Microsoft Project 131619 Like a Boss Exam 74343 prep

From Beginner to Boss with Project 2013, 2016, 2019. Incl. keyboard shortcuts and many Quick Reference Guides.
Microsoft Project 131619 Like a Boss Exam 74343 prep
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Brian Culp


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Microsoft Project 131619 Like a Boss Exam 74343 prep

What you’ll learn

Prepare for and pass the 74-343 exam
Configure project tasks
Create a project schedule
Estimate and track project costs
Report project information to stakeholders
Allocate project resoures
Edit resource assignments
Assign multiple resources
Control the schedule of a project
Display Critical Path information
and much more

Microsoft Project 131619 Like a Boss Exam 74343 prep


It is not necessary, but students will be best served by having an install of Project on their PC
Either the Standard or Professional editions will do for this course


In the U.S, entry-level project managers average nearly $90,000 per year using methodologies like Agile and Waterfall, and tools like Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project Like a Boss is how PMs learn the tools.Join Agile-certified project manager, Microsoft-certified trainer, and bestselling Udemy instructor Brian Culp for a comprehensive course that guides students from newbie to ninja using Microsoft’s powerful project management application, the same one used at Fortune 500 companies throughout the world.Brian’s Like a Boss series has received hundreds of  five-star reviews. Here’s what others are saying:”Excellent content!  Just what I was looking for to enhance productivity at the office.” -Paige Popejoy”Great personality and explained things well. Felt like he was at my desk explaining it to me.”  -William Potts”I can’t believe how much I learned. The instructor is great and the lessons were so easy to follow.” Sherie L.”Very precise, clear and constructive.” -Forent Sidler”Perfect.”  -Yvonne BeloProject Like a Boss includes approximately 8 hours of video instruction delivered in over 100 separate lessons, making it perfect for learning the application from the ground up, or for going back to review/refresh on a specific skill.New Updates: includes downloadable study guide for the Microsoft 74-343 Exam.Brian has been teaching Microsoft Project since the 2000 edition, and is vary  familiar with Project’s most powerful features, including these learning objectives:  creating and editing tasks  assigning resourcesestimating project costsmanaging resource calendars    sharing project vitals  manage task dependenciesidentify a project’s critical pathand much more Additionally, the course objectives will help you prepare  for the Microsoft 74-343 Certification Exam.  Best of all, you’ll learn by doing.By starting with a simple project, you’ll gain the scale-able, real-world experience of building a project from the ground up, and then adding in tasks, resources, and costs. This experience will let students jump right into the learning process, and will also set the table for using one of Project’s many templates as a starting point for a future project.There’s nothing to lose, except another day of not managing your projects more effectively. There’s an old saying in the project management game: “Projects become a year late one day at a time.” So don’t let this be another day. Whether you use Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid project management techniques, Microsoft Project can be a valuable tool in your arsenal. Enroll today to unlock the potential of Microsoft Project, and your potential as a project manager. Plus, you always have the peace of mind of Udemy’s refund policy. See you in class!


Section 1: Laying the Foundation: Project Concepts and Interface

Lecture 1 Welcome and Course Overview

Lecture 2 Essential Project Concepts

Lecture 3 The Project Window

Lecture 4 Understand Project Views

Lecture 5 Downloadable Exam Objectives

Section 2: Creating a Project

Lecture 6 Create a New Project Plan

Lecture 7 Enter Tasks

Lecture 8 Configure Task Duration

Lecture 9 Add Milestones

Lecture 10 Link Tasks

Section 3: Project Scheduling

Lecture 11 Schedule with the Gantt Chart

Lecture 12 Task Documentation

Lecture 13 Project duration

Lecture 14 Assign Working Time

Lecture 15 Use an Alternate Calendar

Lecture 16 Work Time Exceptions

Lecture 17 Manage calendars

Section 4: Assign Resources to Tasks

Lecture 18 Set Up Project Resources

Lecture 19 Resource Capacity

Lecture 20 Resource Pay

Lecture 21 Resource Cost

Lecture 22 Add Resource Notes

Lecture 23 Duration vs Units vs Cost

Lecture 24 Assign Resources to Tasks

Lecture 25 Manage Resources

Lecture 26 Use the Task Form

Lecture 27 Set Resource Time Exceptions

Lecture 28 Part Time Resources

Lecture 29 Delete a Resource

Section 5: Manage Task Relationships

Lecture 30 Use Automatic Scheduling

Lecture 31 Summary Tasks

Lecture 32 Use Finish to Start relationships

Lecture 33 Change Task Dependencies

Lecture 34 Lag and Lead

Lecture 35 Placeholder tasks

Lecture 36 Cut Copy Paste

Lecture 37 Task Constraints

Lecture 38 Manage Task Constraints

Lecture 39 Mitigate Date Constraints

Lecture 40 Project Deadlines

Lecture 41 Change the Default Task Type

Section 6: Track the Progress of Your Project

Lecture 42 Understand Effort-Driven Tasks

Lecture 43 Configure Effort-Driven Tasks

Lecture 44 Assign Cost resources

Lecture 45 Assign Material Resources

Lecture 46 View Project Cost and Duration

Lecture 47 Recurring Tasks

Lecture 48 Save a Baseline

Lecture 49 Update Task Completion

Lecture 50 Update Actual Work Values

Lecture 51 Gantt Chart Formatting

Lecture 52 Advanced Gantt Chart Formatting

Lecture 53 Customize the Timeline

Lecture 54 Timeline Pan and Zoom

Lecture 55 Annotate the Gantt Chart

Lecture 56 Config the Gantt Timescale

Section 7: Make Project Adjustments

Lecture 57 The Task Inspector

Lecture 58 Per Task Work Time

Lecture 59 Change Task Types

Lecture 60 Task Type Views

Lecture 61 The Critical Path

Lecture 62 Manually enter a Summary Task

Lecture 63 Inactivate a Task

Lecture 64 Interrupt a Task

Lecture 65 Multiple Resource Availability

Lecture 66 Multiple Resource Pay Rates

Lecture 67 Multiple Resource Cost Tables

Lecture 68 Assignment Countours

Lecture 69 Delay work on a task

Lecture 70 Resource Capacity

Section 8: Refine the Project Plan

Lecture 71 Update the Project Baseline

Lecture 72 Create an Interim Plan

Lecture 73 Track Remaining Work

Lecture 74 Track Remaining Cost

Lecture 75 Enter Manual Costs

Lecture 76 Identify Project Slack

Lecture 77 Reschedule Incomplete Work

Lecture 78 Identify Task Slippage

Lecture 79 Use Additional Baselines

Section 9: Communicate Project Details

Lecture 80 Run a Report

Lecture 81 Print Reports and Views

Lecture 82 Adjust Printing

Lecture 83 Advanced Printing

Lecture 84 Copy and Paste Views

Lecture 85 Highlight Task Relationships

Lecture 86 Format Calendar Views

Lecture 87 Format Network Diagrams

Lecture 88 Custom Reports

Lecture 89 Manage Custom Reports

Lecture 90 Compare Projects

Section 10: Collaboration with Microsoft Project

Lecture 91 Use Project Templates

Lecture 92 Resource Pools

Lecture 93 Sharer Projects

Lecture 94 Connect to a Resource Pool

Lecture 95 Resource Pool Tasks

Lecture 96 Troubleshoot Overallocation

Lecture 97 Use a Master Project

Lecture 98 Dependencies Between Projects

Lecture 99 Filter and Group Data

Lecture 100 Summarize a Project

Lecture 101 Archive Project Data

Lecture 102 Import From Excel

Section 11: Course Summary and wrap up

Lecture 103 Summary

Lecture 104 Quick Reference Handout

Newbies looking to quickly get up to speed on Microsoft Project,Seasoned Gantt chart gurus looking for power tips and tricks,Students interested in career advancement by passing the 74-343 Certification exam

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 33m | 3.74 GB
Created by: Brian Culp

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