Mobile App Design From Sketches to Interactive Prototypes

Learn to turn UX Design sketches into an interactive prototype on your mobile in a quick and fun way using Marvel App
Mobile App Design From Sketches to Interactive Prototypes
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Mobile App Design From Sketches to Interactive Prototypes

What you’ll learn

Turn your design sketches into engaging interactive mobile prototypes

Mobile App Design From Sketches to Interactive Prototypes


You only need to have an idea, a problem to solve, a story to tell


UPDATE: New Section! (Section 2)Just added a new section where we go over the most modern design and prototyping tools.We discuss design tools like Sketch 3, Photoshop, and Illustrator, so you can decide what to use.Overview of static prototyping tools like Marvel App and InvisionOverview of granular animation prototyping tools like Pixate, Flinto, FramerJSWe create a simple design flow using Sketch!We put our prototype on Marvel/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////OverviewA quick and practical course on turning your whiteboard or paper sketches into mobile prototypes. Learn to use animations and transitions to convert your static designs into easy-to-understand user flows, products, or features.You don’t need design skills, software knowledge, or even know how to draw. All you need is some paper, a pen, and an idea—a story waiting to be told.5 reasons you should take this coursePrototyping is powerful. It helps an idea explain itself by letting users play with it.Drawing is quick and simple. Sometimes boxes, lines, and circles are all you need to describe a product.You’ll have fun taking it. This course is designed for you to finish it as fast as possible and enjoy the ride.You’ll impress your colleagues. We all want to express ourselves, this course will empower your communication skills.It’s free and it doesn’t suck! Seriously, I took some effort to cut what you don’t need and just keep the juicy stuff ;)So, is this the right course for you?The goal of this course is to teach you how to convert your sketches, either on a whiteboard or on paper into a quick and dirty prototype on your phone.I built this course for engineers, designers, product managers, or anyone interested in expressing an idea.This is for creators that are in the early stages of building an app or feature—teams that want to explore ideas quickly or try different approaches to the same problemThis is for people that want to test their concept and show it to potential usersWho am I?I’ve worked as a designer for the last 15 years. Now I’m focused on designing web and mobile products, but even with all that experience, sometimes explaining a concept with simple wireframes can be a challenge. Prototyping has helped me bridge that communication gap.What this course does NOT coverThis course does not go into detail about usability or other UX issues. I think it’s obvious by now, but this course will not teach you how to code. Remember, this is for people that are in the early stages of building a product or feature.If you want to know a bit more about mobile UX or if you want to design a high fidelity UI, then I recommend you take my other course “Design and prototype an iOS Mobile App on Illustrator”What do you need?For this course, you only need a marker and a whiteboard, or a pencil and paperA smart phone. Either an Android device or an iPhone.Downloading the free Marvel AppThis course is quick and practical, and my goal is for you to have fun finishing it. Prototyping has made a huge impact in my work. It’s powerful. I’m sure it will help you too.So, are you ready to start? Let’s do it!HAPPY PROTOTYPING 🙂


Lecture 1 Introduction—What you’ll get from this course

Section 1: Turn paper sketches into a mobile prototype

Lecture 2 Introduction—What you’ll learn and what you need for this section

Lecture 3 Let’s start drawing our wireframes

Lecture 4 How to use Marvel App

Lecture 5 Taking pics of the sketches with Marvel App

Lecture 6 Creating your prototype—Linking screens with hotpoints and adding transitions

Lecture 7 Congratulations – Let’s celebrate!

Section 2: Design and Prototype Introduction

Lecture 8 Introduction to Design and Prototyping Tools

Lecture 9 Design Tools

Lecture 10 Prototyping Tools

Lecture 11 Animated Prototyping Tools

Lecture 12 Creating a Quick Simple Flow using Sketch

Lecture 13 Creating a Prototype using Marvel

Section 3: Creating a prototype from drawings on a whiteboard

Lecture 14 Introduction—What you’ll learn and what you need for this section

Lecture 15 Drawing your signup flow on a whiteboard

Lecture 16 Creating the prototype with Marvel App

Lecture 17 Creating the prototype with Marvel App (detail screen)

Lecture 18 [OUTDATED] Quick tips on how to take this course

This course is meant for UX Designers, project managers, engineers or any other stakeholder that is in the early stages of building a product or feature and want to explore different ideas

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Udemy | English | 1h 49m | 1.83 GB
Created by: Pablo Stanley

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