Mind Mapping for Public Speaking Plan Rehearse Deliver

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Mind Mapping for Public Speaking Plan Rehearse Deliver
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Mind Mapping for Public Speaking Plan Rehearse Deliver

What you’ll learn

Be much less dependent on using traditional notes for all forms of Public and Professional Speaking
Understand how Mind Mapping can be used effectively to plan, rehearse, and deliver a confident lecture
If you need to prepare regular presentations, how this course will improve your productivity
Demonstrate the power of this technique for yourself through delivering a short lecture without using a script or notes
See how Mind Mapping can also be used to commit a talk, speech or lecture to memory

Mind Mapping for Public Speaking Plan Rehearse Deliver


A desire to explore a different way to plan and deliver your lectures using Mind Mapping
If you don’t yet know what mind mapping is (or you don’t know how to use it effectively) but you’d love to know about a quicker way to plan and deliver lectures, then this course shows you why you should learn it NOW
If you already know how to create effective mind maps, this course will show you how to get started very quickly using the process of mind mapping to help you deliver great lectures


This short course shows you how to plan a talk, lecture, podcast or webinar in record time (what we call SMART SPEAKING). It also shows how to deliver any presentation without reading from a word-for-word script or without reading from slides or flashcards. Also during summer/autumn 2012 the course is being expanded by including I new section sharing my experience of using Mind Mapping to prepare and deliver a TED TalkTHE COURSE doesn’t teach you how to do mind mapping (I’ve another course that does that). However the course walks you through how mind maps and the mind mapping process can be used to easily and quickly prepare, rehearse and deliver talks and speeches. For those that don’t know mind mapping yet, this course is a great introduction to show you one of its greatest benefits.In the course you’ll be following a case study where you are taken, step by step, through an easy-to-use and effective process to plan, rehearse and deliver a lecture. Plus there are two short projects that give you an opportunity to put your own learning into practice.For Mind Mappers: Do you just use mind mapping for occasional brainstorming exercises rather than to USE it everyday with practical business applications like planning and rehearsing presentations?For Non-Mind Mappers: Have you avoided learning this technique because you can’t readily see any useful practical applications? Well here is one very practical applicationSpeaking Skills: Can you present confidently to an audience without notes? Are you already a confident Public Speaker or do you require help?Speaking Skills: Do you need to present effectively in front of a camera with a conversational style? Would you like to quickly construct audio recordings like podcasts for example? This course will help you become a better public speaker both to a live audience and in front of camera.Speaking Skills: Do you need to reduce the time it takes to prepare and learn a new speech or present a new workshop?Speaking Skills: The course shows you how to massively reduce your preparation time, overcome writers block, and if necessary memorise your talk, all using one simple technique on a single sheet of paper.


Section 1: Why this Course?

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Navigate this Course

Lecture 3 Instructor/Trainer Discussion: most people write scripts or bullets

Section 2: Planning, Rehearsing and Delivering a Lecture

Lecture 4 Introduction to Section

Lecture 5 Planning a lecture using Mind Mapping (Part 1)

Lecture 6 Planning a Lecture using Mind Mapping (Part 2)

Lecture 7 Reviewing/Rehearsing a Lecture using Mind Mapping

Lecture 8 Optional Lecture: How to memorise your Talk using Mind Mapping

Lecture 9 A short project for you – create a lecture following the instructions provided

Lecture 10 Section Endpiece

Section 3: Have a Go

Lecture 11 For the Novice Mind Mapper – Your Task/Assignment (if you decide to accept it)

Lecture 12 For the Experienced Mind Mapper – Your Task/Assignm (if you decide to accept it)

Lecture 13 WHAT IF … you still want a word-for-word script

Section 4: BONUS SECTION 1 – additional lectures of interest

Lecture 14 A Mind Map checklist for presentation skills

Lecture 15 Watch: recording a lecture using a mind map

Lecture 16 Chat with a Mind Map Trainer from India (Part One)

Lecture 17 Chat with a Mind Map trainer from India (Part Two)

Lecture 18 Chat with a Mind Map trainer from India (Part 3)

Lecture 19 Chat with a Mind Map trainer from India (Part 4)

Lecture 20 Chat with a Mind Map trainer from India (Part 5)

Section 5: BONUS: QUICK SHORT TALKS – Delivering talks at very short notice – and MORE

Lecture 21 Short Talk no.1

Lecture 22 Short Talk no.2

Lecture 23 Short Talk no.3

Lecture 24 A 30 minute talk put together in less than ten minutes

Lecture 25 Tips to enhance audience engagement – from UK’s No 1 ‘Sales Growth’ Specialist’

Lecture 26 A bit of FUN – The Networking Pitch Song

Section 6: BONUS 3 – TEDx: Developing & Delivering a talk (Mind Mapping playing a big part)

Lecture 27 Here was the actual final talk

Lecture 28 This was the draft talk – more like a lecture than a talk

Section 7: FINAL BONUS: Other Courses and Discounts

Lecture 29 BONUS Lecture: Course Review and What Next?

Anyone who regularly delivers lectures but finds the preparation process very time consuming and would welcome a quicker and more effective way,People with skills and knowledge that they’d like to share with a wider audience but are having difficulty scripting what they want to say,A potential new or existing course instructor who has a great course in their head but is having difficulty structuring it or writing it down,This course meets the needs of students who want to explore faster more effective ways to prepare a speech, lecture or course,This course is not intended for instructors or trainers who already plan and deliver lectures using mind mapping

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Udemy | English | 2h 49m | 1.61 GB
Created by: Barry Mapp

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