Motor Starter Circuits Motor Control

Motor starter schematics or wiring drawings. Learn to design power & control circuits for motor starters
Motor Starter Circuits Motor Control
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Motor Starter Circuits Motor Control

What you’ll learn

Concept of power and control circuits
Designing a circuit : Starter Circuits
How to design schematics
DOL circuit
RDOL circuit
Start – Delta Circuit
Soft starter circuit
VFD starter circuit
Understand how page connectors work

Motor Starter Circuits Motor Control


Should have a basic degree or knowledge in Electrical Engineering – B tech, B.E., Diploma or any similar relevant educational background
Basic of Schematics, Basic DOL circuit
You can take our Electrical Schematics – Industrial Control course – to understand the basics


Motor Starter Circuits (Motor Controls) is an intermediate course to learn schematics or electrical drawing (power and control circuits) for Motor Starters. We have covered various concepts that are required to design schematics. Before you start this course make sure your basics on Electrical Schematics is clear. You can also take our Electrical Schematics (Industrial Controls) course for learning basics. We are also thrilled to share that this course has earned the high ranking of 9.4/10 by CourseMarks and ranks in the TOP 4% of 94,680 courses!Some of the topics that you will come across in this course are:1) Basic details on schematics – What is schematic ? Where is it used ? Why is it needed?2) Reading & Understanding Schematic – Title block, Disclaimer, Template, Designations, Cross-referencing, Legends etc.3) Symbols & Switchgears – Electrical Symbols along with definition & images. Key technical details about switchgear like circuit breakers,      Contactors Isolators, Meters , Indicators & Protection devices          a) Learn Off load & On Load devices          b) Difference between isolators & circuit breakers          c) NO & NC contacts          d) Power & Auxiliary Contactor – contact numbering, advantages & limitations etc.          e) Instrument Transformers          f) Protection Devices4) Designing circuit – in a step by step method – DOL Motor Starter Circuit Control of motors – Star / Stop, TripHold-on ContactIndication circuitsLocal remote Auto manual operations 5) Basics of electrical interlocking6) Basics of Metering Circuits7) Application in Switchboards and practice questions.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction & Overview of the course

Lecture 2 DOL Schematic

Lecture 3 Variations of DOL Starter

Lecture 4 Reversible DOL starter – Power circuit

Lecture 5 Reversible DOL starter – Control circuit

Lecture 6 HDOL- Heavy starting DOL

Section 2: Star – Delta Motor Starter

Lecture 7 Why Star – Delta Starters are required & working principle.

Lecture 8 Star – Delta Motor Starter Power circuit

Lecture 9 Star – Delta Motor Starter Control circuit

Lecture 10 Star Delta Starter Circuit Variation

Section 3: Soft Starter

Lecture 11 Why Soft starters?

Lecture 12 Soft Starter & its Applications

Lecture 13 Soft Starter Power Circuit

Lecture 14 Soft starter Connection Diagram

Lecture 15 Soft Starter Control Circuit

Lecture 16 Cont’d Soft Starter Control Circuit

Lecture 17 Cont’d Soft Starter Control Circuit (DI/DO)

Lecture 18 Fail Safe Mode

Lecture 19 Cont’d Soft Starter Control Circuit (Cooling Fan/ Thermistor Protection)

Lecture 20 Cont’d Soft Starter Control Circuit (PLC CONTROL)

Lecture 21 Cont’d Soft Starter Control Circuit (PLC Control Part -2)

Section 4: VFD

Lecture 22 Why Speed Control is required?

Lecture 23 How VFD’s help achieve speed control

Lecture 24 VFD Power Circuit

Lecture 25 VFD’s Connection Diagram & Control Supply

Lecture 26 VFD Circuit Control Requirements & Indication Circuit

Lecture 27 VFD Circuit Control (Start Command)

Lecture 28 Fan Failure Status – DI to VFD

Lecture 29 Digital & Analog Outputs

Final year engineering – B tech, B.E., Diploma.,Electrical Engineers who want to work as electrical designers,Anyone planning to work in LV/ MV Switchboard Manufacturing Companies,Students who want to pursue a career in electrical automation,Students who want to work in electrical contractors and consultants companies.,Anyone who wants to understand electrical control concept / designing of systems/ complicated controls/ various industrial and commercial domestic application.,Panel builder,Electrical designer,Panel wireman,Industrial Automation graduates

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