Mural masterclass Supercharge your remote workshops

Get the most out of online virtual collaboration
Mural masterclass Supercharge your remote workshops
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Faye Sadler-Clark


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Mural masterclass Supercharge your remote workshops

What you’ll learn

How to use Mural, an online collaboration tool, to run effective workshops and meetings
Find out what Mural is, how it can be used , and the key advantages of using it
How plan, design and run effective and engaging collaboration workshops or meetings that attendees will enjoy participating in
Discover how to use key facilitator tools (such as the ‘summon everyone’ and voting tools)
Learn facilitation tips to ensure that you reach your desired outcomes maintain the engagement of your audience
End to end guidance for before, during, and after – practical support, tips and advice on planning sessions, and on exporting content post workshop
How to set up a Mural account get the most from your membership
Discover how to design appealing professional Murals (white boards)
Understand the key distinction between the different types of users in Mural and why this matters (link to cost)
Learn how to avoid potential pitfalls so that your Mural sessions run smoothly

Mural masterclass Supercharge your remote workshops


No – we will be using Mural (free sign up option). Much of the course content is on facilitation best practice and applicable regardless of your chosen tool


Course descriptionRemote working is here to stay!Mural is a shared digital workspace, – a ‘giant digital whiteboard’ used for online collaboration. Engage your teams, customers or clients in virtual workshops wherever they are located, using this fun online tool.The course is a distillation of hundreds of hours of real life experience running workshops for high profile international clients. Save your valuable time and energy by using this comprehensive course to learn how to run impactful virtual workshops and meetings using Mural, or improve your skills in this area.· Rapidly get up grips with using the Mural tool· Leverage best practice tips on workshop facilitation to build or develop your skills· Engage and impress your attendees!>>In this course you’ll find everything you need to know to enable you to run effective online remote collaboration sessions, broken down into easily digestible segments, from an experienced professional facilitator.<


Section 1: About this course

Lecture 1 About this course

Section 2: Mural overview

Lecture 2 Mural overview

Section 3: Need to know information

Lecture 3 Setting up a Mural account and costs

Lecture 4 Different types of user in Mural

Lecture 5 A note on data security

Section 4: Core functionality: Quick start basics and facilitator essentials

Lecture 6 Quick start basics

Lecture 7 How to get users up to speed quickly

Lecture 8 Facilitator essentials

Section 5: Workshop/meeting planning and Mural design

Lecture 9 Designing your Mural (part 1)

Lecture 10 Designing your Mural (part 2)

Lecture 11 Planning best practice

Lecture 12 Sending your invite and setting pre work

Section 6: Facilitating your workshop

Lecture 13 On the day facilitation best practice

Lecture 14 Things to remember on the day (facilitators)

Section 7: Tidying up and exporting content

Lecture 15 Tidying up and exporting Mural content after your workshop

Section 8: Bonus content

Lecture 16 Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them

Anyone looking to engage and collaborate with remote teams or audiences,Business consultants who want to up their game in delivering effective remote workshops,Trainers who are interested in using engaging online tools,Teaching professionals looking to deliver engaging, participatory lessons/lectures/seminars,Product or service designers looking for input and/or feedback from key user groups,Anyone looking to ideate, problem solve, or engage with remote audiences

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Udemy | English | 0h 56m | 328.81 MB
Created by: Faye Sadler-Clark

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