Motivation You Can Become a Motivational Speaker

Motivation: You can mold the experiences of your life into a a great motivational speech and a speaking career
Motivation You Can Become a Motivational Speaker
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Motivation You Can Become a Motivational Speaker

What you’ll learn

Motivate speaking audiences
Develop a keynote speech
Create a motivational speaking business model
How to position yourself as a Purpose Driven Leader
How to present like a Vigilant Leader
Communicating to Drive Change
How to Get hired as a motivational speaker
Influencing Others

Motivation You Can Become a Motivational Speaker


You will need to video record and review your speeches using a cell phone, tablet or webcam
A desire to help other people and motivate them to be their best
A need to become a purpose driven leader
A desire to Lead


Motivation. Motivational Speaking: You Can Become a Motivational Speaker  Motivation: You can mold the experiences of your life into a a great motivational speech and a speaking careerImagine yourself speaking on the stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Your words are inspiring and motivating your audience to make changes and take positive actions. You can lead from the platform!How to Be a Motivational Speaker – MotivationIn this “How to be a Motivational Speaker” Motivation course you will learn the fundamentals of how to structure a motivational speech and how to run a motivational speaking business. Everyone has a story to their life, but not everyone has a story that is interesting enough or compelling enough to motivate other people from the platform. This course will guide you through the process of positioning yourself, crafting your speech, improving your platform skills and building a motivational speaking business.TJ Walker is a coach and trainer to motivational speakers around the globe. Additionally, he gives motivational speeches worldwide on the power of personal expression.Why wait even one more day before you can start sharing your message with others? Sign up today for this course today. There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this Motivation course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.What will students achieve or be able to do after taking the Motivation course?Motivate speaking audiencesDevelop a keynote speechCreate a motivational speaking business modelWhat do Udemy students think of this Motivation course?”5 Stars! I like how he gives me the straight forward truth. He is teaching me how to practice what I preach and how to connect with my audience.” Nicholas WarfieldIf you feel like this is the right course for you, enroll today! This course also covers the following topics: Big Picture thinking – Thinking like a CEO, delivering bad news to customers, communicating to drive change, being seen as a purpose driven leader and as a vigilant leader. This Motivation course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: motivation – game development – procrastination – self motivation – the complete motivation course: motivation for your success – weight loss – employee engagement. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: personal development – leadership – personal success.Begin your motivational speaking career today by enrolling now.


Section 1: Before We Start, Here Is How To Get the Most Out of this Course

Lecture 1 Before We Start, Here is the #1 Tip to Improving Your Communication Skills

Lecture 2 Update to How to Be a Motivational Speaker Course

Lecture 3 Please Introduce Yourself

Section 2: You are the Message

Lecture 4 Your Message Can Move Millions

Lecture 5 How to Make Sure You Have a Motivating Message

Lecture 6 Exciting New Update to this Course

Lecture 7 7 Steps For Getting the Most Out of this Course

Section 3: The Secret to Life Is…

Lecture 8 Finding What Is So Special About You

Lecture 9 Years later, They Will Remember Your Story

Lecture 10 Your Process Goes Like This

Lecture 11 Bringing Clarity to Your Messages

Lecture 12 Master Storytelling

Section 4: Performance

Lecture 13 Stagecraft

Lecture 14 YouTube Role Models

Lecture 15 Video Rehearse

Lecture 16 Video Refine

Lecture 17 Show to Others

Lecture 18 Put video on YouTube

Lecture 19 Tell the World

Lecture 20 Speaker Bureaus

Lecture 21 Daily YouTube Post

Section 5: Questions from Students About Motivational Speaking

Lecture 22 What New Trends are There In the Motivational Speaking World

Section 6: Quick hits – Thoughts Before Going Deeper

Lecture 23 One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library

Lecture 24 Your Questions Will Be Answered Here

Lecture 25 Conclusion

Lecture 26 Time to Give TJ a Piece of Your Mind

Lecture 27 Who is TJ Walker?

Lecture 28 Update – You Should Get on the TikTok App Now

Lecture 29 Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course

Lecture 30 If You Like to Learn by Reading

Lecture 31 Bonus Lecture

Section 7: What You Need to Turn This Into a Real Business

Lecture 32 Let’s turn this into a real business – Intro video

Lecture 33 How to Establish a 6 Figure Speaking Business

Lecture 34 Getting Started / Speaker Business Models

Lecture 35 More on Exploring Speaker Business Models

Lecture 36 Multiple Streams of Income

Lecture 37 The Market – Which Market Wants Me

Lecture 38 The Magnetic Message Formula

Lecture 39 Branding – Figuring out Your Brand (Part 1)

Lecture 40 Branding Part 2 – Creating a Speaker Identity and Presence

Lecture 41 Market Yourself!

Lecture 42 Your Biggest Marketing Tactics for Getting Booked

Lecture 43 Marketing – Print and Direct Mail

Lecture 44 Marketing – Speaker Video and Testimonials

Lecture 45 CRMs – Keeping Track of Leads and People

Lecture 46 How is this a 6 Figure Business???

Lecture 47 Quick – Your Action Items

Section 8: Endless Speaker Leads

Lecture 48 Start: Setting the Foundation for Endless Speaker Leads

Lecture 49 Have a System CRMs and More

Lecture 50 Best -Updated- Tools for Figuring Out Email Addresses of Prospects

Lecture 51 Find Conference Alerts

Lecture 52 Use Google to Discover the Right Leads

Lecture 53 Google leads Unleashed 2

Lecture 54 Google Secrets – Last discoveries on finding leads through Google

Lecture 55 Search 35,000 Associations for Free!

Lecture 56 10X the Leads – Discover More Opportunity

Lecture 57 Conference Alerts – Get more conference leads

Lecture 58 Jess’ Super Easy Strategy for More Speaker Leads

Lecture 59 Paid Sites – You may want leads from some of these locations

Lecture 60 Association Executives – Emails, Phone Numbers and More

Lecture 61 Speaker Match – Find your match

Lecture 62 For Trainers and Coaches – Get More Leads

Lecture 63 Build Your Email List

Lecture 64 Facebook Ads and Web Ads

Lecture 65 The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

Section 9: Get Booked! Fast and Frequent Bookings

Lecture 66 Your Quick Start Guide to Getting Booked

Lecture 67 5 Best Ways to Land Gigs pt1

Lecture 68 Best Ways to Land Gigs pt2

Lecture 69 Use Your Website to Land More Speaking Engagements

Lecture 70 Best Ways Repeat Business and Bonus

Lecture 71 Selling Secrets – Know how to best SELL Your Speaking Services

Lecture 72 Speaker Bureaus and Agents

Lecture 73 Dealing WIth Sales Fear

Lecture 74 More Sales Secrets

Lecture 75 Six Figure Sales KIT and Conferences

Lecture 76 Speak at Colleges and to Students… and Get Paid

Lecture 77 RFPs- Proposals- Fees

Lecture 78 Negotiation Techniques for Selling Speaking Services

Lecture 79 Block Booking and Contracts

Lecture 80 Creating Cash Flow- Specific Strategies for Speakers

Lecture 81 Books on Sales

Section 10: Magnetic Stage Skills

Lecture 82 Updated: Make Sure to Look, Sound, Feel, and Be the Speaker Worth Booking

Lecture 83 Watch this Speech on Speaking Skills

Lecture 84 Foundations of Being a Great Speaker

Lecture 85 Style and Substance – What Works to Look and Feel Like a Bookable Speaker

Lecture 86 Magic Formulas for Speech Creation

Lecture 87 Storytelling and The Magic Phrase and How to Practice

Lecture 88 PowerPoint-ers – Don’t Use PowerPoint to Kill Your Speech

Lecture 89 Magnetic Stage Skills

Section 11: How to Create Irresistible Products and Offers People Will Love

Lecture 90 You can raise your income by selling more than just speaking

Lecture 91 Irresistible Products and the Money Making Formula

Lecture 92 Product Pricing – How to Get it Right

Lecture 93 Create Learning Products that Sell

Lecture 94 Audio and Video Products

Lecture 95 Physical Products and Repurposing

Lecture 96 The 3 Types of Products

Lecture 97 Keys to Creating Successful Products

Lecture 98 Selling Products The Moving Parts

Lecture 99 Selling Products Before You Show Up

Section 12: Course Update

Lecture 100 Motivate Yourself to Use ChatGPT Now Motivation You Can Become a Motivational

Section 13: Tactics of the Million Dollar Speakers

Lecture 101 Double and Triple Your Bookings – How to Level Up Now

Lecture 102 Getting Started on Bigger Bookings

Lecture 103 Double and Triple Your Bookings Block Bookings

Lecture 104 Cross Selling and Upselling

Lecture 105 Double Bundles and Package Offers

Lecture 106 Recurring Business- Partnerships- and Bigger Solutions

Lecture 107 Success and Your Mindset

Lecture 108 Cross Promoting and Last Million Dollar Thoughts

Lecture 109 Now Go Out And Get Paid as a Speaker

This course is for aspiring motivational speakers,Professional speakers,Purpose driven leaders,CEOs,D-level executives,Trainers,Sales trainers,Vigilant leaders,Business speakers,Coaches,Influencers

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Udemy | English | 12h 0m | 12.75 GB
Created by: TJ Walker

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