Mixing and Mastering in Logic Pro X Music Production Guide

Learn Mixing and Mastering in Logic Pro X with our follow-along music production guide for mixing and mastering music
Mixing and Mastering in Logic Pro X Music Production Guide
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Mixing and Mastering in Logic Pro X Music Production Guide

What you’ll learn

Learn how to Mix a song using professional, and efficient techniques
Learn how to apply effects such as Compression, EQ, and Reverb to create better sounding mixes
Learn how to use Logic Pro X’s stock plugins to make your mixes sound more exciting
By the end of this course, you’ll learn the essentials of Mixing
Learn how to Master your Mixes so they’ll ready for release
Learn how to use EQ, Compression and other processes in a Mastering context

Mixing and Mastering in Logic Pro X Music Production Guide


Students should have a Mac or MacBook with a recent copy of Logic Pro X
Basic understanding of the music production process
Basic understanding of Logic Pro X
Basic Music Production Skills


Start Mixing and Mastering Music in Logic Pro X Today with our Comprehensive Guide to Music Mixing and MasteringThis course will teach you the theory and practice of Mixing and Mastering, rather than simply being a DAW training series.In this course, the examples are used with Logic Pro X, however, the tips and techniques we teach you will be applicable for all genres in any pro-level digital audio workstationBROUGHT TO YOU BY MUSIC PRODUCTION INSTRUCTOR TOMAS GEORGE AND PRO AUDIO ENGINEER IAN ALEXANDERIf you are looking for a course that will teach you the basics and more of music mixing and mastering in Logic Pro X, then this is the course for you!What is this Logic Pro X Mixing and Mastering Course all about?In this course, you will not only learn the basics, but you’ll also develop a deep understanding of Mixing and Mastering. You will learn the tools and processes to Mix and Master Music. We’ll give you tips and techniques used by many professional producers today. We also include the Logic Pro X projects and audio files, so you can follow along with us and work on the same track as us!In this course we’ll look at:   • How to Organize your Mixes• How to Create Track Stacks• Signal Flow and Gain Staging• Balancing / Levels• Panning• How to use Corrective and Creative EQ• How to use Compression, including Sidechain Compression• How to use Reverb and set up sends and buses• How to Creatively use Reverb• Case Studies and Examples of Mixes• Learn how to effectively Mix Music using only Built-in Stock Plugins in Logic Pro X• Use Creative Effects• EQing when Mastering• Compression in Mastering• Stereo Widening • How to use Saturation and Analog Style for Mastering• Limiting, Metering, and Exporting• Plus we include 5 different Projects in 5 genres for you to deconstruct and/or mixWhat you’ll learn in this beginner’s course will make you a better mixing engineer, mastering engineer and music producer. What makes us qualified to teach you?Tomas George has a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) Degree in Music Composition. He is also the creator of some of the world’s most popular music production courses – with over 290,000 studentsQuick efficient, to the point. Solid information fed fast. Good work! – Mark C.Loads of information, simply an excellent collection of tutorials. There’s really something in here for everyone. – Nubar G.Very clear and concise, exactly what I was looking for. I also appreciate that I can watch things being done while they’re being explained. – Nikki G.Ian Alexander has a MA Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) Degree in Music Production. He is a professional Audio and Mastering Engineer.Our Promise to YouIf you have any questions about the content or mixing or mastering in general, we will always be responsive to questions. This course will improve your Mixing and Mastering abilities in Logic Pro X and other Digital Audio Workstations!Learn how to mix and master music today!Go ahead and click the enroll button, and we’ll see you in lesson 1!Cheers,Tomas and Ian.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and What you’re going to Learn

Lecture 2 Download the Logic Pro X Mixing Projects and Files

Section 2: Mixing Prep – Organising your session

Lecture 3 Organisation PT 1. Arranging, Naming and Colouring Tracks

Lecture 4 Organisation PT 2. Session Cleaning and Adding Markers

Lecture 5 Track Stacks – Routing and Folders

Section 3: Mixing Fundamentals – Beginners Section

Lecture 6 Signal Flow and Basic Gain Staging

Lecture 7 Balancing/Levels – Part 1

Lecture 8 Balancing/Levels – Part 2

Lecture 9 Panning

Lecture 10 Main Shortcuts and Key Commands in Logic Pro X

Section 4: EQ

Lecture 11 Beginners Introduction to EQ – Parametric EQ

Lecture 12 EQ Introduction – Continued

Lecture 13 Corrective EQ – Filters

Lecture 14 Corrective EQ – Finding Unpleasant Frequencies

Lecture 15 Introduction to Creative EQ

Lecture 16 Case Study – Corrective + Creative EQ Examples

Section 5: Compression

Lecture 17 Compression Introduction

Lecture 18 How To Quickly Get Good Compression Settings

Lecture 19 Sidechain Compression

Lecture 20 More Compression Features

Section 6: Reverb

Lecture 21 Part 1 – Introduction and Using Sends

Lecture 22 Part 2 – Settings for a Vocal and Chromaverb Controls

Lecture 23 Part 3 – Using Multiple Reverbs in a Basic Mix

Lecture 24 Part 4 – Creatively Using Reverb

Section 7: Mix Changes Walkthrough

Lecture 25 Quick Mix Prep Follow Along

Section 8: Mixing With EQ

Lecture 26 EQing Electronic Drums

Lecture 27 EQing Bass + Synths

Section 9: Automation

Lecture 28 Automation Basics

Section 10: Mixing With Creative Effects

Lecture 29 Mixing With Delay

Lecture 30 Creative Gating With Delay

Section 11: Correcting Timing and Tuning

Lecture 31 Correcting Timing Issues with Flex Time

Lecture 32 Tuning Vocals with Flex Pitch

Section 12: Vocal Mixing – More Techniques

Lecture 33 Corrective EQ + Advanced Compression Techniques

Lecture 34 De-Essing

Section 13: Mastering

Lecture 35 Before We Get Started and Resources for this Section

Lecture 36 Introduction – What is Mastering

Lecture 37 Preparing Your Song for Mastering

Lecture 38 Monitoring Recommendations

Lecture 39 Importing and Gain

Lecture 40 EQ Part 1A

Lecture 41 EQ Part 1B

Lecture 42 EQ Part 2A: Reference Tracks and Metering

Lecture 43 EQ Part 2B: Reference Tracks and Metering

Lecture 44 EQ Part 2C: Reference Tracks and Metering

Lecture 45 Compression Part 1A

Lecture 46 Compression Part 1B

Lecture 47 Compression Part 2

Lecture 48 Stereo Widening – Part 1

Lecture 49 Stereo Widening – Part 2

Lecture 50 Automation for Mastering

Lecture 51 Fades

Lecture 52 Limiting and Metering – Part 1

Lecture 53 Limiting and Metering – Part 2

Lecture 54 Exporting

Lecture 55 Further Mastering Techniques – Analog Style EQ

Lecture 56 Further Mastering Techniques – Saturation

Section 14: Monitoring, Headphones and Room Treatment Tips Discussion

Lecture 57 Part 1 – Things to consider when Buying Headphones

Lecture 58 Part 2 – Things to Consider when Buying Studio Monitors

Lecture 59 Part 3 – Things to consider when setting up your Studio Monitors

Lecture 60 Part 4 – Room treatment Tips

Section 15: Outboard Gear Discussion

Lecture 61 Outboard Gear Pros and Cons

Section 16: Thanks and Bye

Lecture 62 Thanks and Bye

Lecture 63 BONUS: What’s Next?

You are a music producer, songwriter, or anyone recording and creating music with Logic Pro X,You might know how to create songs in Logic Pro X, but you want to learn the essentials of Mixing,You might be completely new to mixing audio (You’ve had no formal training in audio engineering),You’ve tried mix your own tracks in Logic Pro X, but need a step by step guide to help you create better sounding mixes,Anyone who wants to practice mixing with new content or genres,You might know mixing essentials, but you also want to learn how to master your music or mixes,Anyone who wants to learn mixing and mastering in Logic Pro X

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 35m | 7.50 GB
Created by: Tomas George

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