Microsoft Word Excel 2016365 Productivity Tips

How to make your workday more productive
Microsoft Word Excel 2016365 Productivity Tips
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Microsoft Word Excel 2016365 Productivity Tips

What you’ll learn

Increase their productivity by utilising MUST know tricks and shortcuts
Recognise how these shortcuts can save time and reduce risk and stress
How to leverage Microsoft Excel and Word to get more done in less time!

Microsoft Word Excel 2016365 Productivity Tips


You should be able to use Microsoft Word & Excel at a basic level
You will need to be using Microsoft Office 2016 or 365
This course is primarily designed for those seeking to increase their productivity, it is not designed to be an everything you need to know about both programs


Donna believes the very technology that was supposed to make our life easier has created another layer of work which takes us away from things that we want in our lives such as more time with family, time to focus on a new project or simply reducing stress levels and risk of errors.With over 20 years of Adult Learning & Development experience, in this short course Donna covers productivity tips that you must know about Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel to immediately increase your productivity and reduce risk.This sample program covers a range of key tools and features in Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Word that are some of the most common challenges and frustrations participants in face-to-face workshops, one on once coaching sessions or online programs Donna has been asked in her twenty-five years as a professional educator. One tip alone could save you hours of stress and frustration and will enable you to immediate increase your productivity and efficiency with Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel 2016/365.This short program addresses 38 of the most common questions my audiences have also provides context for how and where in the “real world” participants might utilise these skills.Whilst this program is shared in the Microsoft Office 2016/365 these tips also work in previous versions of Microsoft Word & Excel.Topics covered include:Microsoft ExcelShortcuts to adding or summing dataHow to copy worksheets EXACTLY as you want themHow to send a single worksheet in a file to someone instead of the whole worksheet1 Key Graph/Chart creationHow to split data in one cell into multiple columnsHow to easily remove extra spaces in cellsHow to easily change the casing of text in cellsHow to “add” cells containing text togetherHow to get ALL your data to print on a single pageHow to set up headers & footers on your worksheetHow to flip data you’ve already entered from being across the spreadsheet to down the spreadsheetHow to make finding and referring to key information in your spreadsheet easySimple formulas to add up data across multiple worksheetHow to create a pivot table to enable you to analyse dataHow to easily subtotal a long list of dataHow to create droplists to keep data entry in cells consistentHow to highlight cells that meet a specific criteriaHow to remove duplicate entries from data lists How to leverage hyperlinks to move around larger spreadsheetsHow to protect your data from user errorsHow to automate common, repetitive tasks.Microsoft WordHow to apply formatting from one part of a document to another with a couple of clicksSetting up default line spacingMaking bullets work for you, not against you.Simple tips on creating and working with tables.Copying and pasting “insider” tips to save hours of frustrationFast tracking page breaksUnderstanding headers and footers and how they work in WordInserting an Excel worksheet into a Word document.How to automatically insert common textHow to insert larger blocks of text with a few clicksHow to insert watermarks on documentsHow to insert one file into anotherUsing styles to make document formatting EASYCreating an automated table of contentsCreating templates to save time and frustration on repetitive tasksEasy mail merge with an Excel worksheet as a data sourceHow to easily insert a file name and path into a document footer.


Section 1: Module 1 – Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 Introduction Video – Watch This Before You Start

Section 2: Module 2 – Microsoft Excel Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Lecture 2 Module 2 – Microsoft Excel Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts Introduction Video

Lecture 3 Excel 2016 – Autosum

Lecture 4 Excel 2016 – Copying Worksheets

Lecture 5 Excel 2016 – Sending a Single Worksheet to Someone

Lecture 6 Excel 2016 – Quick Graph Creation

Lecture 7 Excel 2016 – Splitting data from one cell into multiple cells (Text to Columns)

Lecture 8 Excel 2016 – TRIM Function

Lecture 9 Excel 2016 – Proper Function

Lecture 10 Excel 2016 – Concatenate Function

Lecture 11 Excel 2016 – Fit to a Page

Lecture 12 Excel 2016 – Headers & Footers

Lecture 13 Excel 2016 – Transpose

Section 3: Module 3 – Microsoft Word Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Lecture 14 Module 3 – Microsoft Word Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts Introduction Video

Lecture 15 Word 2016 – Format Painter

Lecture 16 Word 2016 – Line Spacing

Lecture 17 Word 2016 – Bullets

Lecture 18 Word 2016 – Tables

Lecture 19 Word 2016 – Copying & Pasting Tips

Lecture 20 Word 2016 – Page Breaks

Lecture 21 Word 2016 – Headers & Footers

Lecture 22 Word 2016 – Inserting an Excel Worksheet into a Word Document

Section 4: Module 4 – Microsoft Excel – Automation

Lecture 23 Module 4 – Microsoft Excel Automation Introduction Video

Lecture 24 Excel 2016 – Range Names

Lecture 25 Excel 2016 – 3 Dimensional Formulas

Lecture 26 Excel 2016 – Pivot Tables

Lecture 27 Excel 2016 – SubTotals

Lecture 28 Excel 2016 – Droplists

Lecture 29 Excel 2016 – Conditional Formatting

Lecture 30 Excel 2016 – Remove Duplicates

Lecture 31 Excel 2016 – Hyperlinks

Lecture 32 Excel 2016 – Protection

Lecture 33 Excel 2016 – Macros

Section 5: Section 5 – Word 2016 – Automation

Lecture 34 Module 5 – Microsoft Word Automation Introduction Video

Lecture 35 Word 2016 – Autocorrect

Lecture 36 Word 2016 – Quickparts

Lecture 37 Word 2016 – Watermarks

Lecture 38 Word 2016 – Inserting One File Into Another

Lecture 39 Word 2016 – Styles

Lecture 40 Word 2016 – Table of Contents

Lecture 41 Word 2016 – Templates

Lecture 42 Word 2016 – Mail Merge with Excel Data Source

Lecture 43 Word 2016 – Inserting File Name & Path

Section 6: Summary Video

Lecture 44 Summary Video – You’ve finished, Congratulations, Watch this video.

Lecture 45 Want More?

Anyone interested in increasing productivity with Word & Excel

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Created by: Donna Hanson

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