Million Dollar Copywriter

Copywriting Mastery: Make Your Words Sell Themselves with the Art of Copywriting
Million Dollar Copywriter
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Million Dollar Copywriter

What you’ll learn

Transforming words into sales.
Writing with one purpose only: generating sales and leads.
Mastering emotional triggers that make people buy and putting those into words.
Writing compelling sales pages, ads, product description for clients as a freelancer or for your own business as an entrepreneur.

Million Dollar Copywriter


Basic marketing knowledge is required.
No copywriting experience is required.


And you think you could sell more and make more profit,I am here to tell you:YOU ARE NOT WRITING TO SELL!I will help you.With the frameworks in the Million Dollar Copywriter course, you will sell like crazy.You can apply the frameworks instantly to your emails, landing pages, product descriptions and ads.But wait! There’s more.These secret frameworks were discovered 70 years ago.John Caples cracked the code first.Then David Ogilvy.Gary Helbert continued the legacy…They all lived in the 20th century.And made millions of dollars.Just by using the frameworks that still work today.These frameworks are based on the never changing human pscyhology.Certain things trigger humans to buy.Those triggers,Make your customers pull out that credit card,And make that purchase!LISTEN UP JELLY BEANI have created the Million Dollar Copywriter Course,That gives instantly applicable methods to help you sell more.Those methods are psychological triggers.However, it is not free.And it is not for everyone.I have used these frameworks to make $2.1 million online just by selling courses.And my students have used the same frameworks to EXPLODE their businesses.Here is the plan:Enroll in the course now,Watch the videos in one sitting,And then immediately use the information the same day.You can make the cost of the course back in spades. But wait!That’s not all.After that, you keep making new sales and acquiring new customers.Whenever you send out an email and launch a new advertising campaign, your customers will pull out that credit card and BUY.Regardless of your product and service.Let me give you a crazy example.I have sold coffee cups, fidget spinners, custom cookies, bamboo t-shirts, face creams, furnitures, and real-estate.They have nothing in common.Markets were super saturated.Tough competition!The only commonality was my copywriting.But wait for the kicker.English is not even my mother tounge.If a nobody with a weird accent can advertise those random products to make millions, you can too.And I bet, you can do even better.Because I have seen extra-ordinary results from my students:”I changed nothing but my copy, and it’s my first month hitting $20k mark! Thanks Jim” Mark McConnel, Dublin, Ireland”This course was eye-opener, now my client’s landing pages converting on a way higher rate. If you want results this course is your answer” Harrison Howard, Cincinnati, USA”I have bought almost all copywriting and marketing courses on the market, and I can tell Jim’s course transformed how I wrote my ads. Now I am getting at least 3X return on my ads. If you have any doubts, trust me, you won’t regret it.” Jane K. Wang, Sydney, AustraliaHere is the deal.You buy the Million Dollar Copywriter course.Watch the tutorials in one sitting.Then instantly apply the frameworks to your advertisement and landing page.And see your sales blow up.Here is the most likely outcome.You gain the highest-paid skill in 2023. Thus, the ability to convert words into profitable sales.With this skill, you will convert strangers into avid buyers and raging fans.Those raging fans will look forward to your next email.They will feel empty when they don’t see your remarketing ad.They will spend hours on your landing page even after buying because you will know what makes them feel warm.I don’t say this lightly.Click the button to buy and see your business transform.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 First Rule of Copywriting

Lecture 2 Become an Expert

Lecture 3 Structure of Copy & Headlines

Lecture 4 The Art of First Sentence

Lecture 5 Seeds of Curiosity

Lecture 6 Big Idea

Lecture 7 Length Of Copy

Lecture 8 Tactical Copy Elements

Lecture 9 Emotional Triggers That Make People Buy

Lecture 10 Emotional Triggers Part 2

Lecture 11 Emotional Triggers Part 3

Lecture 12 Big Secret of Selling Any Product

Lecture 13 The Equation: Rating Your Writing Level

Business owners who want to generate lower cost and high quality leads.,Marketing managers who want to master the art of copywriting. Thus, become a higher-paid professionals.,People who want to become freelance copywriters and be their own bosses.,Dropshippers who want to run profitable ads and write highly converting product descriptions.,Ecommerce store owners who want to make more sales from their online advertising.,Affiliate marketers who desires to make more money from the products they advertise.,Entrepreneurs who want to use the art of copywriting to turn words into deals.

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Udemy | English | 3h 14m | 3.08 GB
Created by: Jim Esen

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