MySQL Replication course from zero to hero MySQL DBA

Learn MySQL Replication Master Slave and MySQL Database Administration in this course : make your MySQL DBA job easy
MySQL Replication course from zero to hero MySQL DBA
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MySQL Replication course from zero to hero MySQL DBA

What you’ll learn

MySQL Database Replication
MySQL Database Administration
MySQL Master slave Replication
MySQL High availability

MySQL Replication course from zero to hero MySQL DBA


MySQL DBA basic understanding is required


What you will learn in this course.Some Great Skil requires for MySQL Database administration Introduction to Replication and Different type of topologies.Master-SlaveMaster and Multi slaveMaster-Master ReplicationHow to add filters in Replication, ignore tables, or database.Configure replication (mysqldump,extrabackup,xbstream,Mydumper,clone plugin).How to install Percona XtrabackupHow to take backup using ExtrabackupHow to take a full backup,how to take incremental to restore the full backup and apply incremental backup.Difference btw GTID/traditional log position-based replication.Configure Semi-syn replication.Configuring the Slave-delay.Type of binary log formats.row basestatement basemix modeFailure scenarios of Mysql, how to sync replication.How to use pt-slave-restart.How to solve errors, errant GTID on the slave.Checking what is the error.Duplicate user error, Duplicate key error.How to skip those errorsHow to find if there is Errant to identify the errant GTID.How you can read the Binary Logs.How to check Replication consistency.How to use pt-table-checksum and pt-table-sync.Install Percona Monitoring and ManagementHow to configure Multi Thread Slave.Checking if Workers are Replicating fine.What is the limitation of MTS?Creating views for easy monitoring of the MTS.Configure Orchestrator for Failover.NOTE: Below Lectures are Pending Please wait for it I am working on them coming soon 🙂 How to do graceful failover with Orachestaror.How to solve errant GTID with Orchestrator.Configure ProxySQL for the load balancer.How to split read and write using ProxySQL.Testing the Node failure and load balancing with ProxySQL.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Agenda

Lecture 2 Replication introduction

Lecture 3 Replication Architecture

Lecture 4 Types of Topologies

Lecture 5 lab about lab

Lecture 6 working with vagrant file

Section 2: How to install MySQL

Lecture 7 How to install MySQL (Percona Server)

Section 3: How to use XtraBackup

Lecture 8 Installing Percona Xtrabackup

Lecture 9 Taking Incremental backup and restoring using Percona XtraBackup

Section 4: Configure Replication using different Methods

Lecture 10 Configure Replication based on binlog file position part1 Slide

Lecture 11 Configure Replication based on binlog file position part2 Practical

Lecture 12 what does Show slave status means

Lecture 13 Configure MySQL replication using xtrabackup8

Lecture 14 Streaming MySQL Backups with Percona XtraBackup xbstream

Lecture 15 Configure MySQL replica set using clone plugin

Lecture 16 Configure Replication using Clone Plugin

Section 5: How to Repair MySQL Replication

Lecture 17 Repair MySQL replication Intro

Lecture 18 How Skip counter works on transactional table

Lecture 19 How Skip counter works on Non-transactional table

Lecture 20 How to use Pt-slave-restart to start replication

Section 6: How to remove replication

Lecture 21 How to remove replication

Section 7: Make your replica consistent

Lecture 22 How to use pt-table-checksum

Lecture 23 How to use pt-table-sync

Section 8: GTID base Replication

Lecture 24 Introduction to GTID

Lecture 25 configure GTID replication

Section 9: How to Repair GTID Replication

Lecture 26 How to Solve Errors In GTID Replication and use pt-slave-restart

Lecture 27 What is Errant GTID

Lecture 28 How to Find and Fix Errant GTID

Lecture 29 How to fix errant GTID by setting GTI_PURGED Values

Section 10: Semi synchronous replication

Lecture 30 Semi synchronous replication intro

Lecture 31 How to setup semi synchronous replication.

Lecture 32 How to disable Semi synchronous replication

Section 11: Percona Monitoring and Management

Lecture 33 Install and configure Percona Monitoring and Management

Section 12: MySQL Parallel Replication

Lecture 34 What is Multi thread Slave / Parallel Replication

Lecture 35 MySQL parallel replication practical

Section 13: orchestrator

Lecture 36 Orchestrator Introduction

Lecture 37 How to configure Orchestrator for MySQL Replication Topology

MySQL Database Administrator

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Created by: Mughees Ahmed

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