Multiples Valuation Theory and Practice

Master Multiples Valuation: A Comprehensive Guide to Assessing Company Value Using Multiples
Multiples Valuation Theory and Practice
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Multiples Valuation Theory and Practice

What you’ll learn

How to use valuation multiples
Which are the key principles of relative valuation
Perform multiples valuation in practice
How to adjust financials for a precise multiples valuation
How to select comparable companies

Multiples Valuation Theory and Practice


Basic corporate finance knowledge


Learn how to perform multiples valuation This is a practical framework used by investment bankers, financial analysts, and finance professionals to determine a range for a company’s value. This course blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning, equipping you with the skills to assess a firm’s worth, whether for a quick assessment or a more comprehensive analysis.We start by exploring the fundamentals of relative valuation and its underlying assumptions. Next, we’ll dive into various valuation multiples, highlighting the distinction between trading and transactional multiples. Along the way, you’ll become well-versed in key principles to ensure your analysis adheres to best practices in relative valuation.The latter portion of the course delves into a real-world example of multiples valuation (performing multiples valuation on Volkswagen), demonstrating that achieving optimal accuracy requires careful consideration and time investment. You’ll see first-hand that striking a balance between valuation precision and research time is crucial for success.Since multiples valuation often complements the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation technique, our course encourages a best-practice approach by triangulating results from both methods to establish a reliable price range.Whether you’re an aspiring investment banker, analyst, or an established professional seeking to expand your skillset, our Multiples Valuation course is the perfect way to learn valuable new skills and boost your career. Enroll today to learn how to perform multiples valuation. See you inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 How to use valuation multiples

Lecture 2 Types of valuation multiples

Lecture 3 Transaction multiples

Lecture 4 Key principles of relative valuation

Lecture 5 Earnings multiples comparison (PE vs EV/EBITDA)

Section 2: 2

Lecture 6 Practical example: introduction

Lecture 7 Peer group selection

Lecture 8 P&L comparison

Lecture 9 How to adjust EBIT

Lecture 10 How to adjust Enterprise Value

Lecture 11 How to adjust EBIT: Practical Example

Lecture 12 How to adjust Enterprise Value: Practical Example

Lecture 13 Conclusion

Aspiring investment bankers, financial analysts, finance professionals,Everyone who wants to learn how to value companies

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