MQL4 Programming for Programmers 2022 NEW

Transition to MQL programming as fast as possible
MQL4 Programming for Programmers 2022 NEW
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Luka Savić


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MQL4 Programming for Programmers 2022 NEW

What you’ll learn

Learn the most important concepts in trading and developing trading tools
Learn to code an Expert Advisor
Learn about all of the building blocks for EVERY EA
Get a cheatsheet of most used functions for building EAs

MQL4 Programming for Programmers 2022 NEW


Some programming experience (in any language) is preferable.


In this course I will teach you how to program MQL4 EAs and discuss algorithmic strategy development’s core building blocks. Transition to MQL4/5 programming!If you have experience programming in ANY language and want a fast course to transition to a new industry of MQL development, this course is right for you.There are not many industries growing as fast as algorithmic trading development, and if you want to get involved as a freelance developer, consultant or even turn your own trading ideas into a reality, this is the fastest and most straightforward way to do that.Basic trading principles are coveredIf you are not a trader, this is not a problem.This course was made having both traders and programmers in mind, so the course starts off by talking about core trading principles that everyone needs to know.These videos are concrete, precise, and intense. In least amount of time you will gather as much knowledge as possible about markets and trading in general.We will learn by doingThis is a programming course and you know what that means – practise beats theory.Throughout the course we will be developing a simple strategy and then upgrading it with all the features one robust and complex strategy needs to have.You will be able to code along with me, try out things yourself, watch me debug and think about potential problems, and listen to my thinking while developing EAs.You will be able to code along with me, watch me think through and solve errors on the go, as well as try everything yourself at the end.You will be equiped with real world experience and you will know what an MQL developer does on a daily basis.ResultsBy the end of this course, students will be able to independently develop robust and efficient trading robots(EAs) based on their clients’ or their own ideas, and expand on their programming knowledge on their own.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Resources

Lecture 3 How to watch this course?

Lecture 4 Basics of financial markets

Lecture 5 Market fundamentals for trading

Lecture 6 C/C++ Syntax Basics

Lecture 7 EA file structure

Section 2: First strategy development

Lecture 8 Strategy explanation

Lecture 9 Identifying new bars

Lecture 10 Identifying engulfing candles

Lecture 11 Opening trades

Section 3: Second strategy development

Lecture 12 Strategy explanation

Lecture 13 Adding indicators

Lecture 14 Calculating position size depending on risk

Lecture 15 Testing the strategy in Strategy Tester

Section 4: Third strategy development

Lecture 16 Strategy explanation

Lecture 17 Adding indicators

Lecture 18 Counting currently running trades

Lecture 19 Trailing stoploss

Lecture 20 Testing in Strategy Tester

Section 5: Closing remarks

Lecture 21 Quick look at MQL5 programming language

Lecture 22 Cheatsheet of most used functions

Lecture 23 Some advice on future learning

Programmers (in any language) that want to transition to MQL4 programming,Traders interested in becoming algorithmic developers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 1m | 1.91 GB
Created by: Luka Savić

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