Modern Web Design HTML5 CSS3 beginners guide to Websites

Quick introdcution to HTML and CSS Core concepts, techniques and terminology of modern web design
Modern Web Design HTML5 CSS3 beginners guide to Websites
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Laurence Svekis


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Modern Web Design HTML5 CSS3 beginners guide to Websites

What you’ll learn

create HTML structured pages
apply CSS to HTML structure
familiar with different HTML elements
Understand how to use CSS properties

Modern Web Design HTML5 CSS3 beginners guide to Websites


desire to learn HTML
desire to learn CSS
access to a computer


Modern Website Design and Development in a concise straight to the point format. Learn the basics of creating a website from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3. 
All of the core concepts and how to structure your HTML code will be covered within this course.  Learn how to properly structure and develop web designs to produce custom original web sites from scratch!
HTML and CSS are cornerstones to modern web design.  Knowing how to structure your HTML page properly will make adding styling much easier.   CSS allows you to transform your website and present the HTML code in many new and creative ways.   
If you are new to HTML and CSS, you will be amazed at how easy it is to create incredible websites.   With just a few lines of code, you can accomplish so much.   
Taught by an instructor with over 15 years of real world web development experience.  This course has everything you need to learn how to create your own websites with HTML and CSS
Fast paced get to the point training, to learn about creating websites from scratch.
This course will cover terminology, concepts and techniques with a focus on the most commonly used core piece, so that you can get started quickly.  No wasted time going deep into code that you may never use.   
By the end of the course you will have the skills and know how to apply CSS to HTML to make a real website.   
I am here to help you learn how to create your own websites and ready to answer any questions you may have.
HTML and CSS are in demand skills, and learning how to design web content will help to separate you from the crowd.
Want to know more, what are you waiting for take the first step.  Join now to start learning how you too can create your own custom website today.


Section 1: Learn HTML

Lecture 1 Introduction to HTML and CSS

Lecture 2 What is HTML

Lecture 3 HTML CSS tools and resources editors

Lecture 4 Resources and Tools

Section 2: Create HTML pages

Lecture 5 Create your first HTML page

Lecture 6 HTML Metadata

Lecture 7 Source for HTML files

Lecture 8 HTML paragraphs and whitespace

Lecture 9 Source Code

Lecture 10 HTML add meaning to text tags

Lecture 11 Headings HTML

Lecture 12 Source Code

Lecture 13 Organizing HTML Content Lists

Lecture 14 Source Code Lists

Lecture 15 HTML Images and attributes

Lecture 16 HTML tables

Lecture 17 Source Code Resources

Lecture 18 Hyperlinks HTML

Lecture 19 Source Code Hyperlinks

Lecture 20 Working with HTML forms part 1

Lecture 21 Working with HTML forms part 2

Lecture 22 Source Code Forms

Lecture 23 Divs and Spans in HTML

Lecture 24 HTML5 webpage structure

Lecture 25 HTML5 page source

Section 3: CSS web page Presentation

Lecture 26 What is CSS

Lecture 27 How to add styling Adding CSS

Lecture 28 Selectors IDs Spans Tags

Lecture 29 Source Code CSS

Lecture 30 CSS adding color

Lecture 31 CSS Backgrounds

Lecture 32 Source Code Backgrounds

Lecture 33 CSS Box Model

Lecture 34 Source Code

Lecture 35 CSS Shorthand

Lecture 36 CSS Font shorthand properties

Lecture 37 CSS Display property

Lecture 38 Source Code Display

Lecture 39 CSS positioning

Lecture 40 Source Code Position

Lecture 41 Pseudo Classes CSS

Lecture 42 pseudo elements CSS3

Lecture 43 CSS3 Pseudo Source Code

Lecture 44 CSS Selectors

Lecture 45 CSS Selection of elements

Lecture 46 Source Code Selectors

Section 4: CSS Bonus Content

Lecture 47 Google Fonts

Lecture 48 Overflow CSS

Lecture 49 CSS Generators and Tools

Lecture 50 CSS make it responsive

Lecture 51 Amazing CSS

Lecture 52 Course Resources Further Reading Links

Section 5: Bonus Section

Lecture 53 Download the guide in the resources HTML CSS JavaScript Coding Tips

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 59m | 585.00 MB
Created by: Laurence Svekis

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