearranging, populating slides on a presentation
Use PowerPoint to create online lectures or videos with recorded narration
Properly working with text, objects and images
Speed up Your PowerPoint workflow with usefull tips like using the guides
Creating interesting images and icons in powerpoint from scratch
Create an engaging, high quality presentation slide
Properly work with transitions and animations
Exporting the entire presentation / animation to video and addding music in the background

Microsoft Powerpoint Crash Course Master Powerpoint


PowerPoint 2010 / 2011 MAC / 2013 / 2016 / Office 365
Be prepared to learn a lot of essential tricks in the program


Do you struggle to get started in any presentation software?Are you searching for a shortcut to master PowerPoint 2013 and 2016?Do you want to work efficiently, create outstanding designs and get to know the most important functions of the program in one sweep?
This course cooks your brain in that regard and creates a knowledge influx which you will eat like a cake with pleasure. I am an experience PowerPoint teacher and made this course approachable for everyone! No matter of Your prior PowerPoint knowledge!
The course is divided in 3 comprehensive chapters to make it easy to follow:
Beginner – Workflow & Tips – where I share the most important things you will need to know before moving forwardIntermediate – Workflow & Tips – Interesting PowerPoint essentials which are enhacing your workflow and making you more familiar with the programAdvanced – Workflow & Tips – Very usefull knowledge which will distinguis you from the common powerpoint user who only knows how to add slides, populate them with text and present boring presentations like that. Upgrade your skillset with those lectures
All that is rounded up by an introduction and conclusion to make you firstly aware of the most important features and navigation through the program and later on to conclude the informations shared. I’ve made sure to make this course consistent and on-point to not waste your time on things that are obvious.
With help of this course you will:
Increase Your PowerPoint skillset and move from total beginner to advancedImprove Your workflow in less than 2 hoursYou will be able to work quickly and efficient in PowerPoint because I will share my most used techniquesBe able to complete a well designed slide, record online videos and youtube videos with PowerPoint and much more above that
If you do not know where to start and would like to quickly get a grasp about the sofware, it’s usage, it’s most essential tools and what is more important a real-world example worflow take this PowerPoint Crash Course to solve all these struggles….enroll now!


Section 1: Before You Get Rolling

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Lecture 2 Why I want YOU to succeed here

Section 2: PowerPoint Overview

Lecture 3 2 Main Purposes of Using PowerPoint (in my professional experience)

Lecture 4 PowerPoint 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2011 MAC / 2013 ?!?

Lecture 5 Learn Things “on the fly”

Lecture 6 Brief Program Overview

Lecture 7 Adding Anything Anywhere

Section 3: PowerPoint Beginner – Workflow & Tips

Lecture 8 Working Area In PowerPoint

Lecture 9 Adding & Rearranging Slides

Lecture 10 The Selection Pane

Lecture 11 Guides & Rulers

Lecture 12 Working with Images

Section 4: PowerPoint Intermediate – Workflow & Tips

Lecture 13 Adding & Working With Text

Lecture 14 Finishing Our Text Journey

Lecture 15 Adding & Working With Objects

Lecture 16 Fun Bonus. TURTLE ATTACK!

Lecture 17 Let’s Do A Nice Slide! (Part 1)

Lecture 18 Let’s Do A Nice Slide! (Part 2)

Lecture 19 That’s how This Course Looks

Section 5: PowerPoint Advanced – Workflow & Tips

Lecture 20 Transitions and Their Timing

Lecture 21 Animating Objects

Lecture 22 Example. Why not practice on our slide?

Lecture 23 Recording Speech – Autopilot Online Videos

Lecture 24 Add Music Across Everything

Lecture 25 Exporting a Ready Video

Lecture 26 Slide Design: Ad Banner Concept and Execution in PowerPoint

Section 6: Master Slides in PowerPoint

Lecture 27 Ways of creating templates

Lecture 28 Master Slides

Lecture 29 Layouts

Lecture 30 XML files – Usage and Importing

Lecture 31 THMX files – What They Are

Lecture 32 Creating a Layout – Pros and Cons

Lecture 33 Creating a Layout – Advanced Usage

Lecture 34 Designing Templates – Multiply Layouts

Lecture 35 Summary

Section 7: BONUS SECTION: Course Updates & Little Design Challenges for Curious Users!

Lecture 36 Quick Kinetic Typography Animation

Lecture 37 Fill the slide with a picture

Lecture 38 Slide for school projects – An animated slide example

Lecture 39 Record presentations with Camtasia

Lecture 40 Animating series in charts

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 41 Automatically change page and slide number

Lecture 42 Now You Know Something

Lecture 43 Thank You For Taking The Time!

Lecture 44 Bonus lecture

Everyone who wants to learn essential program usage,If you want to go quickly from beginner to advanced in powerpoint,presentation and animation enthusiasts,online teachers, video producers, youtubbers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 53m | 1.53 GB
Created by: Andrew Pach

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