Modeling a Game asset Castle in Blender

This is an extensive Modeling guide to create any stylized house, castle and low-poly game assets
Modeling a Game asset Castle in Blender
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Modeling a Game asset Castle in Blender

What you’ll learn

Use Blender and understand it’s interface
Project files is included
Modeling and create different low-poly assets
A lot of cool shortcuts and techniques of modeling
Stylized game assets

Modeling a Game asset Castle in Blender


Mac or PC capable of Running Blender Version 3.1 or above
You will learn all of the tools that will be needed for this course.


This is an extensive video guide for those who want to learn ins and outs of Modeling in blender to create any stylized house or castle and as well low-poly assets for games.From a time, game never have been stopped. People and companies are producing new video games every day and there is a lot of clients that searching after good artists to hire them with good salary and benefits.  So, while modeling is a good opportunity to make money and make contact with other side of the world, why not start learn it today?With free blender you can create any cool game assets, special low-poly modeling which is another our goal in this course.I believe in this course is a list of techniques that must be known and if you use more or some of the boxes in this list, it will immediately improve the result of creating Stylized low-poly assets. And fortunately, everyone can learn this quickly.Welcome to Modeling a stylized castle in blender a premium course that offers a step-by-step guide to modeling assets and props that can be used in games.all the models and blender scenes that are needed for following along the videos or just checking the final result, come along with the course and will be available for downloading.As for the difficulty answering the question is this course for me? I tried to teach everything step by step, special in the first chapter.I already created the second part of this course which in that course I am going to teach you the texturing and cinematic lighting in Blender to make every scene look professional and as well cinematic! So, take a look at that!If you get stuck, I am here to help you to get unstuck. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by email. And really any questions or any constructive criticism to help me to improv my instructions, which is going to help you to understand my intensions while I’m teaching you, is always appreciated! At the end I am open to work. Thank you so much and welcome


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 01-01 – The Blender 3.4 interface

Lecture 2 01-02 – Viewport overview & overlays

Lecture 3 01-03 – Edit Mode

Lecture 4 01-04 – Pie menu & 3D Cursor

Section 2: Blocking Stage

Lecture 5 02-05 – Intro to image reference

Lecture 6 02-06 – Modeling Blocking stage Modeling the basic shape

Lecture 7 02-07 – Blocking p 2

Lecture 8 02-08 – Modeling the basic shape of house

Section 3: Modeling Stones Assets

Lecture 9 03-09 Modeling the stones

Lecture 10 03-10 Separating object

Lecture 11 03-11 Modeling the holder stone

Lecture 12 03-12 Modeling the stones

Lecture 13 03-13 Modeling the stone without subdivision

Lecture 14 03-14 Replacing the stones

Section 4: Modeling wooden assets

Lecture 15 04-15 Modeling the wooden door

Lecture 16 04-16 Modeling the wooden window

Lecture 17 04-17 Modeling the Shield & Sword

Lecture 18 04-18 Adding pillar and apply scale

Lecture 19 04-19 Modeling the canopy & window

Lecture 20 04-20-01 Modeling roof pillars

Lecture 21 04-20-02 Modeling the roof tiles

Lecture 22 04-20-03 Working extra on chimney

Lecture 23 04-21 Modeling the Warehouse

Section 5: Modeling Metal Assets

Lecture 24 05-22 Modeling the metal Door

Lecture 25 05-23 Modeling the chalkboard P1

Lecture 26 05-24 Modeling the Chimney P2

Lecture 27 05-25 manipulating the chalkboard and Chimney

Lecture 28 05-26 Fish Eye in Viewport

Section 6: Modeling Filling Assets

Lecture 29 06-27 Modeling the curtain

Lecture 30 06-28 Modeling curtain finish

Lecture 31 06-29 Modeling the wood planks

Lecture 32 06-30-01 Modeling the bench

Lecture 33 06-31 Modeling the cup and saucer

Lecture 34 06-32 Modeling book & straw

Lecture 35 06-33 Order of modifiers

Lecture 36 06-34 Create Collections

Game Developers who wish to expand their Skill Set.,People who are curious about the world of 3D modeling and animation.,This course is from beginners to better Blender users

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 13m | 5.41 GB
Created by: Art Studio

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