Motivation on Business Entrepreneur and Personal Development

Business Entrepreneurship and Personal Development…
Motivation on Business Entrepreneur and Personal Development
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Motivation on Business Entrepreneur and Personal Development

What you’ll learn

Guide on how to become highly motivated
Guide on how to Improve Good sales in business
Guide to discipline yourself financially
Guide on how to work with your team to accomplish a targeted goal
The secret of most successful business men and women
Guide on how on a good business plan and calculative risk

Motivation on Business Entrepreneur and Personal Development


No requirement needed just simple dedication and self believe to actualize your goals and dreams


MOTIVATION ON BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.Every successful people as one thing in common, and that’s Discipline, Good quality decision making, Risk taker and what makes all this rules useful is because of the most important factor SELF BELIEVE.DEFINATION OF SOME VITAL TERMINOLOGIES A RISK TAKER: Is a person who is willing to do things that involve danger or risk in order to achieve a goal.QUALITY DECISION MAKING: A decision is of high quality to the extent that the decision maker knows what risks they are taking by making that decision. They know how good or bad their information is and the biases inherent in their reasoning. A good decision is one in which you know what you do not know.DISCIPLINE: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.with these golden rules you will be able to develop yourself and business, also these three rules is not complete without the final and most important ingredient which is “Self believe” Self believe: Self-belief (or self-efficacy) is a person’s belief in their ability to complete tasks and to achieve their goals (Bandura, 1995). Judging yourself to be capable of success increases your chances of actual success.with these ingredients you can achieve anything. you also need good team, and you have to be very innovative to compete in this competitive world today.To get something you have never had you have to do something you have never done, you must be willing to sacrifice your time, be fully committed and never give up, you might encounter some loses in your business  but that does  not mean you should surrender, you have to be a fighter and you have to believe in yourself, there is no success without failures, Make calculative risk and take them you will realize a positive change in yourself as well as your business.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to business, credit and debit

Lecture 2 Rules to be successful

Lecture 3 How quality decision making will guide you to success in business

Lecture 4 Understanding the power of Negotiation, pricing and marketing in business

Lecture 5 Choosing the right woman to help your career and biography of some business man

Business men and women will learn alot in this course as well as student in various field

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