MO210 Excel 365 Certification A Problem Solving Approach

A Practical Approach to success in the MO-210 Microsoft Excel Associate Certification Exam – Pass at the 1st Attempt
MO210 Excel 365 Certification A Problem Solving Approach
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MO210 Excel 365 Certification A Problem Solving Approach

What you’ll learn

Learn the style and standard of questions asked in the MO-210 Excel 365 Apps Associate Certification Exam.
Get a real sense of the timings required to successfully pass the test in the times specified by Microsoft.
Understand the approach to answering the most common tasks set in the MO-210 exam
Learn how to cope with the time pressure of the exam.

MO210 Excel 365 Certification A Problem Solving Approach


Microsoft Excel 365 Apps
Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Excel 365/2019


Course OverviewMany students are familiar with Excel and its interface, but very few are actually properly prepared for the types of tasks expected in certification exams and very few are properly prepared for the time limits imposed on the day of the test.This course will prepare you to succeed in the MO-210 Microsoft Excel 365 Apps certification exam at the 1st Attempt.Aimed at those who have some familiarity with the Microsoft Excel 365 Apps software interface, the approach taken is to provide tasks which mirror the skills measured sections of the MO-210 syllabus, and then to explain how to approach the answers in the actual exam.This problem solving approach to the course is designed to ensure that you are ready to solve the project tasks which are set in the MO-210 exam. These tasks are designed by Microsoft to test your ability to use the skills measured in the exam.  By following this course, you will learn precisely which skills are already within your skill set, which ones you need to develop, and which elements of the Skills Measured by Microsoft you need to work on.The approach taken is to give you  the opportunity to test yourself with 18 projects and 105 project tasks all set to the standard of the MO-210 exam. Attempt a project task, assess your competence in the techniques involved and then review the solution which explains both the techniques and the best approach to completing the tasks posed.Advice on preparation, how to approach the exam, what the interface will look like and which areas of the Skills Measured is provided by lecturers who have taken many thousands of students through to Microsoft Office Specialist certification success.Be confident in your abilities to master the MO-210 Excel Associate exam by taking this course and passing at the 1st attempt!


Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Using the project files

Lecture 3 Course Housekeeping Issues

Lecture 4 How the certification exam is conducted

Section 2: Section 1 Project Tasks

Lecture 5 Section 1 Project 1

Lecture 6 Section 1 Project 2

Lecture 7 Section 1 Project 3

Lecture 8 Section 1 Project 4

Lecture 9 Section 1 Project 5

Lecture 10 Section 1 Project 6

Section 3: Section 2 Project Tasks

Lecture 11 Section 2 Project 1

Lecture 12 Section 2 Project 2

Lecture 13 Section 2 Project 3

Lecture 14 Section 2 Project 4

Lecture 15 Section 2 Project 5

Lecture 16 Section 2 Project 6

Section 4: Section 3 Project Tasks

Lecture 17 Section 3 Project 1

Lecture 18 Section 3 Project 2

Lecture 19 Section 3 Project 3

Lecture 20 Section 3 Project 4

Lecture 21 Section 3 Project 5

Lecture 22 Section 3 Project 6

Section 5: Key Skills Measured in the MO-210 Certification Exam

Lecture 23 Introduction to Key Skills Lectures

Lecture 24 Manage Worksheets & Workbooks (25-30%)

Lecture 25 Manage Data Cells and Ranges (25-30%)

Lecture 26 Manage Tables and Table Data (10-15%)

Lecture 27 Perform Operations by using Formulas and Functions (15-20%)

Lecture 28 Manage Charts (15-20%)

Section 6: Student Resources

Lecture 29 Project Tasks in PDF Format

Lecture 30 Zipped Project Files

Lecture 31 Additional Student Resource Files

Students who want to test whether they are ready to take the MO-210 Associate Exam in Microsoft Excel 365/2019,Students preparing for the Microsoft Certification Excel 365 Apps Associate Exam – the MO-210 Exam,Students who want to experience the level of the MO-210 exam standard questions.

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Created by: Dave Murphy

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