Midjourney Pro Become AI Arts Expert

Learn Step-by-Step How To Create Stunning Imagery With New Midjourney Version 5!
Midjourney Pro Become AI Arts Expert
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Krystian Wojtarowicz


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Midjourney Pro Become AI Arts Expert

What you’ll learn

How to create and sell stunning AI Arts
Learn how to use the new V5 of Midjourney
Learn the best tools nad techniques to attract the viewers
How to create images that stand out from the crowd
How to become an AI Art Expert and work as designer
Learn the ways to gain inspiration for your artworks
How to use all the ways you’ve learned to maximize your results
How to make AI Arts unique and eye-catching

Midjourney Pro Become AI Arts Expert


You don’t need any knowledge. This course teaches you from scratch step-by-step to the most advanced techniques.
A Computer, Smartphone or Tablet
Email Account
A minimum of basic subscription plan


(New Version 5 of Midjourney!)Join the journey together to learn the most interesting secrets of creating perfect AI Arts. From creating stunning AI portraits with high details and quality through eye-catching collections of mythical beasts from nightmares ending on the cutest creatures that you would ever see.This course will guide you step-by-step from the basics, through trivia, to the most advanced tools and techniques that professionals are using. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, this course will provide you with the valuable knowledge and skills you need to create unique Ai Art.There are no boundaries here, all you need is a laptop or smartphone and imagination!After each section, a test will be available to help you consolidate your knowledge and remember the most crucial information from each lesson. What’s more, up to +50 of the best and most unique prompts will be available as a resource for a particular section with the techniques you’ve learned so far, tools to stimulate your creativity and desire to keep testing the possibilities of this powerful technologyMidjourney can do all the work! You just need to use this correctly!So what are you waiting for? Join our adventure now and become AI Art Expert!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Getting Started with Discord

Lecture 3 Reviewing Midjourney Website

Lecture 4 Choosing The Right Subscription

Section 2: Midjourney Basics

Lecture 5 Understanding Discord Server Options

Lecture 6 Creating Your First AI Art

Lecture 7 Structure of prompts

Lecture 8 Using Artists Styles

Lecture 9 Impact of Image Light

Lecture 10 Using Images in Prompts

Lecture 11 Blend Mode

Lecture 12 Multi Prompt Basics

Lecture 13 Word Weight

Lecture 14 Up To +50 Example Prompts, from the knowledge gained in section 2

Section 3: Midjourney Advanced

Lecture 15 First Meet With The Parameters

Lecture 16 Parameters: Hd & Uplight

Lecture 17 Seeds

Lecture 18 Commands in Midjourney

Lecture 19 Boost Up Your Image: Quality, Stylized Parameters

Lecture 20 Emojis

Lecture 21 Using Emojis in Prompts

Lecture 22 Prefer Suffix Command

Lecture 23 Niji Mode

Lecture 24 Remix Mode

Lecture 25 Chaos Mode

Lecture 26 Up To +50 Example Prompts, from the knowledge gained in section 3

Section 4: Sell Your AI Arts

Lecture 27 Prepare Your AI Arts To Sell

Lecture 28 #1 Way To Sell Your Art: Etsy

Lecture 29 #2 Way To Sell Your Art: Fiverr

This course is for everyone who wants to start their adventure with AI arts as well as for people who are advanced and want to upgrade their knowledge.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 53m | 1.35 GB
Created by: Krystian Wojtarowicz

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