Modeling Data Warehouse with Data Vault 20

Course covers the basics and fundamentals of Data Vault 2.0 along with Agile Methodology and Big Data
Modeling Data Warehouse with Data Vault 20
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Modeling Data Warehouse with Data Vault 20

What you’ll learn

Get understanding about Traditional Data warehouse concepts
Learn fundamentals of the Data Vault modeling approach
Understand principles of Agile Project Management in Data Vault 2.0
Learn Big Data Platforms Integration with Data Vault 2.0
Understand Data Vault architecture and layers
Learn Business and Information Vault
Understand advanced data modeling techniques
Design a Data Vault practical scenario from scratch
Convert 3NF & Dimensional Model to Data Vault
Understand Dimensional model principles in Data Vault

Modeling Data Warehouse with Data Vault 20


Familiar with the basic concept of Database/RDBMS
Understanding the SQL fundamentals


Data Vault is an innovative modeling technique invented by Dan Linstedt to simplify data integration from multiple sources, offers auditability and design flexibility to cope with data from the heterogeneous information systems which supports most business demands todayIt is designed to deliver an Enterprise Data Warehouse while solving many of the drawbacks of the 3NF (Inmon) and Dimensional Modelling(Kimball).In this course, you will Learn the basics of Data Modelling to become familiar with core conceptsUnderstand the fundamentals of traditional Data Warehouse approachesLearn many of today’s Data Warehousing problems and issues with 3NF or Star SchemaUnderstand how Data Vault addresses these challenges and provide an innovative approachLearn the fundamentals of the Data Vault modeling approach from core concepts to advanced, and from architecture to key benefits Learn how to effectively model Hubs, Links and SatellitesUnderstand DV Modeling constructs in detailUnderstand the different architectural and modeling layers of DV 2.0Learn Business Vault, Information Vault and significance of Dimensional LayerUnderstand where to use 3NF, Dimensional Model or Data VaultUnderstand loading patterns and architectureLearn  how to handle schema and grain changes on the Data Vault modelLearn why Agile Methodology is important for scalable Data Warehouses Get familiar with Big Data Terminologies along with Data Vault Methodology It also contains a hands-on case study to get participants familiar with the principles and concepts  Footnote: Automatically created subtitles are corrected!


Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Section 2: Traditional Modeling Concepts

Lecture 2 Entity Relationship Diagram

Lecture 3 Conceptual & Logical & Physical Model

Lecture 4 What is OLTP, What is Data Warehouse?

Lecture 5 Database Normalisation, 1NF & 2NF 3NF

Lecture 6 DWH Design Approaches “Top Down & Bottom up”

Lecture 7 Dimensional Modeling

Lecture 8 Star Schema & Snowflake Schema

Lecture 9 Slowly Changing Dimensions

Lecture 10 Conformed Dimensions

Lecture 11 Project 1: Convert ER Diagram to 3NF and 3NF to Dimensional Model

Section 3: Data Vault Basics

Lecture 12 What is Data Vault

Lecture 13 Data Vault Basics

Lecture 14 Modeling Steps of Data Vault

Lecture 15 How to split source records to target DV tables

Section 4: Link Detail

Lecture 16 Link Detail

Lecture 17 Non-Historized (Transactional) Link

Lecture 18 Alternative Method to Model Transactions

Lecture 19 Link to Link Denormalization

Lecture 20 Flexibility and Granularity of Link

Lecture 21 Same-As Link

Lecture 22 Hierarchical Link

Lecture 23 Exploration Link

Section 5: Satellite Detail

Lecture 24 Load End Date

Lecture 25 Multi active Satellite

Lecture 26 Status Tracking Satellite

Lecture 27 Record Tracking Satellite

Lecture 28 Effectivity Satellite & Driving Key

Section 6: Data Vault Architecture

Lecture 29 Data Vault Layers

Section 7: Business Vault

Lecture 30 Point in Time Table

Lecture 31 Bridge Table

Lecture 32 Reference Table

Section 8: Information Vault

Lecture 33 Dimensional Model in Data Vault

Lecture 34 Type-1 Dimension with Single Satellite

Lecture 35 Type-1 Dimension with Multiple Satellite

Lecture 36 Type-2 Dimension with Single Satellite

Lecture 37 Type-2 Dimension with Multiple Satellite

Lecture 38 Fact Table

Section 9: 3NF & Dimensional Model & Data Vault

Lecture 39 3NF & Dimensional Model & Data Vault

Lecture 40 Project 2: Convert 3NF to Data Vault

Lecture 41 Project 3: Convert Dimensional Model to Data Vault

Section 10: Data Loading Architecture

Lecture 42 Data Load Terminologies

Lecture 43 Loading Data Vault Tables

Section 11: Big Data Integration & Agile Methodology

Lecture 44 Agile Methodology

Lecture 45 Introduction to Big Data

Lecture 46 Big Data & Data Vault Integration

Lecture 47 Reference Documents

Anyone wants to learn data warehousing concepts with Data Vault

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Udemy | English | 5h 55m | 1.69 GB
Created by: Esra Ekiz

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