Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games

Learn the skills to create amazing models and textures to build a stylized environment from start to finish!
Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games
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Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games

What you’ll learn

Model and sculpt stylized assets for games
Define and paint stylized materials like metal, stone, and wood
Sculpt and bake normal maps from a high poly asset down to a low poly object
Create Tileable textures using ZBrush and Photoshop

Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games


Any recent version of Maya or 3ds Max (The course uses Maya LT, but a modern 3d modeling app and an understanding is needed)
Any recent version of Photoshop (CC is used in the course)
ZBrush 4R7, or any version that includes Dynamesh


In this course we will be going through the process of creating a small stylized dungeon environment from the blockout stage to the final presentation. I will be guiding you through the process of modeling the low poly assets and show you different techniques of UVing. We will then take our assets into ZBrush where I will be showing how to define all the materials that you will find in this environment. We will use some of the ZBrush sculpts to render tiling texture flats that we can composite in Photoshop. I will then be guiding you through the process of painting the textures for a few assets so you can reproduce this process for the remaining models. Finally, we are going to set up a scene in Marmoset for the final presentation. By the end of this course, you should be able to create and understand the workflow that I use to create stylized environments like this one.(Students – please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the source files associated with the lesson.)
More about the Instructor:
Tobias Koepp is an accomplished environment artist in the games industry. He started his career as a student in the Netherlands where he had the chance to work as an intern at Guerilla Games for about half a year. He is now currently working on his first full-time job as a 3D artist at an outsourcing studio in Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by hand painted and stylized art and work hard to turn this passion into a job.


Section 1: Blocking out and Modeling the Objects for our Scene

Lecture 1 Download Course Files Here!

Lecture 2 Introduction to the course

Lecture 3 Preparing our Maya Scene

Lecture 4 Blockout in Maya

Lecture 5 Modeling the Pillar

Lecture 6 Modeling the Door

Lecture 7 Refining the Door Model

Lecture 8 Modeling the Walls

Lecture 9 Modeling the Props

Section 2: Uving and Sculpting our Details

Lecture 10 Introduction to UVs and Sculpting

Lecture 11 UVing the Pillar

Lecture 12 UVing the Door

Lecture 13 Refining the Door UVs

Lecture 14 Tiling Textures Preparation

Lecture 15 Sculpting the Pillar

Lecture 16 Sculpting the Pillar (Continued)

Lecture 17 Refining the Pillar Details

Lecture 18 Wrapping up the Pillar Sculpt

Lecture 19 Sculpting the Door

Lecture 20 Finishing the Pillar and Sculpt Wrapup

Lecture 21 Sculpting a Tiling Texture

Section 3: Baking Normal maps and AO for our Sculpts, and Starting our Painting

Lecture 22 Introduction to Baking and Painting

Lecture 23 Baking the Pillar

Lecture 24 Baking the Door

Lecture 25 Baking the Tileable Texture

Lecture 26 Tiling Texture Compositing

Lecture 27 Tiling Texture Coloring

Lecture 28 Tiling Texture Wood Example

Lecture 29 Pillar Paint Preparation

Lecture 30 Painting the Pillar

Lecture 31 Wrapping up the Pillar Paint

Section 4: Painting the Door, and Compositing our Scene in Maya

Lecture 32 Introduction to Wrapup Overview and Scene Composition

Lecture 33 Painting the Door

Lecture 34 Refining the Door

Lecture 35 Painting Door Details

Lecture 36 Door Paint Wrapup

Lecture 37 Rebuilding the Scene in Maya

Lecture 38 Final Composition in Maya

Lecture 39 Rendering in Marmoset

Lecture 40 Finalized Rendering, Composition, and Course Conclusion

Lecture 41 Bonus Lecture: Further Learning with 3dmotive

This course is for students that have a basic understanding of modeling, sculpting, and texturing that want to bring their stylized workflow to the next level. It’s also meant for those who have only purely painted their textures without using any normal map baking and will introduce this to their workflow.,This course is not for people who expect a realistic-styled approach to the creation of an environment, as this will not be covered in this course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 41m | 5.69 GB
Created by: 3dmotive LLC

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