MVC Architecture For Unity 2022 Lifetime Access

Create Projects With Confidence | Model, View, Controller, C# | Design Principles, Design Patterns, UML Diagramming
MVC Architecture For Unity 2022 Lifetime Access
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Samuel Asher Rivello


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MVC Architecture For Unity 2022 Lifetime Access

What you’ll learn

Create new Unity projects with confidence, performance, and scalability
Master design principles and design patterns
Learn the pros and cons of the most popular architectural approaches
Integrate MVC into projects with success
Avoid the common pitfalls with creating, maintaining, and scaling Unity projects
Plan & create consistently clean code
Identify the best MVC architectures for Unity, for gaming, and for your personal workflow
Get real experience on 4 included projects
Reinforce your knowledge with practical, relevant coding assignments
EXTRA: Full section on Unit Testing & TDD

MVC Architecture For Unity 2022 Lifetime Access


COMPUTER: Windows or Mac
SOFTWARE: Course includes links. All are free (Unity, C# Editor, & Web Browser)
EXPERIENCE with Unity: Intermediate / Advanced. Including several months or more with Unity fundamentals
KNOWLEDGE with C#: Including Classes, Interfaces, Methods, Properties Events, & OOP


Welcome to MVC Architecture For Unity! CAPTIONS:• English: All videos have English subtitles. (Audio/Video/Text Content is in English)• French: Toutes les vidéos sont sous-titrées en Français. (Audio/Video/Text Content is in English)• German: Alle Videos haben Deutsche Untertitel. (Audio/Video/Text Content is in English)• Italian: Tutti i video hanno i sottotitoli in Italiano. (Audio/Video/Text Content is in English)• Japanese: ビデオはすべて日本語字幕付き. (Audio/Video/Text Content is in English)• Portuguese: Todos os vídeos têm legendas em Português. (Audio/Video/Text Content is in English)• Spanish: Todos los vídeos tienen subtítulos en Español. (Audio/Video/Text Content is in English)We all start projects with the best of intentions. But during development we often find our projects do not meet our expectations for organization, scalability, and for our quality of life as developers.This course gives you the training to create and maintain Unity projects which are faster to develop and easier to maintain. FEATURES:•   Rockstar content – Everything you DO need. Just the most relevant, powerful info!•   Punk-rock editing – Nothing you DON’T need. No “ums”, no waiting, no fluff!QUALITIES OF MVC:•   Sound philosophies – Built on top of the best design principles and design patterns – championed by software experts•   Proven solution – Follow industry-leading practices and solve the biggest challenges with the greatest of ease•   Language-agnostic – Translate your new training and skills across many platforms and programming languagesBENEFITS OF MVC:•   Faster software development – The recipe for how and where to implement your next feature is straight-forward•   Faster project maintenance – The separation of your coding concerns allows each to be more simple and more resilient•   Empowers you to create projects with confidence, performance, and scalabilityTAKEAWAY:•   After this course you will be confident to design and develop new projects with Unity and MVCINCLUDED SECTIONS:•   Course Introduction – Set the vision and goals for the course. Learn the many benefits of MVC architecture for your projects•   Unity Overview – Review the popularity and power of Unity as a game engine. Discuss the structure of the systems within and how MVC architecture is a welcome addition•   Software Design – Gain insight on the design principles of master software developers, add design patterns to your list of skills, and see the pros and cons of several custom and established architectural solutions•   Mini MVCS – Dive deep into this light, powerful architectural framework designed specifically for Unity•   Sample Projects – Together we’ll review 4 complete Unity projects. All source-code is provided to students. We’ll analyze and review a clock, a login, and a Roll-a-ball game. Finally, all of the course philosophy and theory will come together as we create a custom calculator from scratch•   Course Conclusion – Review the highlights, celebrate success, and set clear next steps to bring the learnings into your projects•   EXTRA Content – With the foundation of MVC architecture, we’ll add the power of Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development ( TDD ). With this training you will naturally produce cleaner, more readable, and manageable codeINCLUDED UNITY C# SAMPLE PROJECTS:•   1. Clock – A clock application. There is no Input, UI, or MonoBehaviours so its a simple way to learn the fundamentals of MVCS•   2. Login – A user login demo using Unity UI, one View, and one MonoBehaviour. We grow our expertise with MVCS communication between the coding concerns•   3. Roll-A-Ball – A complete 3D game with expanded scope. Includes multiple views, controllers, and MonoBehaviours •   4. EXTRA: Calculator – An extra special section. Here we create a new project from scratch to serve as a math calculator Bring together all the philosophy, design principles, design patterns, and architectural learnings of the course into this sample projectINCLUDED ASSETS:•   Section Videos – High-quality HD video content covering all course topics•   Section Source Code- Full C# scripting and complete Unity projects included for download•   Section Challenge Assignments – Expand your knowledge with practical, relevant coding trials•   Section Quiz  – Ensure you digested all vital info before moving forwardWHY LEARN UNITY?•   Unity is a versatile game engine which can be used for creating simulations, prototypes, and games •   Over 70% of the top 1000 mobile games are created using Unity Technology•   Deploys to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, & Android, WebGL, AR/VR, and more!WHY LEARN MVC ARCHITECTURE?•   Get hired! Larger teams on more ambitious projects. Experts use MVC•   Get promoted! Software architecture is a most in-demand skill that teams and leadership value in game development•   Get it done! Create better projects, more quickly so you can launch your next project on scheduleEXTRA: WHY LEARN UNIT TESTING & TDD?•   1. Accelerate new features – With testing, developers focus on a small batch of code at a time, not moving on to the next bit until they are done with their batch. This gets results•   2. Level-up your maintenance – With Test-Driven Development ( TDD ), developers naturally produce cleaner, more readable, and manageable code•   3. Fail fast & Communicate clearly –  Get feedback quickly and improve your solutions. Leave a legacy of unit testing in your codebase which will serve as the best, living documentationWHY LEARN WITH SAMUEL ASHER RIVELLO?•   Sam is a Unity Certified Developer with over 20 years of experience creating games and teaching software design•   Sam empowers game teams with custom editor tooling for improved workflows ( Game Design, Level Design, 3D Modelers, 3D Animators )•   Sam is an author and editor, including Adobe, Future Publishing UK, Packt Publishing, and O’ReillyWHY WAIT?•   Avoid the common pitfalls with creating, maintaining, and scaling Unity projects•   You can’t afford NOT to use Unit Testing and Test-Driven development on your projects•   Let’s do this!


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction 1 – General

Lecture 2 Course Introduction 2 – Architecture

Lecture 3 Udemy’s Early Review Prompt

Lecture 4 Course Introduction 3 – Philosophy

Lecture 5 Course Resources

Section 2: Unity Overview

Lecture 6 Unity Overview

Lecture 7 Unity Structure

Lecture 8 Unity Code (C#)

Section 3: Software Design

Lecture 9 Software Design Overview

Lecture 10 UML Diagramming

Lecture 11 Observer Pattern

Lecture 12 Command Pattern

Section 4: Architectures – 1. Overview

Lecture 13 Architectures Overview

Lecture 14 Established Architectures

Lecture 15 UMVCS Architecture

Section 5: Architectures – 2. Mini MVCS For Unity

Lecture 16 Mini MVCS Overview

Lecture 17 Mini MVCS Installation

Section 6: Sample Projects

Lecture 18 Sample Project Overview

Lecture 19 Sample Project 1 – Clock (Overview)

Lecture 20 Sample Project 1 – Clock (Without Mini MVCS)

Lecture 21 Sample Project 1 – Clock (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 22 Sample Project 2 – Login (Overview)

Lecture 23 Sample Project 2 – Login (Without Mini)

Lecture 24 Sample Project 2 – Login (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 25 Sample Project 2 – Login (Coding Assignment)

Lecture 26 Sample Project 3 – Roll-A-Ball (Overview)

Lecture 27 Sample Project 3 – Roll-A-Ball (Without Mini MVCS)

Lecture 28 Sample Project 3 – Roll-A-Ball (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 29 Sample Project 3 – Roll-A-Ball (Coding Assignment)

Lecture 30 Sample Project 4 – Custom (Overview)

Lecture 31 Sample Project 4 – Custom (Getting Started)

Lecture 32 Sample Project 4 – Custom (Creating The View)

Lecture 33 Sample Project 4 – Custom (Communicating, Model<->View)

Section 7: Course Conclusion

Lecture 34 Course Conclusion

Section 8: Extra Content

Lecture 35 Unit Testing – Overview

Lecture 36 Unit Testing – Setup

Lecture 37 Unit Testing – Creating Tests

Lecture 38 Unit Testing – Test Driven Development (TDD)

Section 9: Extra Sample Projects

Lecture 39 Extra Sample Projects Overview

Lecture 40 Sample Project 5 – Calculator (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 41 Sample Project 6 – Count Up (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 42 Sample Project 7 – Bouncy Ball (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 43 Sample Project 8 – Data Binding (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 44 Sample Project 9 – Multiple-Minis (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 45 Sample Project 10 – In-Game Tutorial (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 46 Sample Project 11 – UI Toolkit (With Mini MVCS)

Lecture 47 Extra Sample Projects Conclusion

Section 10: Thank You!

Learn to CREATE Unity projects with confidence, performance, and scalability,You will AVOID the unmanageable spaghetti-code that often occurs in Unity projects,You will COLLABORATE on high-quality, profitable Unity projects with talented teams

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 24m | 5.23 GB
Created by: Samuel Asher Rivello

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