MicroStrategy for Business Intelligence The Complete Course

Learn Business Intelligence using the latest 2021 MicroStrategy Desktop application. Develop amazing reporting solutions
MicroStrategy for Business Intelligence The Complete Course
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MicroStrategy for Business Intelligence The Complete Course

What you’ll learn

Build professional dashboards in MicroStrategy
Learn the specifics of all main visualization types in MicroStrategy
Learn the best practices in building Business Intelligence solutions in MicroStrategy
Learn the less known features that will increase the effectiveness of your dashbaords
Learn best practices from the BI industry

MicroStrategy for Business Intelligence The Complete Course


None. You can get Workstation 2021 for free!


**Learn how to use MicroStrategy to create amazing Business Intelligence solutions quickly. This course covers the latest updates to the Microstrategy Software**I will walk you through every step of using MicroStrategy to create professional Business Intelligence solutions.This course will give you a deep understanding of the MicroStrategy f unctionality by using hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase why MicroStrategy t is awesome and how how to use it in order to create professional dashboards.In this MicroStrategy course you will learn:· How to connect data to your Dossier environment· How to use all the main visualizations· How to install additional visualizations to your profile· Best practices on creating dashboards· Tips and tricks on using some not so well know features· How to professionally and effectively present your Business Intelligence solutions· Create formulas· Apply formatting to your dashboards· Practice all the skills needed step by step together with me· How to make sure your dashboards are aligned to the industry best practices… and much, much more!Enroll today and enjoy:Lifetime access to the course and all future updates3 hours of high quality, up to date video lecturesPractical MicroStrategy course with step by step instructions on how to implement the different featuresThanks again for checking out my course and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The Basics

Lecture 2 Difference between Microstrategy Desktop and Workstation

Lecture 3 Installation of Workstation 2021

Lecture 4 Dossier Environment

Section 3: Data preparation

Lecture 5 Connecting your data to MicroStategy

Section 4: Basic Vizualizations in MicroStategy

Lecture 6 Grid visualization – the basics

Lecture 7 Grid visualization – other basic options

Lecture 8 Creating a Bar Chart

Lecture 9 Creating a Pie Chart and a Ring Chart

Section 5: Visualizations – beyond the basics

Lecture 10 Combo Chart & Creating Time Attributes

Lecture 11 Heatmaps & Condense numbers feature

Lecture 12 Bubble Charts

Lecture 13 KPI Chart – YoY comparison

Lecture 14 Sankey Diagram – Import Custom visualizations to Workstation

Lecture 15 Sunburst Chart

Section 6: Must Know features

Lecture 16 Filters

Lecture 17 Interlink Visualizations

Lecture 18 Create a new metric

Lecture 19 Show underlying data & Export to Excel

Lecture 20 Copy To/Move To/Duplicate options

Lecture 21 Drill visualizations

Section 7: Building our first dashboard

Lecture 22 Building our first dashboard

Lecture 23 Create a Revenue dashboard by replicating the first one

Lecture 24 Dashboard on Item Type Performance

Lecture 25 Dashboard on Regional Item Type performance

Section 8: Formatting our Dashboard

Lecture 26 Structure best pratices

Lecture 27 Stucture and filtering

Lecture 28 Responsive Design – edit for mobile viewing

Lecture 29 Styling best practices

Section 9: Presenting your Dashboard

Lecture 30 Presenting your Dashboard

Section 10: Further Practice

Lecture 31 Connecting to a different type of data source

Lecture 32 Amending the data source and structuring for dashboard build

Lecture 33 Exercise 1 – try it on your own

Lecture 34 Exercise 1 – Solution

Lecture 35 Exercise 2 – try on your own

Lecture 36 Exercise 2 – Solution

Lecture 37 More tips for further practice

Section 11: Next Steps

Lecture 38 Thank you and Closing Remarks

Lecture 39 Bonus Lecture

Anyone that wants to learn how to use MicroStrategy to build amazing dashboards,Anyone looking to deep dive into the specifics of building BI solutions with MicroStrategy

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Udemy | English | 2h 49m | 1013.19 MB
Created by: George Smarts

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