Mindful Stress Management Reduction for Work Life

Manage & Reduce Stress at Work and in Life – Mindfulness Stress Reduction – Manage Stress & Anxiety in Healthy Ways
Mindful Stress Management Reduction for Work Life
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Todd McLeod


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Mindful Stress Management Reduction for Work Life

What you’ll learn

Manage, reduce, & eliminate stress
Learn & use mindfulness to reduce stress
Taught by a best-selling Udemy author
Informed by 50+ years of experience
For beginners and experienced practitioners
Learn the fundamental skills of mindfulness
Understand the benefits of mindfulness
Realize more happiness and success
Facilitate and accelerate personal growth
Improve the quality of your life
This course is tried, tested, and proven
Over 400,000 students taught
Lifetime course access
Learn at your own pace
Hands-on exercises with solutions
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Mindful Stress Management Reduction for Work Life


No previous experience or knowledge is needed. You will learn everything you need to know.


Welcome to Mindful Stress Management and Reduction.In this course, you will learn how to manage, reduce, and eliminate stress.What you learn in this course will benefit all areas of your life: professionally, socially, physically, and financially. Your work will be better. Your family will be better. Your social life will be better. Your physical health will be better. Your finances will be better. Everything gets better when you learn how to more effectively work with stress, anxiety, and other such challenges.My name is Todd McLeod and I will be your instructor. I am a Microsoft Certified Educator, a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, and tenured college faculty in California. I also have over 40 years of experience working with mindfulness and meditation to help others and myself live more skillfully, have less stress in their lives, have more peace and equanimity, become more productive and effective, have better relationships, and live happier lives.You are going to benefit tremendously by what you learn in this course. This course is thorough and comprehensive. It is also practical and applicable. This course will teach you skills that you can apply in your life to reduce and eliminate stress. In this course, you will learn the following:Understand the origins of stressRealize that we came by our stress honestlyRecognize that stress is a normal human phenomenaIdentify when stress is beneficial and when it is detrimentalLearn about mindfulness and how it can help eliminate stressBecome a master of mindfulness & understand mindfulness completelyGain more clarity and insight into your life and your environmentSee how the stories we tell ourselves impact our levels of stressLearn about psychological reframing and more skillful narrativesBecome skilled at using the “Assess – Decide – Act” frameworkLearn to make more skillful lifestyle choices to reduce stressAcquire body-focused somatic techniques to reduce stressGain insight into meditation to deepen your peaceThis course is great for beginners and it is also great for people who already have experience using mindfulness. This course will teach you everything you need to know about using mindfulness to reduce and eliminate stress. This course will help you manage and reduce stress at work and in life. Mindfulness stress reduction can help everyone manage stress and anxiety in healthy ways.So click that enroll button! Come join me in learning how you can use mindfulness at work, and in all of life, to more fully realize your potential.Click enroll and let’s get started!


Section 1: Getting started

Lecture 1 Meet your instructor

Lecture 2 The game plan

Lecture 3 Defining mindfulness

Lecture 4 Experiencing mindfulness

Lecture 5 Exercise: using the ADA loop

Lecture 6 Exercise: using the ada loop – narrated example

Lecture 7 Exercise: mindfully eating

Section 2: Fundamentals of reducing stress

Lecture 8 Introduction

Lecture 9 The origins of stress

Lecture 10 Acceptance is not apathy

Lecture 11 Working with stress

Lecture 12 Normalizing stress

Lecture 13 Role-modeling

Lecture 14 Motivation

Lecture 15 Exercise: identifying stress

Lecture 16 Exercise: change your narrative

Section 3: Practical skills for releasing stress

Lecture 17 Introduction

Lecture 18 Lifestyle choices

Lecture 19 The importance of belonging

Lecture 20 Embracing the adventure of life

Lecture 21 The 4, 7, 8 breathing technique

Lecture 22 Immediate triage

Lecture 23 The importance of help

Lecture 24 Finding mentors, coaches, and wise village elders

Lecture 25 Activate with a list of todo items

Lecture 26 Somatics, stretching, and massage

Lecture 27 Exercise: 4, 7, 8 breathing

Lecture 28 Exercise: self massage

Section 4: Embracing change

Lecture 29 Change is possible

Lecture 30 Welcome to Change Club

Lecture 31 Illustrating the principles of change

Lecture 32 Cultivating mindfulness & awareness

Lecture 33 Exercise introduction: the paradox of change

Lecture 34 Exercise: placing awareness

Section 5: The power of words

Lecture 35 Introduction

Lecture 36 Working with narratives

Lecture 37 Examples of working with narratives

Lecture 38 Seeing through an illusion

Lecture 39 The power of words – an example

Lecture 40 Integrating the brain

Lecture 41 Opening to possibilities

Lecture 42 Speak it into existence

Lecture 43 Exercise: identifying stories

Lecture 44 Narrated example of the exercise: identifying stories

Section 6: Mindfulness and meditation

Lecture 45 The spirit of adventure and exploration

Lecture 46 Mindfulness and meditation

Lecture 47 The seven skills of meditation – part 1

Lecture 48 The seven skills of meditation – part 2

Lecture 49 The seven skills of meditation – part 3

Lecture 50 Exercise: guided meditation

Section 7: Skillful narratives

Lecture 51 Introduction

Lecture 52 The perfection of imperfection

Lecture 53 The Oracle at Delphi

Lecture 54 The fires of transformation

Lecture 55 Shadow work and the dark night of the soul

Lecture 56 Suffering as a catalyst

Lecture 57 Redefining success

Lecture 58 You are a survivor

Lecture 59 Exercise: acknowledging your wins

Lecture 60 Exercise: I am a survivor

Section 8: Cultivating intimacy with yourself

Lecture 61 Your purpose in life

Section 9: The truth of reality

Lecture 62 Discovering reality

Lecture 63 The kingdom of heaven

Lecture 64 The power of not knowing

Lecture 65 Who are you really?

Lecture 66 Exercise: distinguish between reality and stories

Lecture 67 Being the observer – distinguishing between reality and stories

Section 10: Tools for the trail 1

Lecture 68 Introduction

Lecture 69 Practice = progress

Lecture 70 The journey and the destination

Lecture 71 Brief summary – cultivating clarity

Lecture 72 Be here now, the power of now, the eternal now

Lecture 73 Exercise: consistent action in a skillful direction

Section 11: Tools for the trail 2

Lecture 74 Boundaries

Lecture 75 Surrender

Lecture 76 Gratitude

Lecture 77 Metta

Lecture 78 Exercise: mindfulness / awareness / listening

Lecture 79 Exercise: metta practice

Section 12: Review

Lecture 80 Summary

Lecture 81 The alchemical process

Section 13: Farewell

Lecture 82 Thank you!

Lecture 83 Bonus Lecture

This course is perfect for individuals who want to learn mindfulness stress reduction and healthy ways to manage stress.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 41m | 10.30 GB
Created by: Todd McLeod

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