Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

Create Apps for iOS and Android with HTML5 and Javascript
Mobile App Development with PhoneGap
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Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

What you’ll learn

Use the PhoneGap Desktop app to create new PhoneGap mobile apps
Use the PhoneGap Desktop app and PhoneGap Mobile app to test new apps
Create a new PhoneGap app template
Test a PhoneGap project in the browser
Include the JQuery library for UI
Create single and multipage user interfaces
Create collapsible content blocks to optimize mobile screen space
Use jQuery Mobile UI elements to create usable mobile apps
Use the Local Storage object for permanent on-device storage
Storing data in the on-device database
Retrieving data from the on-device database
Obtain the device’s location using geolocation tools
Obtain location information with the Google Places API
Obtain location information and Maps from the Google Maps API
Play audio and video content on the device
Control media content using Javacript
Determine device position on X,Y and Z axis with the accelerometer
Use the accelerometer to move on-screen objects
Access device hardware including the camera
Obtain and save images with the camera
Detect gestures using the Hammer.js library
Integrate taps and press gestures in to your application
Integrate swipe and pan gestures in to your mobile app
Determine information about the device on which your app is running
Work with device orientation
Determine information about the network to which device is connected
Determine battery status of device
Send a push notification to an app
Process a push notification so it appears in the messaging bar
Configure the Config.xml for app release
Build with Adobe PhoneGap Build
Build with the Command Line Interface
Complete pre-release testing of a mobile app

Mobile App Development with PhoneGap


Successful students in this course will have foundational knowledge of HTML and Javascript
A Mac or PC is required to complete this course


Want to develop applications for iOS and Android, but don’t want to learn yet another programming language? PhoneGap is your answer. With PhoneGap you can develop complete mobile applications using HTML5, Javascript and CSS.
And, these aren’t dumbed-down applications….These are full-fledged mobile apps that can do everything from interact with device hardware such as the accelerometer, camera and geolocation tools to interacting with (iOS or Android) operating system to make phone calls or use Bluetooth.In this soup-to-nuts PhoneGap course you’ll learn everything from setting up your PhoneGap environment to testing your app on your phone or tablet device. You’ll learn from extensive on camera demonstrations and be able to download the many examples you see the instructor create on screen. This course gets practical very quickly as you’ll be working with the phone hardware and interacting with the same real-world API’s that professional developers use everyday– such as Google Places and Google Maps.
At the end of the course, you’ll put it all together as you create full application using the Washington Transit API.  This app is similar to the types of apps being placed in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store every day!  You’ll join the ranks of companies like Logitech and Fan React who publish PhonGap apps directly to all of the major app stores.
If you have a fundamental understanding of HTML5 and Javascript you CAN build mobile applications with the PhoneGap library. Mobile App Development is the single Fastest Growing Segment of Development– Get in on the Action with Mobile App Development with PhoneGap today!


Section 1: About the Course

Lecture 1 About the Course

Lecture 2 About the Instructor

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 3 Quickstart: Making Your First PhoneGap App

Lecture 4 Tools of the Trade

Lecture 5 Creating a New PhoneGap Project

Lecture 6 Testing a PhoneGap Project in the Browser

Lecture 7 Testing a PhoneGap Project on a Phone

Lecture 8 Including the jQuery UI Model

Section 3: User Interface

Lecture 9 Section Introduction

Lecture 10 Creating a Multipage UI

Lecture 11 Collapsable Content Blocks

Lecture 12 Control Groups

Lecture 13 Flip Switch

Lecture 14 The ListView

Section 4: Storage

Lecture 15 Section Introduction

Lecture 16 The Local Storage Object

Lecture 17 Creating a Table and Storing Data

Lecture 18 Retrieving Data

Section 5: Geolocation

Lecture 19 Section Introduction

Lecture 20 Obtaining Device Location

Lecture 21 Using Location Information with Google Places

Lecture 22 Using Location Information with Google Maps

Section 6: Media

Lecture 23 Section Introduction

Lecture 24 Playing Audio and Video Content

Lecture 25 Controlling Play Back of Media

Lecture 26 Adjust Volume of Media

Lecture 27 Media Position and Duration

Section 7: Device Accelerometer

Lecture 28 Section Introduction

Lecture 29 Reading the Accelerometer

Lecture 30 Moving an Object with the Accelerometer

Section 8: Taking Pictures

Lecture 31 Section Introduction

Lecture 32 Setting Picture Options

Lecture 33 Obtaining the Image

Lecture 34 Returning Thumbnails

Lecture 35 Selecting a Picture from The Library

Section 9: Gestures

Lecture 36 Section Introduction

Lecture 37 The Hammer.js Library for Gestures

Lecture 38 Detecting Gestures

Lecture 39 Taps and Presses

Lecture 40 Swipes and Pans

Section 10: Working with the Hardware

Lecture 41 Section Introduction

Lecture 42 Device Info Plugin

Lecture 43 Device Orientation Plugin

Lecture 44 Network Information Plugin

Lecture 45 Battery Status Plugin

Section 11: Push Notifications

Lecture 46 Section Introduction

Lecture 47 Setting up the CLI

Lecture 48 Connecting to a Device

Lecture 49 Sending a Notification

Lecture 50 Sending a Notification in an App

Section 12: Wrapping Up

Lecture 51 Section Introduction

Lecture 52 Config.xml

Lecture 53 Adobe PhoneGap Build

Lecture 54 CLI Build

Lecture 55 Testing

Section 13: Building a Complete App

Lecture 56 Section Introduction

Lecture 57 Looking at the UI

Lecture 58 Examining the Web Service

Lecture 59 Reviewing the Code

Lecture 60 Wrap Up and Goodbye

Developers who want to build apps that work on Android and iOS,Web Developers who want to extend their current skillsets in to mobile,Those with significant web assets they like to leverage for mobile applications

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Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 4.73 GB
Created by: Framework Tech

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