NET Core Microservices The Complete Guide NET 6 MVC

Learn Microservices architecture with .NET Core MVC(.NET 6) and Identity Server Integration with Azure Service Bus
NET Core Microservices The Complete Guide NET 6 MVC
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NET Core Microservices The Complete Guide NET 6 MVC

What you’ll learn

.NET 6 Microservices Architecture
Implementing 7 microservices using .NET 6
.NET API with Authentication and Authorization
Identity Server integration
Role based authorization with Identity Server
Async and Sync communcation between Microservices
Azure Blob Storage basics
Azure Service Bus – Topics and Queues
Gateways in Microservices
Implementing Ocelot gateway
Swagger Open API implementation
N-Layer implementation with Repository Pattern
ASPNET Core Web Application with Bootstrap 5
Entity Framework Core with SQL Server Database

NET Core Microservices The Complete Guide NET 6 MVC


.NET Core CRUD experience
.NET API CRUD experience
Entity Framework Core CRUD experience
Visual Studio 2019 / 2019 Preview (if using .NET 6)
SQL Server Management Studio 2018


Is your project or your team suffering from the drawbacks of a Monolithic application? or are you one of those developers who have heard the buzz word about Microservices but you don’t know where to start from? or are you wondering if a microservices architecture is the right fit for your .NET project? or are you tired of other courses where they give you a good start but halfway through the course you wonder what is going on and nothing makes sense!If so, then this is the perfect course for all of your questions!You will learn the foundational elements of microservices by incrementally building a real microservices based application with .NET 6, step by step. We will be building multiple microservices and and for authentication and authorization we will be using Identity Server! I will guide you through the basic blocks of Identity Server and how to get it up and running!Learn how to build Microservices in the .NET world using .NET API, Ocelot, Identity Server, Entity Framework Core and clean architecture using the latest .NET 6!You will develop e-commerce modules over Product, Shopping Cart, Ordering, Payment and Email microservices with SQL Server communicating over Azure Service Bus and using Ocelot API Gateway. You can find Microservices Architecture and Step by Step Implementation on .NET which step by step developing this course with extensive explanations and details.Along with this you’ll develop following microservices and items:Product MicroserviceIdentity Server MicroserviceCoupon MicroserviceShopping Cart MicroserviceOrder MicroserviceEmail MicroservicePayment MicroserviceOcelot Gateway ProjectMVC Web ApplicationOn top of all these, you’ll learn how to write quality code, not just how to build microservices. In this course you will see the demonstrating a layered application architecture with best practices.Is this course for you?If you are the developer who likes to get hands dirty with programming this is the perfect course! I love to code from scratch and explain the basics, so that is a main considering for this course as well! This course is very practical, about 90%+ of the lessons will involve you coding along with me on this project.By the end of this course, you will have an application with 7 fully working .NET based microservices but most importantly you will understand every line of code, how the microservices work together and why we ended up with the final implementation.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why microservices?

Lecture 3 .NET 7 Update

Lecture 4 Course Overview

Lecture 5 Prerequisite

Lecture 6 Microservices architecture

Lecture 7 Project Architecture

Lecture 8 Tools needed

Lecture 9 Update Tools Needed

Lecture 10 What we will build?

Lecture 11 Project Resources

Section 2: Product API basic setup

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 .NET 6 Change

Lecture 14 .NET 6 Nullable Change

Lecture 15 Create project

Lecture 16 Create product API Project

Lecture 17 Nullable Update

Lecture 18 NuGet packages for Product API

Lecture 19 Configure DbContext for Product API

Lecture 20 Create tables for Product database

Section 3: Product API Advance Setup

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Create DTO’s inside Product API

Lecture 23 Product Repository Interface

Lecture 24 AutoMapper Configuration in Product API

Lecture 25 Product Repository Implementation Part 1

Lecture 26 Product repository implementation Part 2

Lecture 27 Product API controller HTTPGET

Lecture 28 Product API controller POST PUT DELETE

Lecture 29 Seed products in Product API

Lecture 30 Azure Storage Explorer for Images

Lecture 31 Product Repository Interface and DTOS

Lecture 32 Base Service Interface and API Request Model

Lecture 33 Base Service Implementation

Lecture 34 Product Service in Mango Web Project

Lecture 35 Configure ProductService and HttpClient in Startup

Lecture 36 Bootstrap V5

Section 4: Product CRUD

Lecture 37 Introduction

Lecture 38 Product Controller Get All Action

Lecture 39 API Call debugging

Lecture 40 Display all products

Lecture 41 Create product

Lecture 42 Update product

Lecture 43 Delete product

Section 5: Identity Server

Lecture 44 Introduction

Lecture 45 OAuth2 and OpenID Connect

Lecture 46 Identity Server Introduction

Lecture 47 Duende Server

Lecture 48 V6 Duende Server

Lecture 49 Integrate QuickStart in Identity Server Service

Lecture 50 Nullable Update

Lecture 51 Nuget Packages for Identity Server

Lecture 52 DbContext for Identity Server

Lecture 53 Configuring APIScope Resource and Clients for Identity Server

Lecture 54 Configuring Clients in Identity Server

Lecture 55 Configure and run Identity Server

Lecture 56 Seed Users

Lecture 57 Secure Product API

Lecture 58 Setup Main Project to use Identity Server

Lecture 59 Login Registration Redirection

Lecture 60 Login in Action

Lecture 61 Register User From UI

Lecture 62 Token Inspection

Lecture 63 Passing custom claims

Lecture 64 View Modified Token

Lecture 65 Pass Token and perform operations

Lecture 66 Request a new course?

Section 6: Home and Details

Lecture 67 Introduction

Lecture 68 Create Index Action Method

Lecture 69 Index View Home Controller

Lecture 70 Details Get Action Method

Lecture 71 Details View

Section 7: Shopping Cart API Service

Lecture 72 Introduction

Lecture 73 Create Shopping Cart API

Lecture 74 Nullable Update

Lecture 75 NuGet package for Shopping Cart API

Lecture 76 Setup startup class file for shopping cart

Lecture 77 Entity Models for Shopping Cart API

Lecture 78 Create DTO’s and push Models to Shopping Cart Database

Lecture 79 Mapping Configuration for Shopping Cart

Lecture 80 Cart Repository Interface for Shopping Cart API

Lecture 81 Add to Shopping Cart Repository Method

Lecture 82 Update Shopping Cart Repository Method

Lecture 83 Implement Cart Repository Get and Remove

Lecture 84 Cart Controller for API Endpoints

Section 8: Consume Shopping Cart API Service

Lecture 85 Introduction

Lecture 86 Create models for Shopping Cart API

Lecture 87 Define cart service interface

Lecture 88 Configure Cart Service

Lecture 89 Details Post Action Method

Lecture 90 Demo – Add Items to Cart

Section 9: Shopping Cart UI

Lecture 91 Introduction

Lecture 92 Add cart controller

Lecture 93 Methods to load shopping cart

Lecture 94 Debugging API call to shopping cart

Lecture 95 Shopping cart UI

Lecture 96 Remove items from cart

Section 10: Coupon API Service

Lecture 97 Introduction

Lecture 98 2 Create Coupon Project and Add NuGet Packages

Lecture 99 Create coupon API project

Lecture 100 Nullable Update

Lecture 101 Coupon models and DTO’s

Lecture 102 Coupon repository

Lecture 103 Coupon controller

Section 11: Consume Coupon API

Lecture 104 Introduction

Lecture 105 Configure Shopping Cart API with new methods

Lecture 106 Logic for Apply or Remove Coupon in View

Lecture 107 Cart Controller and Service for Applying or Removing Coupon

Lecture 108 Demo – Apply or Remove Coupon

Lecture 109 Configure Cart Service In Main Project

Lecture 110 Demo – Calling Coupon Microservice

Lecture 111 Checkout UI

Lecture 112 DateTimePicker

Section 12: Checkout Functionality

Lecture 113 Introduction

Lecture 114 Checkout Message

Lecture 115 Checkout Method in Cart Service

Lecture 116 Checkout Post Action

Lecture 117 Demo – Checkout Header Dto

Lecture 118 Async Await is not Async Communication in the project

Lecture 119 Synchronous vs Asynchronous communication

Section 13: Azure Service Bus

Lecture 120 Introduction

Lecture 121 Azure Service Bus Overview

Lecture 122 Create Azure Service Bus with topic and subscription

Lecture 123 Message Bus Interface

Lecture 124 Message Bus Sender Implementation

Lecture 125 Send Message to Topic

Lecture 126 Upgrade to Azure Messaging ServiceBus

Section 14: Order API

Lecture 127 Introduction

Lecture 128 Create Project

Lecture 129 Nullable Update

Lecture 130 Adding Models for Order API

Lecture 131 Startup file and Migrations

Lecture 132 Order Repository Interface

Lecture 133 Implement Order Repository

Lecture 134 Configure DbContext for Order Repository

Lecture 135 Create Models for Azure Messaging

Lecture 136 Process Checkout Message and Create Order Details in Database

Lecture 137 Setting up Constants

Lecture 138 Create Service Bus Processor

Lecture 139 Setup Auto Start and Stop for Service Bus Consumer

Lecture 140 Demo Receive Message

Section 15: Sync Microservice Communication

Lecture 141 Introduction

Lecture 142 Create Coupon Repository Interface

Lecture 143 Implement Coupon Repository

Lecture 144 Configure Start up file for Coupon Repository

Lecture 145 Check for coupon changes

Lecture 146 Demo – Synchronous Communication and Alerts Display

Lecture 147 Synchronous Communication scenario

Section 16: Payments

Lecture 148 Introduction

Lecture 149 Create Payment Processor Class library

Lecture 150 Payment flow

Lecture 151 Payment Status Models

Lecture 152 Publish Payment Message

Lecture 153 Demo – View Message for Payment Request

Lecture 154 Payment API to consume message

Lecture 155 Payment API Azure Service Bus Consumer

Lecture 156 Demo – Consume Payment Processing

Lecture 157 Demo – Consume Payment Status

Lecture 158 Demo – Complete Flow

Section 17: Queue

Lecture 159 Introduction

Lecture 160 Use Queue to forward message

Lecture 161 Use Queue for checkout Message

Lecture 162 Add Email Microservice

Lecture 163 Setup Email Service Project Part 1

Lecture 164 Setup Email Service Project Part 2

Lecture 165 Azure Consumer Bus for Email Service

Lecture 166 Multiple Subscribers

Section 18: Ocelot

Lecture 167 Introduction

Lecture 168 Create Project

Lecture 169 Add Ocelot to the Gateway

Lecture 170 Use Ocelot to retrieve all products

Lecture 171 Ocelot setup for products API

Lecture 172 Ocelot for other endpoints

Section 19: RabbitMQ

Lecture 173 Introduction

Lecture 174 Exchange Type

Lecture 175 Queues

Lecture 176 Install RabbitMQ

Lecture 177 Add RabbitMQ Nuget to Project

Lecture 178 Implement RabbitMQ Cart Message Sender

Lecture 179 RabbitMQ Send Checkout Message to Queue

Lecture 180 Setup RabbitMQ Consumer Part 1

Lecture 181 Setup RabbitMQ Consumer Part 2

Lecture 182 Demo – Consumer RabbitMQ

Lecture 183 – Optimize RabbitMQSender

Lecture 184 Publish message from Order API

Lecture 185 Consume message from Order API

Lecture 186 Publish to Fanout

Lecture 187 RabbitMQPaymentMessageSender

Lecture 188 Fanout Subscription Setup

Lecture 189 Demo – Fanout

Lecture 190 Direct Exchange Rabbit MQ Sender

Lecture 191 Demo – Direct Message

Students looking to explore Microservices with .NET Core,Architect microservices the right way,Students looking to learn communications with Azure Service Bus,Students looking to learn the basics of Identity Server

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