Moodle and H5P

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Moodle and H5P
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Moodle and H5P

What you’ll learn

How to download and build a Moodle server on their home PC
How to install the H5P Plugin
How to add EVERY H5P content type
Saving, Exporting and Importing H5P content
H5P and the Moodle Gradebook
H5P and Activity Completion

Moodle and H5P


A basic understanding of Moodle
You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level
You should be able to use the Internet and Web Browsers at a beginner level


This course will show learners how to add interactive content to Moodle courses using the H5P Plugin.  I will begin the course, by showing learners how to create their own Moodle instance, and how to install the H5P Plugin.  The course is then split into 5 main sections – H5P Content, H5P Games, H5P Multimedia, H5P Quizzes and Advanced H5P.I will also show learners how to use each of the different content types within H5P, as well as providing real life examples of each content type at the end of each course section.H5P allows new interactive content types to be created within Moodle, including Games, MCQs, Accordions, Interactive Videos, Online Presentations, Interactive Books, Columns, HotSpots, Various Quizzes and much much more!Now also including three lessons on the new Branching Scenario, and lessons on Interactive Books and KewAr codes!Why not sign up today?


Section 1: Installation and Setup

Lecture 1 Welcome and Introduction

Lecture 2 What is H5P?

Lecture 3 H5P Plugin Options

Lecture 4 H5P and Moodle Core Integration – Content Bank and H5P activity type

Lecture 5 Installing Moodle on your own PC

Lecture 6 Installing Moodle on your own PC – 2023

Lecture 7 Installing the H5P Plugin

Section 2: H5P Content

Lecture 8 Introduction to H5P content

Lecture 9 Accordion

Lecture 10 Chart

Lecture 11 Collage

Lecture 12 Dialog cards

Lecture 13 Dictation

Lecture 14 Document Tool

Lecture 15 Flashcards

Lecture 16 iFrame

Lecture 17 Timeline

Lecture 18 Summary

Lecture 19 Column

Lecture 20 Interactive Book

Lecture 21 KewAr Codes

Lecture 22 Course Presentation

Lecture 23 Advent Calendar

Lecture 24 Branching Scenarios 1 – What is a branching scenario?

Lecture 25 Branching Scenarios 2 – Navigation type scenario

Lecture 26 Branching Scenarios 3 – Quiz navigation scenario

Lecture 27 H5P Content – Examples

Lecture 28 Learning Activity 1 – H5P Content

Section 3: H5P Multimedia

Lecture 29 Introduction to H5P Multimedia

Lecture 30 Agamotto

Lecture 31 Audio

Lecture 32 Audio Recorder

Lecture 33 Image Slider

Lecture 34 Image Juxtaposition

Lecture 35 Interactive Video

Lecture 36 Virtual Tours (360 Photos) – Lesson 1

Lecture 37 Virtual Tours (360 Photos) – Lesson 2

Lecture 38 H5P Multimedia – Examples

Lecture 39 Learning Activity 2 – H5P Multimedia

Section 4: H5P Quizzes

Lecture 40 Introduction to H5P Quizzes

Lecture 41 Arithmetic

Lecture 42 Drag and Drop

Lecture 43 Drag a Word

Lecture 44 Essay

Lecture 45 Fill in the Blanks

Lecture 46 Find the Hotspot

Lecture 47 Find Multiple Hotspots

Lecture 48 Guess the Answer

Lecture 49 Mark the Words

Lecture 50 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Lecture 51 Personality Quiz

Lecture 52 Quiz Question Set

Lecture 53 Single Choice Set

Lecture 54 Speak the words (Chrome Only)

Lecture 55 True or False

Lecture 56 Image Choice

Lecture 57 Sort the Paragraphs

Lecture 58 Crosswords

Lecture 59 H5P Quizzes – Examples

Lecture 60 Learning Activity 3 – H5P Quizzes

Section 5: Games

Lecture 61 Introduction to H5P Games

Lecture 62 Memory Game

Lecture 63 Image Sequencing

Lecture 64 Image Pairing

Lecture 65 Find the Words

Lecture 66 H5P Games – Examples

Lecture 67 Learning Activity 4 – H5P Games

Section 6: Advanced H5P Functionality

Lecture 68 Introduction to Advanced H5P

Lecture 69 Downloading and Importing H5P Content

Lecture 70 Embedding H5P Content

Lecture 71 H5P and Activity Completion

Lecture 72 H5P and the Moodle Gradebook

Lecture 73

Section 7: Goodbye

Lecture 74 Thank you and Goodbye

Administrators, Managers, Course Creators seeking to enhance Moodle courses and content,Professionals interested in enhancing Moodle online courses for Staff Training and Professional Development,Professionals that use Moodle on a day to day basis and want to make Moodle better for their students!,Anyone interested in Learning Technology and how it can be used to enhance student learning

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 28m | 2.06 GB
Created by: Ben Audsley

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