Microsoft Teams and OneNote Essentials for Educators

Learn Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft OneNote, MS Whiteboard to curate content and distribute to learners
Microsoft Teams and OneNote Essentials for Educators
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Muhammad Umar Afzal


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Microsoft Teams and OneNote Essentials for Educators

What you’ll learn

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneNote
Immersive reader and Math option in Microsoft OneNote
Integration of simulations and interactive materials in Microsoft OneNote
Distribution of assignments using Microsoft Teams
Grading assignments in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and OneNote Essentials for Educators


Be able to use PC and Internet


You will learn how to create classes in Microsoft Teams Creating an assignment in MS TeamsCreating a Quiz using Microsoft FormsDistributing, grading and exporting of grades in Excel How to set up Class Notebook in Microsoft OneNoteDistribution of content using Microsoft OneNoteHow to use Immersive Reader option in Microsoft OneNoteHow to use Math option in Microsoft OneNoteProcess of integration of simulations/interactive materials in Microsoft OneNote How to use Microsoft WhiteboardWill be able to help you to start remote learning sessions


Section 1: Microsoft Teams

Lecture 1 Introduction of Microsoft Teams

Lecture 2 Joining a Microsoft Teams

Lecture 3 Features of Microsoft Teams

Lecture 4 Creating assignment in Teams

Lecture 5 Submitting an assignment

Lecture 6 How to evaluate the student work

Lecture 7 Exporting grades/points to Excel

Lecture 8 Generating and distributing a quiz

Lecture 9 Creating a Meeting in Teams

Lecture 10 How to join a meeting

Lecture 11 Assigning and maintaining record of special tasks using Planner in Teams

Lecture 12 How to mute/disable access to post of a student in Teams

Lecture 13 How to create a live event in Microsoft Teams

Lecture 14 Creating and removing a tag

Lecture 15 Making an announcement in multiple Teams in one go

Lecture 16 Microsoft Whiteboard

Section 2: OneNote

Lecture 17 Setting up Class Notebook

Lecture 18 Sections of Notebook

Lecture 19 Adding a new page in OneNote

Lecture 20 Moving/copying or distributing a page

Lecture 21 Deleting a distributed page in bulk from notebooks of entire class

Lecture 22 Sharing/copying screenshot into OneNote

Lecture 23 Adding OneNote web clipper in Chrome

Lecture 24 Exploring Immersive Reader Option

Lecture 25 Exploring Math option

Lecture 26 Generating Math practice quiz in OneNote

Lecture 27 Integration of PHET Interactive Simulations in OneNote

Lecture 28 Integration of Geogebra with OneNote

Teachers, Administrators, Principals, Educators, K-12 Educators,Teachers interested in Technology integration in Classroom,Interested in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneNote, Immersive Reader, Math Option,Interested in Interactive Simulations PHET and Geogebra,Parents interested in Home Schooling,Interested in Blended Learning, Remote Learning, Distance Learning,Edtech enthusiast,Teachers/Educators interested to start online or remote classes,School/College/University Instructors

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 27m | 534.15 MB
Created by: Muhammad Umar Afzal

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